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In theory, Christmas is a ton

Of joyfulness and merry fun

Of presents gifted from the heart

Of puddings and plums and strawberry tarts

In theory, fir needles never fall

Off a tree, which isn’t too tall

Or too short, too fat, too dead

And Christmas carols don’t hurt you head

By being sung just out of tune

Mistletoe is opportune

Ly placed just where the sweethearts stand

And sleigh bells ring throughout the land

And relatives arrive on time

And get along. So all the signs

Point towards a joyous day

At least that’s what the carols say.

~Kellyn Roth

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  • Sarah

    Love this!!

  • CutePolarBear

    Congratulations on capturing what Christmas is. (if you listen to the carols) I wouldn’t have know otherwise. 😛

  • Jordan

    This is so funny (and true)! ?

  • Bayray

    Awesomesauce kell!!

  • Bayray

    And I love the new look!!! Is this the final cause it’s waaaayyy awesome kell!!!!!!!

    • Kellyn Roth

      It’s final! At least, until spring comes. I’m think a light pink flowery theme for spring, maybe.

  • Bayray

    I love it!!!! Good job megan!! 😉
    I love the yellow! Its a rad color;)

    • Kellyn Roth

      The … yellow. Huh. I guess it is kinda yellowish. XD That was my revision … shouldn’ta done that … yellow and snow …

  • hnracademy

    I love this!

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