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A Black Friday Sale

by Kellyn Roth |
November 25, 2016

Because I’m amongst the insane group of people who live other peoples’ lives because theirs are just too boring (otherwise known as ‘bookworms’), great books made their way onto my “things I’m thankful for” list this year … as they have every year since I was six! It’s hard to choose favorites, but here are five I read this year that I absolutely adored.

  • The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen

In January of this year, I picked up a random book of the shelves of our local library. I don’t know why … I just did. When I got a Goodreads account and reviewed it (along with every other Julie Klassen book, which I’d hastened to buy) that February, I discovered so many other books in that genre (Christian Historical Romance). Really, this last year I’ve discovered what my personal tastes in literature are, and all because of Julie Klassen’s little mystery novel. <3

  • The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

This was one of those novels I’d been wanting to read for a thousand years or more, but just hadn’t got around to it … and boy, am I glad I did! It’s beautiful and heartbreaking, and I unashamedly loved it.

  • The Edwardian Brides series by Carrie Turansky

I call these books my ‘clean Downton Abbey’ (because Downton Abbey can get … eh, sometimes … mostly because it’s so melodramatic … XD ). They are a lot like Downton Abbey in many ways, only they have a strong dash of Christianity and are a lot happier overall. 🙂

  • A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin

… and every other book by Sarah Sundin that I’ve read so far. Honestly, she writes the best books. I’d gotten to the place that if I read another historical romance set during the Victorian/Regency/Edwardian era – which I usually adore – I was gonna explode. 😉

  • The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I’d been delaying reading these books for forever because they just sound depressing. And they were. But I loved them. Don’t read them if you don’t want to be torn apart inside, but wow. They are good. Unlike Divergent. Or Twilight. Or most other popular books …

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to another great year of reading! Speaking of more reading, here’s one more thing to be grateful for.
Books are on sale! In honor of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a group of independent Christian authors banded together to offer over seventy discounted books on Nov 25-28. There’s literally something for everyone, and I’m sure excited to take a peek at them.
Every single book listed on Indie Christian Books is on sale in one or more ways. Find discounted paperbacks, dozens of books offered with free shipping, $0.99 ebooks, package deals and more. Even if you have a budget of $0, new reading material awaits you.
Don’t know what to pick? The fearless Indie Christian Books team created a quiz that will generate a book list perfect for you! Check it out!
How did Thanksgiving go for you? What are you thankful for? Is Black Friday a crazy shopping day for you? Did you guess that this email is only about 25% me? *evil laughter*
~Kellyn Roth

A note on the Ebooks Only page. All books are listed as “Sold Out.” This only refers to paperback copies of these titles. Please click onto the product pages to find descriptions and links to discounted or free ebooks.Also, some of the authors this year chose to not sell their paperbacks directly through the site. Those books are also marked “Sold Out” but if you click them open, you’ll find a link to the site where they are on sale and a discount code for you to use at check out.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Leah E. Good and Kendra E. Ardnek for their work organizing this sale, and Hannah Mills for her fantastic design work on the website graphics. Hannah can be contacted at hmills(at)omorecollege(dot)edu for more information about her design services.

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What do you think of my thoughts?

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