Are you the kind of person who enjoys reading the latest exposé?

Do you pounce on any opportunity to tell your friends when you learn something new?

Perhaps you like sharing bargains (on books) … or just the latest scandal.

When a new couple seem to be a-courting, are you the first person nosing into their private life?

Perhaps you even enjoy writing your own little editorials about peoples’ business and posting them to your “column” (social media, blog, newsletter, et cetera).

I’ll stop beating around the bush.

Dare I ask … are you a Gossip?

My street team, Mrs. Roth’s Society Column, is looking for new “Society Columnists,” as some like to call us. We also go by another name …

We’re Gossips.

As an indie author, the people who help me get the word out about my next (and next and next) novel matter a great deal. The more the word is spread (through reviews, blog posts, social media, word of mouth) and the more the book improves (through beta and alpha reading and other feedback), the more of a success it will be.

Would you like to help?


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