Poetry Teatime, the 2nd Week of March

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Poetry Teatime
Hello! Welcome to Poetry Teatime, March 11th 2016! πŸ™‚ Today, I wrote another poem. Don’t worry, I won’t be endlessly dishing out my lazy rhymes to you every Friday! I intend to do something different next week, but today I haven’t time for more than just the usual. πŸ˜‰
My brother helped me write this one. He’s not much of a poet, but he has some common sense, and is good at finding rhymes.
Well, I offered to credit him on the post (under a pen name) and he wants to be known to y’all as Dumas Duck. *sighs* Yep. That’s my brother …

James and Kelly selfie 009

Getting him to pose is very hard, not because his narcissism is lacking, but because he wouldn’t stop making funny faces and giving me bunny ears.

The Fairies from the Cherry Tree

by Kellyn Roth and Dumas Duck

The fairies from the cherry tree

Threw moondust in my eye,

So now I see what they can see

I know when they are by.


The fairies from the cherry tree

Tossed stardust down my ear,

So now I hear their laughter

I know when they are near.


The fairies from the cherry tree

Put magic on my tongue,

So now I speak of happy things

All sad things are now done.


The fairies from the cherry tree

They took me for their own.

I live within their palace now

I’m never all alone.

Well, ol’ Dumas and I had fun writing this poem. Do you like it?

~Kellyn Roth

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