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The Apostle Paul & Speaking to Your Audience as a Christian Writer

That title may have bemused you, and honestly, I’m not sure I have the writing talent to communicate these ideas clearly, so if you don’t understand this, blame me. I can only say I did my best. The other day, I was reading 1 Corinthians 9, and I found myself confused. Not an unusual thing […]

My Blog & Website Are Updated!

Hello folks! Look around you! You’re looking at a brand-new website! I mean, it’s still the same old website, in some ways, but updated by Plethora Creative! They did a fantastic job updating the website, and it looks sooo good! If you want, take a moment to just browse around and see all the pretties. […]

Happy Launch Day to Amy Ullrich’s Debut, Among the Great!

Happiest of launch days to Among the Great by Amy Ullrich! I’m so excited to share a little bit with you about Amy’s debut novel, Among the Great, which is set in medieval England around the reign of King Alfred (AD 877). Like a story I shared with you last week (Cabin Girl), it’s also […]

A New Indie Novel to Check Out: Cabin Girl by E.G. Bella

Recently, E.G. Bella launched a novel called Cabin Girl. It’s so reminiscent of books that I read as a kid, and though I haven’t personally had a chance to read it yet (soon, I hope!), I really am enjoying learning more about it, and I’m loving how well-received it’s been! So let’s talk a little […]

A Bird in the Snow by M.C. Kennedy | Book Spotlight & Giveaway

Hey folks! Today I’ve got another blog tour for you for a novel called A Bird in the Snow, which was written by M.C. Kennedy. You can purchase the novel here … or you can just scroll down to find all about it first! A Bird in the Snow is the second novel in the […]

Introducing the Hiltons of Boston ~ A Post for the Like a Ship on the Sea Launch

Today’s post is an intro for a few characters who haven’t shown up in a novel I’ve written yet. Scroll down to read all about the Hiltons of Boston! Also, I’d like to apologize to all the bloggers/Instagrammers/etc. I haven’t checked in with/commented on/so on. Suffice to say, I will never be having my wisdom […]

About the Gilded Era ~ Like a Ship on the Sea Launch Tour & Giveaway

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the Gilded Era in America because I think it’s fascinating and because it’s the era I actually remember the most about from school. (Other than eras that happened wayyy before anything I’ve ever written.) ANYWAYS, because Patrick actually works in an industry (have you noticed all my […]