Honest October by Kellyn Roth

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Honest October by Kellyn Roth

Penned 10.30.15.

In September it was sunny

But the chill made noses runny

Now the sky’s no longer lying.

Rain is poring; wind is sighing!

In September summer bloomed

We didn’t expect the cold so soon

The sky was blue, the earth was green

Now the cold is awful mean!

I can’t help think the changes funny,

But who would trade for any money

Frost and leaves and streaming rain?

I’m glad the months aren’t all the same!

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  • Claire Bergland

    Happy birthday, Arne!

  • Miss Bay Ray

    Kellbie, (yes, that’s my new nickname for you!) 😉
    It’s by far, hands down, the Best. Poem. You. Have. EVER. Written! Not even kidding–the best!

  • Kellyn Roth

    *sighs* My crazy friends ….

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