I’m always working on several projects. These are (some of) my current ones! To view my published works, click here. But if you’re just here to find out what I’m currently writing, editing, etc., well, you’ve come to the right place indeed, pardner!

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#1 Project

I always have one project I’m focusing on big-time! Right now that is:


I’m on a brief break from writing to get focused for the new year. This means I’m doing some plotting, some planning, and a lot of self-hyping so I can be ready to write my next book!

Various Other WIPs

The McAllen Brothers

I’m working on a trilogy of romance novels set in Scotland featuring Jordy McAllen’s brothers. All three books are outlined and ready to be written. I’m hoping to begin writing draft ones in winter 2019-2020. Their release will be slotted before books 5 and 6 of the Alice and Ivy series.

Potential Release Date: Unannounced

Water Against the Rocks

A WWII romance which I’m outlining and writing snippets of while I research.

Potential Release Date: Unannounced

Ivy Introspective

I’m also rewriting this book from scratch for yet another relaunch! The nice thing about indie publishing is we can correct our mistakes. I will be working on an outline in late October and writing draft one in November 2019.

Potential Release Date: Unannounced

The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

At Her Fingertips, Beyond Her Calling, A Prayer Unanswered, and Love Once Lost are the remaining books in this series. Books 3 and 4 will be minorly edited in early 2020 for republication in the near future. Books 5 and 6 will need serious revisions before their first ever launch!

Potential Release Date: Unannounced

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