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Dares for September 2016

by Kellyn Roth |
September 5, 2016

Hi everyone! You remember this post? I hope you do, because I’m not going to explain monthly dares again. 😉

Okay, allow me to tell you how my dares for August went! 🙂


Dares for August 2016


  1. Read ten books. Check!
  2. But one of those books has to be Persuasion. Check!
  3. And another one has to be from your review pile. Check!

I think I read fourteen books in August … and those are only the ones I actually remembered to record on Goodreads. I finished Persuasion. And … this one, this one, and this one were all from my review pile.
In the future, I’ll give you a summary of the books I read in the past month here, but summer messed me up! 😉


  1. Finish the first draft of Ivy Introspective. Failed!
  2. Finish editing The Lady of the Vineyard. Check!
  3. Outline At Her Fingertips. Check!
  4. Set up blog tour. Check!

Obviously I’ve been slacking on writing (except for writing a whole short story, parts of Once a Stratton, parts of Caught in a Spell, and parts of other books I haven’t even talked about on here at all!), but TLOTV is all ready to go except for the actual publishing, AHF is outlined, and the blog tour is set up. I still have some people who haven’t done the interview yet, but … well, I’m gonna blame that on them.
I’ve got 33,000 words on IvIn. I think I’m not going to shoot for more than 40,000 on the first draft. I have so much to add in! I mean, the first draft of TDS was only 36,000 words.


For Reveries:
  1. Post regularly, but keep your posting down to 3 per week at the most. Kinda.
  2. Get better at commenting on other peoples’ blogs. Kinda.

Well … I tried! But summer was just too crazy to get a lot done! Besides, I didn’t get my official schedule up until recently.

For Reveries Reviews:
  1. Post regularly, but keep your posting down to 2 per week at the most. Kinda.
  2. Move from Blogger to WordPress. Check! {here}
  3. Reduce the review pile by at least 5 books. Kinda.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d have liked, but I got the review schedule all set up and hopefully by the beginning of October I’ll have eliminated every single book in the list so far! I did move from Blogger to WordPress.


  1. Reading the Bible. Every. Single. Night. CHECK!!!
  2. Also read the drivers’ thingy every night. And pass the written test on the 12th. Check! (well … partially)
  3. At least a couple hours must be driven! Check!
  4. Do a pushup. Check!

I READ THE BIBLE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! I DID!!! I’m getting towards the end of John now. 🙂 I didn’t read the drivers’ thingy every night (the test was soooo easy!), but I did pass the test … on the 17th! Yep … Mom thought we had my birth certificate, but we didn’t. 🙁
And I think I’ve driven seven hours now! I’m supposed to drive two every week … so I’m actually a bit ahead! And I did a pushup. 🙂


Dares for September 2016


  1. Read five books. Yeah, I’m not going to set such a high goal for myself like last time … *laughs because reading is never something I don’t do*
  2. But one of those books has to be a classic. *tosses head*  No prob. I like classics! *stomps away*
  3. And another has to be a nonfiction book about something historical that you could actually apply in a story. *creeps back* THIS ISN’T FAIR HELP HELP SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!! LANCELOT GAWAIN TRISTAN ISOLDE ANYONE!!! And I thought I’d never need a Knight in Shining Armor. Well. I was wrong … That sounds like a great first line for a story, don’t you think!? That’d be awesome. And now you know how my mind works …


  1. Finish Ivy Introspective. This time, I’m not going to whimper a ton about not being able to do it. I’m just gonna do it. That’s right, y’all. In the middle of Geometry (makes face) and Latin (makes another face), Blog Tours and Blog Parties, Band and Literature, Biology (*shoots Jay L. Wile*) and English (and, of course, History!), I’m gonna fit that in this month. Riiiiight …
  2. Character development for At Her Fingertips. Characters, my babies, have never been a problem, so I’m optimistic about this one! 🙂 (I’m planning At Her Fingertips for NaNoWriMo, just so you know.)
  3. Edit A Place Called Lonesome. It’s a short story (4K words) that I wrote for a contest. Even if it doesn’t win, I’m going to probably share it with you at some point. 🙂


For Reveries:
  1. Get through the dreaded blog tour. *shivers*
  2. Stay true to the schedule (except during the blog tour). I actually think this is going to be pretty easy for me, actually.
  3. Actually remember to do the OHMYGOSHI’VEBEENBLOGGINGFORAYEAR post. I don’t know why, but I have the feeling I’m going to forget it with the blog tour and all. 😛
  4. Remember to tell everyone that you have 152 FOLLOWERS!!! Check! 😀 🙂 <3
For Reveries Reviews:
  1. Post twice a week (Tuesday and Friday). I don’t know about this one! It’s hard for me to remember for some reason. :/
  2. Read. (See the ‘Reading’ section of the Dares! 😉 )


  1. Continue reading the Bible. *sigh* Just when I thought it was gonna end … 😉 … I know I should love the Bible, and in many ways I do, but I don’t really love reading it. *sighs at evil human nature* 😉
  2. Continue driving. Not a problem … (I <3 driving!)
  3. Practice the clarinet and guitar every day. I hate to start out with a negative attitude, but I’m not going to do this. I just know it.
  4. Actually pay attention to biology. Not that I didn’t when we started last spring … but I didn’t.
  5. Get bad scores on geometry. I did a lesson today, and I’ve all-but decided not to even try … 😉 It’s not just that it’s hard. It’s that it’s stupid. Waste. Of. My. Time. I’M NOT SHERLOCK HOLMES, PEOPLE!!! What do I care for deducing? (see that one Daffy Duck episode … *cracks up*)

Oh, and few quick updates before you go (in picture form):

FFF - invite

TLOTV blog tour 2





Thanks for reading,
~Kellyn Roth

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18 Responses

  1. I know, I know! I haven’t done the interview. I came up with the questions last night… @ 1 am… so I just have to edit them now! I’ll NaNoMail them to you by tonight at the lastest. I was actually going to PM you this, but can I actually do my interview the 10th? I was given false information about my commitments… *growls*
    WOW!! We play the exact. same. instruments. OMG! *gasp* I need to practice both too!
    You can do it! Go, KELL! If you can dream it, you can write it! XD
    Maybe you can read that story Far recommended in the “Historical Fiction Club”… ?
    Is that the re-re-re-re edited version of TDS? 😉
    I’ll try to pre-order!
    Oh, and your welcome! 😀
    Sorry for this long comment!

    1. No, long comments are great!!! And … interview questions! Awesome! Can’t wait to see them! Yeah, if it ever comes from the library, I’ll read that. 🙂 That’s cool! (about the instruments … sorry, my answers are scrambled) I … never practice. Like … never. I mean, literally. XD

  2. Good job on reading the Bible every night! 🙂
    Oh, you do Jay Wile science books too? I did Biology last year, and I liked it, so don’t worry. 😉 I’m doing Chemistry now… I’m not looking forward to it very much, even though my mom likes Chemistry.
    Oh, and congratulations on 152 followers!!

  3. Well done for writing so much (guess what I’ve been doing? PROCRASTINATING. I’ve barely written a sentence since the end of the summer hols)! And, yup, ‘And I thought I’d never need a Knight in Shining Armor. Well. I was wrong …’ would make for a great story beginning! *steals* *stops* *remembers my story has an independent female heroine who hates depending on anyone* *also remembers I’m not writing a romance* *grins sheepishly* *puts sentence back*

What do you think of my thoughts?

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