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Updates: The Lady of the Vineyard and Ivy Introspective

by Kellyn Roth |
June 30, 2016

Hello friends (and … random people I don’t know … and … I just made your presence awkward … well,  I guess you can stay anyway *sigh*)!
Today I’m going to ramble on about my novels considerably, so … you’ve been warned.
Let’s start with Ivy Introspective, because … well, I just want to. I have no reason for this, but I’m just going to and … and … stop asking me questions I can’t answer.Ivy Introspective, front cover
Most of my writing as-of-late (on IvIn, anyway) has been in a notebook, wonder of wonders. I haven’t written in a notebook since … a long time ago. And I haven’t written a ton now that I’m writing in a notebook for the first since a long time ago since writing in a notebook is slower than my thoughts for me. Let me explain.
My thoughts are going really fast and I’m thinking a couple paragraphs ahead of what I’m writing, and eventually I have to stop thinking so that I can start writing again … and then everything’s all mixed up. So I have to read over what I write and correct it because I wrote a lot of stupid typos, et cetera, et cetera, and … it’s a vicious cycle.

So … much as I love writing on paper, it just isn’t working for me. XD And, besides, the way I talk about my thinking a couple paragraphs makes me sound like a nerd. Not that I’ve anything against nerds; I just don’t want to be one myself, and … this is awkward. Stop making me awkward. You know what I mean.
I can type as many as 90 words a minute (according to a test I just took)!!!
Where am I in the writing of Ivy Introspective, the novel I was supposed to finish a while ago? Like, months and months ago? Well, to be fair, I did finish it in November, but it needed … refinished. XD Well, I like the way the new draft is going. But … there’s not as much of this nice-going draft as I’d like (over 15,000 words … not counting what I’ve written in a notebook and don’t care to count). That’s about 30% finished by my estimation.
Anyway, new goal = finish Ivy Introspective by the end of July. July, in which I’ll be gone for, like, three weeks of. XD Well, I guess I can write on vacation. On paper. (see above) 😉
But, seriously, is that a reachable goal? Perhaps. We’ll see. If I can only get past this stupidly awkward conversation between Mrs. Knight and Mr. Parker, I’d have half a chance! But he’s just so … so … infuriating! I hate him. And, yes. Yes, I did create him.
Now, one to The Lady of the Vineyard, which I admit I’m focusing more on lately.
The Lady of the Vineyard
I’ve got over 10,000 words here, which rounds up to about eleven chapters.
Now, I know like that doesn’t seem like a lot, but most of the time I’ve been spending on The Lady of the Vineyard has been spent revising it. I know, I know. I should revise until I’ve finished. But I’ve been making so many changed mid-writing that I keep on having to go over it and change it so it makes sense. And yes. My first drafts have to make sense.
I’m sorry! I just don’t want a repeat of the Ivy Introspective fiasco where I have to do an entire rewrite! DON’T JUDGE ME!!! (which … is a reference. But no points. 😉 It’s too obscure. Comment, Miss Briel, comment!!!)
Anyway, I’m currently writing a scene where Adele goes through an old box she found in the back of her extremely messy closet (she’s a disorganized person … unlike me …). It’s really interesting to write. Brings to mind the Heirs of the Trunk days for some reason (and … only my friends in real life and Lana will get that! XD )
(EDIT = I wrote this post Monday and then made unexpected leaps and bounds in the writing of TLOTV. So … 11,528 words, somewhere in the middle of chapter eleven, writing a scene that is also reminiscent of the Heirs of the Trunk days. XD )
Well, I think that’s about all for today, guys! I know I didn’t ramble as much as I thought I would … but this post is …

  2. finished.

Comment! … or the comment-loving serial killers will get you! 😉 What? No, that isn’t creepy! There are stalkers out there who follow you around (on the internet) and if you don’t comment, you’d better watch out, ’cause they’re gonna get you! And … yes, I did just make that up.
~Kellyn Roth
p.s. Gonna be gone to camp for a week starting this coming Sunday! There will be no posts from the 3rd to the 8th. 🙂 Au revoir, internet, for a week. *sobs*

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36 Responses

                    1. thank you so so so so so so so much! I cannot tell you how helpful and timesaving that was! if there’s anything i can do to return the favor, just let me know.

                1. Yep. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. I guess finish up The Lady of the Vineyard (the epilogue) and then work on Ivy Introspective, then try to get some At Her Fingertips in if I can. *sigh*

                    1. I’d like to get a Wattpad account … but I actually got in trouble with my parents several years back for signing up without their permission … so I don’t know. XD

                    2. Yeah, I’ve been on there before … it’s just that I didn’t ask my parents’ permission. And that I wasn’t good at contacting people on the internet. XD

  1. Ooh yayyy a rambly post about your novels! This was so fun and I loved reading it! You need to work on IvIn…and I need to give you feedback on Lady of the Vineyard…. I should also finish Heirs of the Trunk, haha!
    Also I think revising before you’re finished is just a matter of how you write best. Some people have to not revise otherwise they will never finish, and some people have to get it right before they can finish, and some people just don’t revise because they’re lazy (a.k.a. me).
    Have fun at camp! What kind of camp is it?

            1. I road the same one the whole time, except at the very beginning when they were trying to figure out which horse would be best for me. And we did get to go on trail rides! 😀

              1. Fun! What was your horse’s name, and what kind of horse were they? (I took some horse-riding lessons once upon a time so I’m curious about this.)

                1. Her name was Daisy. She was a strawberry roan. They didn’t tell me the breed … so I’m not 100% sure. I’d guess she had some quarter horse in her if she isn’t a full blood.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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