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Michael O’Halloran by Gene Stratton Porter

by Kellyn Roth |
October 24, 2015

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Michael “Mickey” O’Halloran is a newspaper boy living in the big city during early World War One. Since his mother died several years back, Mickey has been an orphan, but because of his mother’s teachings has taken care of himself and avoided going to the orphanage.
Mickey is supporting himself very well … but one day he finds a crippled little girl named Peaches whose abusive grandmother has recently died leaving her all by herself. Terrified for fear that the orphanage people will come and “get her,” she begs Mickey to take care of her. Mickey complies.
Now Mickey has more to think about than saving his own hide … he’s determined to care for his new “family” … to provide Peaches not only with food, board, and love, but with medical care, impossible as that may sound.
Another factor in this book is the intertwining subplots of Mr. Douglas Bruce and his fiancé Leslie Winton, Mr. and Mrs. Minturn and their children, and the Harding family.
I loved this novel. It was definitely one of my favorites ever! Gene Stratton Porter, as always, implanted strong Christian morals and ideas within the novel without sounding preachy or holier-than-thou.

My favorite thing about Michael O’Halloran …

It was an extremely good book! I adored it. I loved the memorable characters, their memorable relationships with each other, the wonderful the plot, and the great writing. I think my favorite thing was the forgiveness Mrs. Minturn received after she turned around and got back on the right path.

My least favorite thing about Michael O’Halloran …

Do I really have to? I can’t think of a single bad thing! 🙂


5/5 stars.

How can you find out more about Gene Stratton Porter?

Gene Stratton Porter wrote twelve novels in total plus many books on natural history. Here’s a link to Gene Stratton Porter’s Amazon Page.

~Kellyn Roth

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What do you think of my thoughts?

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