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Why We Need Kissing Books ~ collaboration with H.S. Kylian

Do you enjoy kissing books? Well, maybe you do, and maybe you don’t! Either way, you can read a collaboration on the subject over at H.S. Kylian’s blog, The Writerly Worm. Click Here to Read! Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t really celebrate, per se, but it is interesting. And in case you didn’t know, no, […]

Would you like to write a Regency romance story?

Today I have an exciting announcement for all your authors, particularly all you romance authors! Wild Blue Wonder Press will be hosting and publishing a multi-author Regency romance series. The books will be slotted for 2025-2026 publication, and we are currently looking for authors to write for us! “Rescuing Regency Romance” (working title – we’ll […]

The Case for Physical Attraction in Christian Romance

Lately, y’all have been acting … well, exactly the same as you always have acted about physical attraction in Christian romance. Yet as an adult, with adult thoughts (okay, childish thoughts, but at least I AM an adult, technically), I feel a need to sit down and write another post about it. I’m sure you’ve […]

Villainizing Romance & Other Dumb Things Christians Do

A bold title, ain’t it? I hoped it would attract your attention, and I hope the post that follows is worthy of your attention. If it isn’t, well, what can I say? I am only human, and though I have put much thought and many words into this article, perhaps it will still fall flat […]

What Enemies to Lovers ISN’T

I had some bad news a while ago, and I need to write something like this to keep my mind off of it, so here’s this. Enjoy. Okay, let’s do a better introduction. Today I wanted to talk about something I haven’t really been able to discuss in a while because I haven’t had any […]