Kellyn Roth lives in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon with her parents, two little brothers, conceited beta fish, crazy cat, precious border collies, and various cows and chickens. Since she could talk, she’s has a fascination with words, making up little poems, songs, and stories. Now a homeschooled highschooler, she spends her spare time writing novels.

Her Published Works Are …

The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy
The Dressmaker’s Secret
Ivy Introspective
At Her Fingertips

The Lady of the Vineyard
The Lady of the Vineyard

Esther Ashton’s New Dress (short story)

Coming Soon
Beyond Her Calling (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 4)

Ladytudes (prequel to The Lady of the Vineyard)

Find out more about her on her personal blog, https://kellynroth.blog/

View her media kit.

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