My Favorite Quote from The Dressmaker’s Secret

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Today I wrote what will always be my favorite quote in The Dressmaker’s Secret:

“I’m an idiot for trying to avoid these feelings because they have caused me pain in the past.” -Miss Chattoway

Yep. Pretty proud of myself. 😉
I know, I know; this is a super short post … but I’m not sure what to blog about. Any suggestions?!
~Kellyn Roth

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  • Emily Roeder

    You should blog about where you like to go to write, if anywhere. Can you write anywhere or does it have to be a specific place? Where do you get your writing ideas? Do most of your ideas come from waching people in crowds and/or observing people or from “the deep well of solitude”? Do you enjoy writing more about nature and the like or people or both? What is the prevailing mood of most of your stories and why? Will you always write fiction or do u think you’d ever want to branch out to essays and non fiction? Has writing had a MAJOR effect on your life? Do u think you could improve in the way you write? Would you go to “writing school” or would you just relie on what you’ve picked up from classics and other good books? Blog about literary devices and how you use them in your works. Has being a writer changed your outlook on life? Blog about stuff to help other writers in there works.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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