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Beyond Her Calling Plot Reveal and the Final Q&A Vlog

by Kellyn Roth |
January 13, 2017

Today I’m going to be telling you a little about one of my current WIPs, Beyond Her Calling (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 4). I haven’t been sharing very much information with you up until now … but I think it’s time.

Here’s my first attempt at a blurb:

After Alice’s marriage and subsequent move, Ivy feels lost and lonely, worried that she’ll be expected to take her sister’s place as eldest daughter of the family.

When her parents notice a change in Ivy from bright and self-entertaining to dull and needy, they decided what she needs is a visit to her friends in Scotland.

There, amongst old friends and new, Ivy seeks to find her calling in life … and to decide whether or not it’s really what she wants!

And that’s it for today. Hope you don’t mind the short –
What am I saying? Of course you don’t! Less for you to read!
Before you go, the last Q&A vlog:

What do you think? 😀
~Kellyn Roth

What do you think of my thoughts?

30 Responses

  1. BEYOND HER CALLING!!!! KELLYN IT SOUNDS SO, SO AMAZING!!! I love the blurb. Ah gosh. It sounds so awesome.
    Nice answers, girl. 😉 Your Mom’s questions were great!! I loved the vlog!!! And the ending had me dying. ;D *there are many exclamation points in this comment because!!! ;D THEY ARE NEEDED.*

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I’m glad you liked it! Yeah … we started eating candycanes … and talking with our mouths full. It was great. XD Yeah, we get weird together …

  2. Oooh yay, I can’t wait! 😀 Although I admit that I did mind the shortness a bit…I would’ve liked to know even more about it, hehe. 😛
    The Q&A vlog was great! I can’t wait until some random 17 year-old twins see it… *giggles*

          1. Yes, we can always hope…
            That’s kind of sad…although, really, the only guys I actually talk to are from church because we have youth activities every week.

              1. Actually, I’m curious about other church’s youth groups. Like, I’ve heard people mention them but I’d like to know how similar they are. What do you do for your activities/what ages constitute as “youth”/do boys and girls always meet together/etc.?

                1. I’ve never been to one, actually. But I’ve heard a lot about them. The boys and girls meet together for worship (singing songs and such) and then they divide into groups (boys of different ages and girls of different ages) and do Bible studies … and I think snacks and maybe games are included? I’m not sure. It varies from church to church, I guess. I went to a youth group once (a tiny one … less than ten kids) where the boys and girls stayed together. We worshiped, heard a sermon from a younger pastor, played some games based on the “lesson”, and had a snack. It was … kinda boring, honestly. XD It would probably be more fun at a larger youth group.

                  1. Huh, that’s cool! I think ours are a little bit different. We have a little opening thing where we sing a song, pray, and have a spiritual thought, and then we go do our activity. The boys and the girls each have three different classes from ages 12-13, 14-15, and 16-17. I think there’s a different combination each week. Like, there’s just your class, your class with that same age class of the boys, all of the girls together, and all of the girls and boys together. And we do whatever–the presidency of the classes as well as the leaders plan together and come up with stuff. Sometimes it’s spiritual, sometimes it’s service, and sometimes it’s just fun activities together! I really enjoy it! (And I may have just bored you with information that you never asked for…or just given you more questions…oops. 😛 )

                    1. No, no, I like to hear about that kind of thing, too! 🙂 That’s really neat. I don’t really, um, talk to the kids in my church. Mostly because we haven’t really gotten involved except with families with younger kids yet. (We’re having trouble finding a church that suits us, although I think my parents are hard to please, personally!)

                    2. Yeah, it’s fun! Tonight we have an activity and we’re having a big bonfire and burning people’s leftover Christmas trees. 🙂
                      How do you determine which church you want to go to? Is it the preacher, or the people in the church, or what? We’re just categorized into wards based on our location.

                    3. Well, there are maybe … I don’t know how many, but a lot of churches in our (little) town, so it is pretty hard to narrow it down. There’s a lot of factors that go in. Obviously we have to find a church that believes the same things we believe. And that’s pretty hard, because there are so many variances to the Christian religion! And we don’t really have a specific denomination (although I’d definitely lean towards Baptist, if anything) so it’s hard. Anyway, the church we’re going to has people that believe the same thing we do. And the pastor (and his family) are easily the most fantastic people I’ve ever come across. They are solid gold. 🙂 (Or maybe I’m just saying that because Mrs. P said my description was fantastic …) The sermons are great. The worship is … it needs work. It’s kinda like … a rock show. XD Dad calls it “K-Luv,’ like the radio station.
                      The problem is, really, though, that it’s a huge church. No one’s really friendly to us and we just don’t seem to be making any lasting relationships, which is what church is really about to us.
                      So … yeah. Nice long rambly answer … sorry. XD

                    4. Don’t be sorry–that’s actually really interesting! Like I said, this whole concept is interesting to me because with the LDS church, the beliefs are the same wherever you go, and so everyone goes to their church based on where they live.
                      So, what do you like about the Baptist denomination that would make you lean toward it? I’m curious.

                    5. Well, the Baptist denomination agrees with basically everything I believe. I suppose it’s just that it’s a pretty happy denomination. But that’s just my opinion. Apparently a lot of people think Baptists are pretty uptight … but not at my church. So … I’m not sure.
                      A lot of the denominations seem the same to me, though … it’s confusing. XD

                    6. Yeah, I don’t know a lot about them either … 😉 Jk, but I seriously aren’t sure what makes it different from quite a few of denominations.

                    7. Well, Baptists believe that you should be baptized more as a statement of faith (like it doesn’t really have anything to do with your salvation; it’s just a way of saying ‘I am a Christian’ to the world after you’ve already accepted Jesus), so yeah. But I was sure that some other people believed that, too, but … I don’t know. 😛

                    8. Ahhh, okay….hmm, that’s interesting. So what is required for salvation in the Baptist faith? Is it the confessing Jesus as your Savior thing?

                    9. Yes, just ‘confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved.’ I think that’s quite a lot of churches, though. Baptism for Baptists is just a statement of faith – a public proclamation. So that’s a little different, I think? I admit I don’t know a lot about different believes of different denominations.

                    10. Do you agree with that as being enough to be saved? Because…I don’t know, to me it seems weird to just have to say you believe and then not have to do anything else.
                      Yeah…I know some, but I’d still like to learn more! Hence me asking you about this.

                    11. Kinda. I believe that a lot more is entailed in that verse than most people realize. For instance “confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord” means that you give Him complete control over your life because He is Lord. Or … well, it means that to me. But yeah, I believe that faith is the only thing that can save you and that nothing you can do can buy your way into heaven; you just have to have God’s grace.

                    12. Ahh, okay. Well, I definitely think that we need Jesus’s grace and sacrifice and without that there’s no way to be saved, because we all make mistakes. But I also believe in James 2:20 that says “faith without works is dead” because there’s no point to believing in Christ and his grace if we don’t let that change us and change our lives. So to me it’s not saved by grace but changed by grace. And part of that is ordinances that are required for salvation because the promises that are made with that ordinance are the things that help you to change and grow.

                    13. Well, to me that (verse) means that if you accept grace and the don’t change (or make an effort to change), you weren’t really sincere and therefore your faith is practically dead. It really depends on how you interpret it.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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