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I love doing guest posts, interviews, and speeches of all types! Below are some example questions and topics. However, I am willing to adjust to the needs of your organization. Please contact me for more information!

Example Interview Questions

for podcast or guest article
  1. Introduce yourself & your books! What should our readers/listeners know about you?
  2. What was your writing journey process? How did you get from where you started to where you are now?
  3. Of the books you’ve written, what is your favorite and why?
  4. What does your writing process look like?
  5. What is your most recent book about? Why should readers bother to pick up your most recent book?
  6. What are the themes of your most recent book? How did they develop?
  7. What’s your writer mission statement? Why do you write?
  8. What advice you would give to a young writer?
  9. What are your goals with Wild Blue Wonder Press, your indie publishing company?
  10. What is the next step in your author career? What’s coming next?

Example Topics

for events, guest posts, & more

About writing craft:

  • Outlining to Success: how to turn your outline into a tool—not a trial
  • Understanding Your Genre: genre, subgenre, niche, & why it all matters
  • Developing Realistic Characters: from thematic arcs to habits
  • Creating a Novel Aesthetic: how to write stories that stick out
  • Turning to the Classics for Inspiration: how to read classic novels with an eye for improving your own writing

About writing craft for Christian writers:

  • Writing Romances that Glorify God: how to portray romantic relationships to Christ’s Glory
  • “Clean Fiction” and the Purification of Christianity: how to write about touchy topics in a God-glorifying way
  • Romance Tropes & Christianity: how each romance trope can glorify God
  • Troubling Tropes in Christian Fiction: clichés that should be removed from the Christian fiction world
  • What Is Christian Fiction? Defining the genre and discussing the duty of Christian authors

About independent publishing:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Indie Publishing: explaining the basics of an independent author’s journey
  • Indie Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: comparing the two publishing paths
  • Career-Planning and Goal-Setting for Indie Authors: how to keep on track through realistic goals
  • Indie 101: the publishing process explained from start to finish and beyond!
  • My Journey as an Indie Author: lessons from my personal author story

For reader groups:

  • Why Christian Fiction is an Important Genre
  • Why Romance is a Necessary Factor in Fiction … and Life!
  • Navigating “Difficult Topics” in the Christian Fiction Genre
  • Why Historical Fiction is an Important Genre
  • Feminism in Historical Fiction: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Common Regency and Victoria Era Stereotypes That Are Untrue
  • Social Shifts Between the Regency and Victorian Era
  • Victorian Romanticism vs. Modern-Day Feminism vs. Biblical Womanhood
  • Examining the Christianity in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre
  • Charlotte, Emily, & Anne: how the Brontë sisters navigated men & marriage in their novels
  • Some of the Best of Jane Austen’s Hot Takes on Womanhood, Marriage, and More

For Fans of Kell’s Books:

  • The Story of the Rewrites of The Dressmaker’s Secret
  • Alice vs. Ivy: two sisters, two wildly different stories, & the intent behind them
  • Developing Ivy’s World: the stories that wouldn’t be written until God put them together
  • Difficult Topics in The Chronicles of Alice & Ivy
  • A Christian Response to Mental Disability: Violet’s Story
  • Digging Into Ivy, Violet, and Jordy’s Shared Story
  • The Heart Behind Alice and Peter’s Story
  • Behind-the-Scenes of Claire’s Story
  • The Historical Research Behind the Kees & Colliers Series
  • A Christian Response to Emotional Abuse: Adele’s Story
  • Troy vs. Adele vs. Lola vs. Millie: highlighting differing responses to tragedy

For Christian groups:

  • The Planner’s Guide to Surrendering to God: practical and not-so-practical steps to surrendering to God
  • Journey with Christ through the Valley of the Mind: dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress as a Christian woman
  • Just Do Something: running for God’s glory in a world that likes to sit still
  • Finding the Power in Our Weaknesses: relying on God’s sufficient grace
  • Defining Our Worth in Christ: navigating a world that pressures us to “do” with a God who wants us to “be”