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Reveille by David B. Hunter is the story of Ben Anderson, a teenage boy who joins the Union Army during the American Civil War.
Reveille (the first book of the Boy Bugler series) got off to a slow start with Ben joining the First Iowa and starting his training as a bugler (as he is too young to be an actual solider). However, soon Ben is off on great adventures; from spying on the enemy camp, to freeing a young African-American boy, to taking part in one of the most bloodiest battles in American history! But the greatest adventure of all comes when Ben must choose between what he wants to do … and what is right.
If you like exciting adventures and can overlook some minor flaws in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the occasional awkward sentence, you will enjoy this book.

My favorite things about Reveille

Besides the action, I loved the Christian themes and the very real characters.


I give Reveille 4/5 stars.

How can you find out more about Reveille?

Here is the link to David B. Hunter’s personal site/blog. 🙂

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