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Photography, Poetry, and Life

by Kellyn Roth |
October 21, 2016

Another of my three-in-one posts. 🙂
First, the new YWP NaNoWriMo site is out! You can find it here: ywp.nanowrimo.org. I’m now know as RubyBell, though people can call me Kell still, of course.
I’m pretty happy with the new site (especially since it’s just a beta site which doesn’t have all the stuff it will have over time). The only thing I’m not pleased with is the fact that people under thirteen can’t comment on the forums anymore.
I know they had to do it to comply with the COPPA regulations … but, gosh, it’s so terrible! I’m over thirteen, obviously, but I knew soooo many under-thirteen people on the site. I’ll sure miss them.
Moving on, lots of stuff has been happening around her recently. First, lots and lots of rain. I mean … lots. Also, leaves are turning, dogs are growing, and cocoa is being spilled all over the place! See the below photos to find out more. 🙂


That awesome moment when your pet poses perfectly … and you have your camera … and life is perfect … (And … does that picture look blurry and partially obscured to you? Hmm. Weird …)


Look how much he’s grown! I used to able to hold him in one hand … *sobs*


Pretty leaves all over the ground …


Hills turning orange and pretty clouds.


Wild apples! Well, they used to be tame, but they’ve returned to their roots … Haha, get it?


Droplets of water on a leaf … and I did lay on the ground in my nice shirt to get that shot, so appreciate it accordingly. XD


Beautiful yellow leaves.


Beautiful autumn bouquets made by me and my friends. The one with the lumpy thing (it’s an oak gall) and the randomly strung ribbon is mine. Yep … my friends barely kept me from putting some old deer bones we found in it …


Wood. I don’t know why … I just like this picture. It’s kind of seasonal …


This is what happens when you let me cook. Yes, yes that is cocoa powder poofed all over me …


I didn’t take this picture; my friend did. However, I edited it a ton, as you can see. But, you know, Aimee, your appearance is kind of improved ………. Just kidding! You look a lot better in real life! 😉 But I didn’t think you’d want you face all over the internet, so … Anyway, this picture made me super happy!

Yep. Fun stuff. 😀
I also have been doing some seriously poem-writing. Here are some examples of my “wonderful” work from the past several months.

Fall Once Again

Kellyn Roth, 9/9/16

I’m sorry to continue this poetry oration

But some things deserve a standing ovation

For a poet’s best subject, of course, is the seasons

For hundreds and thousands and millions of reasons.

So I with my pen and my autumnish rhymes

Come up on the stage to take more of your time

And if you should yawn, please don’t let me know

I’ll try to read fast, unless I read slow.


You see in September the world gets quite cold

And then in October it’s turning quite gold

By November the whole season’s gotten quite old

Now I think that story is finally quite told.

Proud of that one, although I admit I’m a fan of actual fall-themed poems. 🙂


Kellyn Roth, 9/23/16

You start out really fast

You run a minute mile

You’re sure that you can last

But then you see the pile

Of math sheets on the table

And then you get distressed.

You just can’t wait for summer

You just can’t wait to rest.

I had friends over, and we ended up rapping that one. *clears throat awkwardly* I have extremely weird yet amazingly awesome friends …

A Light Rain and Why I Like It


The rain drips down

It slips down

From clouds high

In the sky

The rain splashes

It dashes

On sidewalks

On dry docks

The rain sings

It springs

From my cheeks

To your cheeks

The rain feeds

The weeds

The flowers

The bowers

The rain soothes

It improves

The smells

The wells

The rain pleases

Me and

If you don’t like it

You can stay inside.

What? I stand by that ending …

First Drafts




Stupid and




Maimed and




Plotless and


Yet happy


A book all your own

Does that good hide the bad?

I think so.

Yep … she’s a bit of an odd duck, but I kind of like her. 😛



The grass is wet

The dog is wet

The pavement’s wet, too

The clouds are wet

The sky is wet

It’s lost its shiny blue

My toes are wet

My nose is wet

The air is fresh and new

My head is wet

And I just bet

That you are wet, too.

Yep, that’s how I’ve been feeling recently! Not that’s it’s unpleasant. 🙂
Anyway, I’ve been doing school (I’m so excited for Christmas break!), furiously filling the new YWP site with threads (what? It looked so empty … and, yeah, I’m kidding), driving a lot (today I drove into town with my nieces and nephew – and Mom and brothers – to Dairy Queen! So much fun!), assistant coaching a soccer team (what? Assistant coaching takes time …), and … other stuff.
Ooh, and next week I’ll be washing dishes at a camp for the weekend. *nods* Yep. So exciting. Seriously, though, I’ll be doing it with my awesome friend, so yep. It’s gonna be so much fun! I haven’t seen her in forever … over a month, I think. I’m so excited!
Writing-related, I wrote a freewrite today … and, if you know freewrites, you know it’s basically me rambling with a disregard to grammar, spelling, etc. etc.

Alice Knight is one of those people who you should like, or at least I hope so. I’ve worked really hard on developing her. She’s the oldest child of Mr. Philip Edmond Knight and Mrs. Claire Marie Knight. She has a twin sister named Ivy (Adeline) Knight. Alice’s full name is Alice Christina Knight. Alice has a stepbrother named Edmond Philip Knight, but everyone calls him ‘Ned.’ (Or Neddy, in the case of Alice, but I think she only does it to tease him!) Anyway, Alice also has quite a few younger full brothers and sisters … Caleb, John (AKA Jack or Jackie), Jessica, and Rebecca (Becky). Caleb is seven, John and Jessica (another set of twins) are six, and Rebecca is three or four at the time of At Her Fingertips. They’re a lot younger than Alice (who is eighteen). Ned is ten, I think. He’s sort of quiet, reflective, and serious. He’s pretty wise, too, though not grownup wise. You know what I mean. Not to be cliché (he doesn’t spout important info or anything), but he’s just … you know, pretty intuitive. Caleb is Alice’s favorite little brother. He likes running and jumping and playing rough. He can easily keep up with Ned even though Ned is three years older than him. He loves to ride his pony, play all kinds of crazy games, and all that. He rarely sits still. His governess (still brainstorming names … for some reason I’m thinking Miss Mitchell) has trouble getting him to concentrate on anything. Unlike Ned, he’s not good at any school subjects, though I’d think he’d be more of a math-brain than a reading-brain. (What? Those are totally things. Most people are either pretty good at math or pretty good at reading, right? I mean, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I think. It’s left-brained or right-brained right? Anyway, I’m better at language arts, reading, that sort of things. I get okay grades in math (only once below 90% so far this year in geometry), but I’m not really good at it. It’s super hard for me. I mean, geometry not so much as algebra, but still. And then science … arg. So bad at science. I mean, I get like, 80% every time. Or like, 75%. It’s so awful. But I’ve determined to get bad grades of science anyway, so … yep. I’m kinda succeeding in my own twisted way. Back to subject.) Anyway, Caleb is, yep, a pretty boyish little boy. He’s also extremely charming. He pretty much has everyone (especially Alice) twisted around his finger and can talk his way out of any situation. He’s painfully honest … kind of like Alice. Then there’s John, AKA Jackie. Jack is a sweet, shy little boy. He’s also a bit of a momma’s boy if you know what I mean. He clings to Mrs. Knight and runs to her for protection (even if it’s against, you know, loud noises or shadows). He’s pretty smart, though, and as he grows up, I see him being really bookish and learning a lot of stuff. I’m kind of considering having him be a curate when he grows up, though goodness knows I don’t need to think that far into the future, but he seems like a churchman to me. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just letting my imagination run away with me. Jessica is a rambunctious little girl. Not a tomboy – definitely not; she shrieks at the frogs that Caleb brings home regularly – but she’s pretty energetic. Talkative, excitable, always in a rush … she spends a lot of time talking. Like, she’ll talk your head off. Anyway, Jessica is a tiny bit like a second Miss Elton … but just a little bit. She has a bit more sense than Lois Elton, I’d think! Anyway, then there’s Rebecca. I literally can’t remember much about her. I can’t even remember my top three words for her. I know she’s really cute and sweet … and maybe a little shy, but I think she’s just more family-oriented and doesn’t prefer outsiders. Anyway, there’s the timer. Got to go.

p.s. sweet, endearing, and shy. I guess Jackie is really thoughtful, too.

One big paragraph of rambling … and I didn’t read it over to myself, either, because you wouldn’t probably have seen it, so. There could be anything in there …
I also wrote a big summary of At Her Fingertips that covers a whole blank sheet of paper. Next I’ll write it out again, adding and taking away and adding and taking away from it. Then I’ll write it out once again, adding and taking away and adding and taking away. Until I think of a better way to outline (ha … like that’s an outline …) this is what I’ll be doing until NaNo, probably. 😛
~Kellyn Roth
p.s. Wow! Only ten days until NaNoWriMo! I’m so nervous. How am I gonna manage what is almost 1,700 words a day?

What do you think of my thoughts?

36 Responses

  1. I agree. Since I am 12, I can’t post in the forums. Last year I didn’t, so it doesn’t bother me TOO much, because there will be NaNo mail. Want to be writing buddies? My username is CookieandKeeperFan. If you don’t want to, that’s totally fine! I am new to your blog and the blogging world, so….. What’s your word count goal?

    1. There is no NaNoMail, and I don’t think you can make buddies at the moment ……. but maybe that’s just me. 🙂
      I’m going for 50,000 because I’m on the adult site, too. 🙂

      1. Oh, are you doing the adult one? I’m doing the ywp. And I was searching through the forums, and one of the moderators said there would be writing buddies later.

        1. No, I’m on both the adult on the YWP. I won’t be using the adult forums, but I’ll be updating my word count on there occasionally … maybe once a week or something. But there’s a 50000 word limit on the adult one. 🙂

  2. RubyBell is a pretty name!
    I think the under-thirteen rule is a crazy idea. Keep yer old site, people!
    Sonja snuck out the deer bones while you were getting your shirt dirty on apple and leaf pictures…
    I like the first drafts poem!

    1. Apparently it’s against the rules of an organization called … CAPPA, maybe? Anyway, it’s a government-thing … people under 13 can’t post on public forums. Weird.

    Lovely post, Kell! I’m also really excited for the new YWP site. I did have a question…did you have any trouble signing up? ‘Cause I’ve been trying to sign up (again) and when I hit “CREATE ACCOUNT” nothing happens. I’m super confused and scared! O_o Do you have any idea why it’s like that?

    1. No, I did have trouble signing up. The thing I had trouble with was creating and editing novel info, and then being irritated at the site for being a beta version and not having everything. 😉

  4. *fistbump about when your dog does an awesome pose* 😉
    It’s perty rare when my dogs strike a pose haha!;)
    Chyeah ruby bell is a super cute name!!
    I love the pic of u with the coco powder!!! You look like “I. Have. Coco powder. On. My. Face. Life is awesome!” LOL 😉
    That pic with the apples…THAT’S A TON OF APPLES!! And that pun was awesomesauce BTW! I really love love love puns! Have I told u that?
    Amy dahling you look fabulous!! It does not get better than pink hair and purple bangs, girl!! Haha! 😉
    Ugh I don’t want fall to come 🙁
    So who is this awesome friend of yours?? And why have I not met her yet?? And I thought u were working at camp with me and not this “awesome freind” of yours… *snicker snicker* ok I’m being a turd;) I’ll stop!;)

    1. You know you’re my awesome friends! *hugs* *gives zotz* (what? I was thinking about Camp ….)
      I know! Purple bangs are awesome …
      I was just in a state of shock like, “How did that happen? Suddenly I’m covered with … chocolate-ish stuff. Oh yeah.”
      Yep, puns are awesome! 🙂

      1. Ah yes!! I knew that! *wink* *cheesy smile*
        Zotz!!! Haha!! I actually have a bunch that I got for Issac jacobsen…I don’t know were they are tho… I lost them!
        You should die your bangs purple kell it’d be a bomb!! Haha!;)
        Coco powder is hard to get off too! Wait who threw it at you!?!? Aimme?? Or was it sofie??? Or was it both *gasp* they were in cahoots!! 😉
        (I’m not gonna be able to email you back…I think u can guess why;) 😉

  5. With the NaNo Beta site are you still able to buddy other members?
    I love the first draft poem! It explains them so well!!!
    I know what you mean, I’m only 5 … or was it 6? chapters through the chapter outline… and I’m getting pretty freaked out!!! … hold on… did you say TEN DAYS! *bangs head on the table* I will never get my notes done! *thinks about it* *looks towards nearby family members* “Okay, I’m going to be really busy for the next few days! SO Stay away from me!” *whispers a quick prayer* Anyone else shaking?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Good Luck for NaNo you can do it Kellyn!

    1. I know, it’s terrifying! I ended up giving up outlining chapters and I’m just writing down everything I can think of about the plot and then organizing it. XD Yeah …
      No, you’re not allowed to buddy other members. Hopefully that’ll be coming soon, though.

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