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The Lady of the Vineyard Blog Tour, Day 3

by Kellyn Roth |
September 10, 2016

PUBLISHING DAY IS FINALLY UPON US!!! That’s right, folks! You can now buy The Lady of the Vineyard on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats!


Buy on Amazon (Kindle) ~ Buy on Amazon (Paperback) ~ Buy on Createspace (hint: more royalties to be gotten for your favorite author here! 😉 )Add on Goodreads

As you can see, the Kindle and Paperback version are currently separate on Amazon and appear as different works on my Amazon account. This happened with The Dressmaker’s Secret, too. I think it comes from setting files up separately. I’m hoping they’ll eventually merge as The Dressmaker’s Secret did.

The Posts for Today Are:

A review, author interview, and character interview by Lily (Living By Chapters) Oh, my word! This lovely summary of my book far exceeds my own, let me tell you! <3

Adele, a divorced mother of a young girl, Judy, lives in England with her daughter. Her ex husband, Troy, lives in southern France. It has been six years since they last saw each other – until one day, Judy’s father shows up at Adele’s doorstep. He wants to take Judy with him to France. With Judy’s departure, Adele is forced to confront her own past, and come to terms with her mistakes. Can Adele forgive Troy – and can he forgive her? Will Judy unite them, or rather divide them even more? ~Lily @Living By Chapters

An author interview and book spotlight by Grace (The Girl Upstairs) <3 these questions!
A review, character interview, and book spotlight by Selene Silver (Hearth) This one just shows so much thought! I’m so impressed. <3
An author interview by Katrina (Katrina Creative) Fun to read these over after not having read them in a while. Sorry that Katrina won’t be blogging anymore. :'(
This is my biggest day! Be sure to check out all those awesome posts. 🙂

The Schedule:

(which has changed a bit … but not much)

Thursday (the 8th):
Lana (The Music of Words) ~ author and character interview
Faith Potts (Stories by Firefly) ~ review, book spotlight
Aardvark Magazine (Aardvark) ~ author interview, book spotlight
Friday (the 9th):
Jesseca Wheaton (Whimsical Writings) ~ review, book spotlight
April McLauren (April Dreams) ~  author and character interview, book spotlight
Alyssa (Writing Anyone) ~ review
Saturday (the 10th):
Lily (Living By Chapters) ~ review, author and character interview
Grace (The Girl Upstairs) ~ author interview, book spotlight
Selene Silver (Hearth) ~ review, character interview, book spotlight
Katrina (Katrina Creative) ~ author interview
Sunday (the 11th):
Angela R. Watts (The Peculiar Messenger) ~ review, author interview
J.C. Buchanan (Beyond the Amethyst) ~ review
Daisy Ferrell (Happy Days with Anonymous A) ~ character interview
Monday (the 12th):
Morgan Dusky (Studies in Character) ~ author/character interview
Willowy Whisper (http://willowywhisper.com/) ~ book spotlight
Kate Willis (Once Upon an Ordinary) ~ author interview
Allie Taylor (Another World) ~ author/character interview?
Kate (Wandering in Bookland) ~ review, author interview

Today’s vlog post is a little less organized than the others, which is saying something. However, it’s mostly about personality types. You also get to see Gidget, my dog, in live-action. 🙂

What do you think? Comment, my dears, comment! Also tell me what else I could vlog about, because I’m afraid my ideas are pretty boring! 😛

Oh, one more thing! I have 160 followers. I quite honestly can’t believe it! If you just followed me, well, I haven’t been able to greet your like I’d want to because of the blog tour and everything, but you are appreciated! Thanks for the follow. 🙂

~Kellyn Roth

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  1. I had to watch all of your videos! 😀 How many days will you be doing this?
    Also, if you’re traveling to the 1930’s, call me up. I’ll go with you! 😀
    P.S. Congratulations on 160 followers!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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