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Back from “Hiatus”

by Kellyn Roth |
June 1, 2016

I put it in quotation marks because, though I was technically not blogging for these last couple weeks, I published three posts (all reviews) during that time. 🙂
Well, guys, I’m back, well rested-up now. I’ve finished up school for the year, gotten through the terrors of band concert (which is actually not terrible … and a lot of fun … and easier than I expected), and I got a little bit of work done, too!
Ivy Introspective, front cover
I’ve also made some headway on Ivy Introspective … I now have over 13,000 words. I want to get at least 50,000, but that shouldn’t be a problem … I’m only at the beginning of the rising action.
At the moment, I’m trying to get through a couple scenes I need to happen before I ship Ivy off to a boarding school in Scotland. I have to make my way through Christmas and a Boxing Day fox hunt, send some guests away and get Alice and Posy (a secondary character, daughter of Mr. Parker) to boarding school themselves.
I’m also spending some time researching autism, though my headway has been little, I’m afraid. I’ve been reading a book on it, but it’s really, really “a beginner’s guide,” and I need more. Does anyone have any idea how I could go about this researching?
When is my goal for finishing the first draft of Ivy Introspective? Before the end of July. I refuse to allow myself to delay any longer … I’m seriously going to finish it this coming month! And I mean it! 😀

The Lady of the Vineyard
The work-in-progress cover by Me! 🙂

I’ve also written a bit more of The Lady of the Vineyard. I have 8,327 words now. I don’t expect to get more than 10,000, if that much, but then it’s only the first draft. Still, I expect it to be a really short story. 🙂
I expect to have it finished in a week or so (if I’m diligent), and then I’ll read over it once before giving my mother a copy (if she’s willing, that is) and asking some other people if they’d like to read over it and pick out the plot holes. After they’ve finished (assuming I can get someone to read it), I’ll go over it again and revise.
By then, I’ll be calling it the fourth draft or so. Then will come the actual editing … I don’t know how many drafts I’ll go through of editing before it’s ready to publish.
That’s the process I’ve decide upon, but who knows if I’ll be able to keep to it. I’ve a lot of other things to do, and Ivy Introspective is my priority right now. I refuse to set any dates in stone for now. 🙂
At this moment, I’m offering free ebook copies of The Dressmaker’s Secret in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog (or all three, which would be amazing).

Also, to celebrate having reached 100 followers (now 105, wonder of wonders!) on Reveries …

The giveaway (hosted by Goodreads) will be open for entries starting today, and it runs until June 14th. Good luck! 😀
And I finally got my new Kindle …


And I’ve taken up painting! Not really, but I did this at an art class … and it’s not so awful that it makes you want to crawl in a hole and die! 😀
My dog had puppies; my cat had kittens. A few pictures just to prove it:







Aren’t they adorable? 😀 And … I haven’t gotten any really good pictures of the puppies yet. I will when they’re older and can get out of the mirky well house.
Well, I think that’s about all the updating you can hold for now. This coming Saturday there’s going to be a post about yet another new schedule on Reveries.
In the meantime, let me know about what you like to read on this blog … and what you don’t! What kind of posts would you like me to do? Which would you rather I didn’t? Do you have any posts I haven’t done in the past that I should start doing now? I’d like your opinion on all this and whatever else you can think of! I love comments. 🙂
~Kellyn Roth

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30 Responses

  1. That one kitty looks like a tiger!
    I like most of what you write, but…those romance series books you like to review really bore me! I mean, they aren’t really my thing. But you have to review what you read, right? 😉

  2. I wanted to enter your giveaway, but it seems you must have a facebook account to enter. 🙁 Which I don’t have.
    I think you’re going to receive mixed results here- I really enjoy your reviews of those romances! XD I also enjoy your character studies, although I don’t know your characters.

    1. Well, you have to have a Goodreads account, I believe. I realize lots of people don’t have an account … so I’m considering having a giveaway everyone should be able to enter. I don’t know how I’m going to go about it … the idea’s still on the drawing board. 😉
      I enjoy the Character Studies, too!

      1. Okay, well, I believe I made a Goodreads account, so I may be able to enter now. 😉 I’ll have to see.

  3. They are adorable! And your art is beautiful. I was happy to enter your giveaway, and I’m glad you’re making progress on your books. As for the blog, I like reviews of romances and fun posts with nice pictures like this one!

    1. Thanks! And there will definitely be more reviews coming soon … if I start being a more diligent reader, that is. And I’ve been trying to do more picture posts … just because they’re fun for me, too. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh those kittens are adorable! *squeals* Also, a fantastic job on all of your accomplishments and wow! 100 followers! As far as posts, it might just be me, but I really love posts where authors tell how they’re progressing with their novels (kinda like this one) and just rambling about their novels. I don’t know, I just love seeing where they’re at in the story and I love it when people talk about their novels because some of the passion shines through, and it’s so good. *shrugs* I’m not even sure what I’m saying…but that’s what I like to read.

    1. I know what you mean … I like reading that kind of thing, too! Especially if I kind of know the author (or know their book). It’s pretty cool. So … I should probably put a day aside for author updates. 😀

          1. Okay! I’m actually working right now on a really rambly post about the novel I’m going to be rewriting, Enhanced. Only problem is, the plot keeps changing on me, so I may not post it until I figure it out.

            1. Yeah, that happens to me a lot, too. I start a post looking one way, and then by the time I finish it looks really different. Oftentimes it starts out disorganized, gets organized, then gets disorganized as I think of more things to add in ……. XD

              1. Haha, yeah. *still hasn’t finished said post* *will hopefully have it ready to post next week…if I reach my weekly writing goal…*

                  1. Hey, me too! *yells at myself also* But I’m hoping to work on it in a couple hours or something… (that right there is procrastination at its finest.)

                    1. Well, I’m going to take a break from computing and go swimming with my little bros … hopefully when I get back I’ll be magically ready for some serious writing. XD

  5. AWWW!!!! PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES!!!!! 😀 You HAVE to post more pics!!! 😀 They’re SO cute!!!! 😀 🙂 😀 😛 Loved the pics! 🙂 😀 😛 We have border collie pups that look sort of like that!!! 😀 How old are yours? Ours are ALMOST 2 weeks old! 😛 😀 🙂

What do you think of my thoughts?

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