Amaliya Preobrazhensky lives with her mother in a tiny apartment. They don’t have much except each other … but that’s all right. Every day, God provides.

When Amaliya’s father, who hasn’t been around since before she was born, returns and a custody battle begins, it’s hard for her to understand. Can a man she’s never met really take her away from her beloved mother? Why would God let such a thing happen?

This short story/novelette is a perfect afternoon read for both tears and smiles!


Baby Mine is a standalone late 1940s short story.

Genre: Christian Historical

Era: late 1940s (Spring 1948)

Setting: Detroit, MI, United States

Age-Range: 12+ (women’s fiction)


Where can I buy Baby Mine?

You can purchase it on Amazon.

I’m a reviewer. How can I contact you if I’m interested in reading your novel?

If you’re interested in reviewing Baby Mine on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog, you can shoot me an email at I’d love to send you an eBook copy in exchange for review.

What age-level is Baby Mine written for?

Although appropriate for tweens+, this short story is geared towards readers twelve through a hundred. (It is written to appeal to both adults and younger folks!)

Is Baby Mine a clean book?

Yes, it is! There is some situational content (an unwed mother, etc.), but nothing is described, and it is through the eyes of a five-year-old girl.

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