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On Sprinters, Elections, and NaNo

by Kellyn Roth |
September 15, 2016

First, I just want to say I’m amazed by the amount of support I got when publishing The Lady of the Vineyard. Thank you all a million times! I hope I’ll be there for you in the same way if you ever publish (or when you do again).


Okay now … let’s do ’em in random order.



As you may have noticed, there’s a new page on Reveries. This is the page for Round #2 of Blogger Election Day. I urge you to go to that page immediately and vote! More details will be on the page itself. (Yes, I did just link to it three times!)
Now, for this round, I’m only allowed to give ten reasons why you should elect me as president. As before, you’ll never to go to the Blogger Election Day Page and comment the number that you like … like this: “I like 9/10 of the reasons!”

Le Reasons:

  1. You will be given passage into the book of your choice. You will be allowed to be whatever character you want to be in that book or even create your own character. You can change the events of the book in any way you deem necessary … or, of course, you can leave it the way it is. After the book’s over, you can stay in the book’s world (if you want) or return to the real world (retaining, of course, your passage into the book in case you should want to relive the adventure once again).
  2. Your birthday candle wishes will come true every time. Even if it’s not your birthday and you’re just randomly blowing out birthday candles. It’s basically like owning a limitless genie, only this one doesn’t make fun of you. Like some genies. Because it’s just a stick of wax.
  3. Your crush will pull a Mr. Darcy on you. “In vain have I struggled …” (Now you get to pull an Elizabeth on him! … or you could be civil. That, too …)
  4. You’ll be president after me. That’s right! Infinite power coming your way, baby! You’re gonna rock the polls!
  5. Your idol (that is, the person you most admire/model your life after/want to be) meets you in real life (even is s/he is already dead) and you really get along. S/he offers you the opportunity to live her life. You accept.
  6. Everything you’ll ever need to know in life is suddenly downloaded into your brain. Not only does this mean no more school, but it also means you’ll be able to go through life quicker than everyone else, making all the right choices, taking all the right paths. If you want, you can help your friends not make mistakes, either, with your superior knowledge. And, of course, no one thinks you’re a nerd even though you’re the smartest person on earth.
  7. You’ll wake up one morning and be beautiful. Furthermore, you always look good, no matter what happens. (Hahaha, watch me tailor to their insecurities …)
  8. You will never be tired again. That’s right! No need for bedtimes anymore. You can stay up as late as you want, reading ‘one more chapter’ of (or just finishing; you don’t need sleep!) your favorite book! (Your parents are perfectly okay with that, of course.)
  9. Your mother will decide that icecream is the new broccoli. You’ll never have to eat anything you don’t like ever again.
  10. You will never, ever get writer’s block again. Like, ever. That’s right! You and writer’s block (and procrastination, by the way) are having a break up! You are never, ever, ever getting back together.


Hurry and vote now for your most favorite blogger! 😉



National Novel Writing Month is coming in less than two months! I’m excited (and a little nervous), mostly because I’m soooo, sooooooo enthused about writing At Her Fingertips! I have a billion ideas and have had a hard time putting them together … but the outline seems to be taking shape now.
I recently had a kind of a breakthrough in the planning, by the way. I’ve been struggling and struggling to get a clear idea of the opening scene in my mind. However, I just hadn’t been able to come up with a solid beginning! And then it hit me.
Why not start with Alice showing her true Alice-ness in an entry in a diary she feels a girl who’s about to come out really should keep … although, of course, being Alice, she really doesn’t want to.
Is this genius or is it just a novelty? A little of both, perhaps?
On other NaNoNews, the moderators have officially announced that the brand-new YWP NaNoWriMo site is coming out in October! Anyone else excited? Apparently then we’ll get an opportunity to change our usernames … but I don’t think I will. I like Kell Bell!


This is the one that really didn’t make sense, isn’t it? Well, I’ll explain.

As both a runner and a sprinter.

What does this mean? Well, it means I write very fast for a short period of time and then I’m exhausted.

I’m currently in one of my running stages. I’m up to 36,000 words in Ivy Introspective, and hopefully I’ll be able to do quite a few more before I’m exhausted.

Here’s the (very vague so not to give spoilers) outline of IvIn from where I am now to the end:

  • Finish Violet/Ivy scene.
  • Skip to Miss Selle’s.
  • Back to Pearlbelle.
  • Ivy/Violet (and Jordy?)
  • Miss Selle’s (wrap-up)
  • Climatic scene w/ Ivy/Violet
  • Ending scene w/ Angels and Knights

So … not too much more to go! 😀
~Kellyn Roth

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