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To Middle (To Write or Not To Write, #1)

by Kellyn Roth |
August 17, 2016

Today I will have a few tips on writing a middle. I was inspired by Liv (who suggested this post) and Cora, who started the blog tag To Write or Not to Write and nominated me. To find out more about that, go here.

I’m calling this the first, as it is the first on Reveries, and I have no idea what number to use. Anyway, time for the tips.

Some things I’ve learned about writing the middle of a novel …

  • Don’t drag it out too much. Build suspense and tension, but don’t bring the reader to dozens upon dozens of false climaxes! Remember, your novel doesn’t have to be War and Peace! It can be short; it can always be short. I can’t stress this enough. A novel can be as short as 40,000 words before you move it down to novella status, unless if it’s a children’s book. I’d say middle-grade fiction doesn’t necessarily have to be more than 30K.
  • Don’t timeskip without accounting for the time in-between. (Yep … my mom made me add that one in …) If nothing exciting or important is going to happen for a couple months, you don’t have to describe every day in detail. However, you don’t want to let anything important (like, at all!) happen in that time. That’s right! I’m talking to you, Henry James! Since when is Pansy grown-up enough to have suitors? Why don’t we have Isobel’s POV anymore? WHY!? And why is she so different? I LIKE THE OLD ISOBEL EVEN IF SHE WAS AN IDIOT!!!
  • Remember to build up … and up … and up … There’s a reason the middle is called ‘rising action.’ Everything – everything, I tell you! – is aimed at the climax! If it doesn’t point towards the climax in some way, say good-bye to it. It ain’t goin’ in.

And … that’s all I have to say.
What?! These are supposed to be short posts. Besides, I’m beta-reading for a friend today. I have a lot of beta-reading to do. And reviewing. And … watching Studio C. XD
If you want more, click on ‘rising action’ up there. You might find more about middling there. 😛

Some quick updates …

26,000 words on Ivy Introspective!!! Yay!!! Everyone else is like, “Yeah, but you wanted to finish it in May … so …”
Just received my copies of the final draft of The Dressmaker’s Secret! And when I say ‘final,’ I mean it this time …
Had a breakthrough on At Her Fingertips which narrowly saved me making my beautiful Alice look like a jerk … or at least really naïve, which is not Alice.
Got my learner’s permit! Drove home from the local Home Depot! Like a boss. I’ve got to stop saying that!
Sent a check in the mail to reserve an adorable puppy! Yep, I’m getting another border collie! A boy this time … to breed with Gidget. We’re still trying to come up with a name … but I haven’t thought of anything yet! Anyway, we’re picking him up on the 31st. He’s soooo adorable, guys! I’m super excited.
Oh, and I just remembered I was gonna tell you … there’ll be a cover reveal for The Lady of the Vineyard tomorrow or Friday. I wish I could tell you for certain, but everything’s been happening rather crazily of late.
EDIT: UGH!!!!! I just realized I didn’t nominate anyone! Or post the rules! Well … I’ll do this next week … and not be so … rushed for time. XD Anyone who wants to be is nominated, and you can find the rules in one of the links up there (^).
~Kellyn Roth
p.s. Remember to sign up for the blog tour for the release of TLOTV!

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47 Responses

    1. I KNOW!!!!!!! I was starting to feel like I never would!!!! I was like, “I’m gonna be one of those bums who can’t drive when she’s fifty and I’m gonna have to ask my mom (who will be, like … 85 …) to drive me around!!! TO BINGO!!! AAAAAH!!!!”

    1. Well, I said TDS is 12+. And you saw the content on that. The only difference will be some kisses between an unmarried couple (no details). Yep ……. I’m super paranoid about content in my books ……… so ………. yeah, that’s more of a guideline than a rule. XD It would be okay for ten-year-olds … I wouldn’t blush to give it to my baby brothers. 😀
      Anyway, COMMENTS ARE DISABLED!!!???? WORDPRESS I HATE YOU!!!! *shoot WordPress* *realizes without WordPress there could be no blogs* *revives WordPress* *gives WordPress a Band-Aid and CANDY!*

      1. DID YOU… just try to shoot WordPress… And my BLOG?!? No! ooh, but candy. i forgive you for candy. Oh, can you believe that there was kissing on TV Shows when I was EIGHT! I was like… ok, um…
        Well, if its just kisses, I’m soooooo gonna read it! It sounds amazing! i’m pretty sure its alright to kiss beofre your married… (no judgement)

        1. Oh, no, I’m definitely sure it’s okay to kiss before you’re married as long as you’re not like, um … um … you know, one of those kisses that is long and awkward and ……. yeah. Ugh. Please stoooooooop … XD
          *passes out candy to everyone* I bet I just solved both World Hunger AND brought World Peace!!! 😛
          And … adding commenting ability to pages……. I hate when it does that! If you ever see pages that don’t allow comments on my blog, let me know, because … *annoyed noises*

          1. alright! i think there were some others, i’ll try to tell you 🙂 i’d appreciate it if you would do the same 🙂
            yea… those kisses… one time, my friend was like “ooh! *my name* watch this show! In the first… 5 minutes, there was metions of drugs, 15 year olds were driking alcohol, and there were inappropriate realtionships I don’t think you’d like the names of on your blog… yea. that friend… lol
            no world hunger
            *eats candy* thanks Kell!

            1. Yeah … sometimes that happens to us. We hear about how good a movie or tv show is and then we start watching it and it’s so annoying! Especially if it’s a somewhat good show besides that. Drives me nuts! XD
              Candy solves everything! 🙂

  1. CONGRATS FOR THE PERMIT!!!! Unfortunately in my country you don’t get to drive until you’re eighteen (no, not unfortunate, actually, I’m kind of paranoid about anything on the road that whizzes around). Also, great tips 🙂 Also again, congrats on Ivy In!!

    1. Wow! That’s a long way to wait! I think I would die. XD Anyway, thanks! I’ll more thoroughly deserve your congratulations when I actually finish it …..

  2. Yay, a permit! 😀 OOH!!! A PUPPY!!!! :O 😀 Congrats! 🙂 I remember when we got our boy pup to breed with my dog! 🙂 (and Dad’s) 😀 😀 He was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE TOO!!!! :O 😀 But we picked him up at the airport.. 😛 🙂 XD Haha!!!
    I really like your new design! 😀 It’s nice! 🙂 Your picture at the top with you and Gidget is really cute too. 🙂

      1. Hehe!!! 😛 XD I assumed so… 😛 🙂 Judging by the quarter of a face in the top right corner! XD 😛 haha!!! 🙂 😛
        Yes!! 🙂 I can imagine! 😀 I only have one dog (unless you count her 8 pups and her other pup from two years ago…) but we have a LOT of other dogs, and they’re pretty much mine cause i love them SO MUCH!

        1. We only have just Gidget right now. But then we don’t exactly live on a big ranch or anything like that. Besides, my grandma already thinks I’m an animal-hoarder …… 😉 Jk. 😛

          1. yeah… Haha!! XD 😛 🙂 Our animals are all so neat… 😛 🙂 I really want to post pictures of Aggie’s pups soon as well as pictures of my horse Gadget! 🙂 He’s so cool! 😀 Our horses are extremely nice! 🙂 Our goats are…well… goats. :/ 😉 XD Haha!!! 😛 The chickens are just… yeah. Enough said about those…things. 😛

  3. Hey Kellyn! I was wondering if you can help me with a certain setting on my blog that April told me you might know how to fix. If I make you an admin, can you fix it for me?

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