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I offer private coaching to writers who need support, encouragement, and accountability as they learn the craft of writing, marketing, publishing, & other aspects of the author career!

My greatest goal is to help you move to the next step in your journey. I can do a one-time call or longer term coaching.

My Experience

I’m a current employed with the Author Conservatory as a student success advisor and administrative assistant. So my day job involves coaching dozens of young writers on their writing careers!

In the past, I’ve worked with the Young Writers Lessons, Growing Writers, and Reveries Co. as a writing coach. I’ve worked with more than 30 young writers one-on-one, and I am able to provide testimonials upon request!

I’ve been in administrative positions with the Young Writers Workshop and worked for The Wilting Rose Project, The Rebelution, and Reckless Abandon Ministries.

In terms of writing accomplishments:

  • I’ve independently published many novels and written 15+ full-length books along with many novellas and short stories.
  • I have almost 10 years of marketing experience for many small businesses as well as for my own novels and publishing company.
  • I’ve worked as a virtual assistant and marketing manager for multiple online companies and authors.
  • I’m the founder of the Christian small press, Wild Blue Wonder Press.
  • I’ve spoken at the Young Writers Workshop’s student-led conferences on three separate occasions, been an organizer at one of said conferences, and spoken at an online writing conference, “The Words & The Flowers.”

Interior Formatting

I offer paperback and ebook interior formatting (typesetting) to independent authors and small publishers.

Paperback formatting is $2.50 for every 1,000 words (with a minimum of $25).

I throw in an ebook for free with each paperback formatted. However, I can do ebook formatting separately for a flat rate of $30.

I’m also happy to teach young indie authors how to do simple formatting on Word, OpenOffice, Google Docs (ebook only), or Atticus! We can do a video call or I can talk you through it over emails or messages.

My Experience

I started doing interior formatting in January 2016 when I published my first novel. I format using a combination of Word and Atticus, depending on the needs of the project.

I’ve worked with many independent authors such as Allison Tebo, Faith Blum, Angela R. Watts, and Sara Willoughby.

Marketing Assistance

I offer help with launches, marketing, and branding for authors and small businesses who are looking to reach more customers. Whether you need a one-time consultant or someone to take tasks off your hands, I’m happy to help!

Please contact me if you’re an author or small business owner who needs help with marketing or feels “stuck.” I am more than happy to work with you to help you achieve your goals!

My Experience

I’m an author and small business owner myself, and I’ve learn to market on the job through my social media, email list, and blog. I have gone through extensive marketing and business training through the Author Conservatory, and I have taken several copywriting courses and been mentored by a professional copywriter.

Over the years, I have grown my Instagram account and email list as my primary marketing tools, and I have also developed a good readership through my blog and other social media accounts.

In addition, I have worked as a virtual assistant for several bestselling authors including Kara Swanson and Manning Wolfe and hosted media events or blog tours for Faith Blum, Lisa Renee, Gayle M. Irwin, Angela R. Watts, Ruth E. Meyer, Chad Pettit, Dr. Patrick Johnson, Allison Tebo, and Hanna Kraft among other authors.

Manuscript Critique

As an author, I know how hard it is to evaluate a novel you’ve worked hard on for months or years. I’m here to offer a manuscript critique that will pinpoint your biggest issues and help you move forward, whether that is to the next stage of editing or to publication.

My Experience

I am a Founding Member of the Author Conservatory program and have received copious critique and editing from their professional edits. I have also worked with dozens of editors on my own projects and written and edited 30+ books in addition to editing dozens of short stories and manuscripts through Wild Blue Wonder Press and through my writing coaching endeavors.

I consider myself a lifelong student of story structure and writing, and I find it easy to pinpoint the biggest problems in a story as well as discover an author’s strengths.

Contact Me


Hello dear writer! I put together a master list of editors, graphic designers, and other resources, as well as some of my favorite research resources, in the following document. I’m happy to share it with you in hopes that it will be helpful.

Check out my document of resources and research for writers!