Dark Storm Rising by Jesseca Wheaton

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Title: Dark Storm Rising
Author: Jesseca Wheaton
Genre: historical adventure
Era: 1938 (WW2)
Setting: Austria, Europe
Publisher: Jesseca Wheaton
Source: from author (in exchange for honest review)
Overall Rating: 4/5

Dark Storm Rising by Jesseca Wheaton

Helena and Max are just two normal cousins living in north-east Austria. But when Hitler takes over Germany and the unrest grows against the Jews, their families become two of many, helping Germany’s Jews across the border.
Then, on the night the Anschluss is signed and on their way to deliver a secret message, Helena and Max are captured by a high-ranking officer in the Wehrmacht. Confined within the enemy’s walls, Helena and Max have many unanswered questions.
If Germany is not at war with Austria, then why have they been captured? Who can they trust? And will they ever see their families again? Encountering many surprises along the way, Helena and Max learn that God’s plans are always best, and the power of forgiveness.

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That was a fantastic short story! I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to almost anyone who loves historical fiction, exciting adventures, or great Christian messages. 🙂
Plot {5/5}:
The plot was interesting and intriguing, exciting while not being too fast-paced.
Characters {5/5}:
The characters were great. I really liked the Major. Especially his flowers.
Setting {4/5}:
I personally felt this could have been a little stronger, especially description-wise, but it was a short story after all.
Writing {3/5}:
Pretty good, although I see how Jesseca’s writing has improved since now by quite a bit! Especially in A Question of Honor. *swoons over another book by the author* *takes a deep breath*
I’d say it was perfectly clean. Some violence, though nothing particularly graphic. No language or sexual content.
Overall {4/5}:
A sweet but poignant and meaningful short story (with a short review!).
~Kellyn Roth

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  • ilovereading2

    ANOTHER book to read! *sighs* 😉

  • Zielle

    I’ve been cramming my reading list with these books by Jesseca Wheaton. 😉

    • Kellyn Roth

      She really is talented; one of my favorite authors, and definitely amongst my favorite Indie authors. Top 5 at least!

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