NaNoWriMo: Day 14

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Hello Everyone!
It’s a cloudy but beautiful (due to the orange, yellow, and red trees and suddenly bright green grass) in Oregon! 🙂 November may sound gloomy to some, but it’s quite perky here, especially when the deep blue sky peeps through … not yet today, but we must be hopeful.
So, I’m up to 17,469 as you can see by my little widget on the sidebar (thank you, David B. Hunter, for showing me how to do that!). I haven’t written anything today. I actually started writing a chapter of a friend’s book before I realized that I have work of my own to do … that’s me. If my friends don’t write, I write for them.
I just realized (or rather my friends have been telling me for weeks) that Ivy Inquisitive has almost nothing about Ivy in it so far. It doesn’t even have the things about Mr. Parker/Posy/Captain Parker that I wanted to put in! A lot of the scenes I dreamed of are missing … yet I’m on-time word-count-wise. Oh, well. That’s why you don’t publish the first draft as it is.
How are you doing with your writing? Are you ahead? Behind? Do you hope to get ahead in the weekend (I sure do!)?
~Kellyn Roth

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  • Miss Bay Ray

    Wow! You’re almost halfway through…

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