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Voices of the Future: Stories of Courage & Compassion

an Author Conservatory anthology

Discover the next generation of storytellers!


The second edition of Voices of the Future weaves together short stories of courage and compassion in a memorable and heartwarming multi-genre collection. Experience the next generation’s creativity and vision through stories from rising young creatives.


Sarah Pagel | “The Colors in the Well”

Kyla Carter | “The Graveyard of Lost Dreams”

Cameron Skocilic | “Miracles”

Elena B. Sato | “In Our Blood”

Alyssa Guthrie | “A Deathbed Wish”

Kasumi Sonoda | “Chichi no Chikai”

Hannah Marie | “Zelophehad’s Daughters”

Alabama Rose | “The Sister Knot”

Kellyn Roth | “If Ye’d Only Say”


The Author Conservatory is a college-alternative program for gifted writers focused on helping them gain the business and storytelling skills to craft sustainable careers. 100% of your purchase goes to help students attend writing conferences where they can pitch their work to agents and publishers.