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A (Brief) Tour of My Room and Random Poems

by Kellyn Roth |
January 20, 2017

I decided y’all need a tour of a published author’s room so when y’all are published authors, you’ll have some ideas for décor.
Okay, who am I kidding? I just want to show off my organizational skills … which are really awful, by the way.
To fend off the boredom, I’ve got a bunch of random poems posted at the end that I found in old notebooks while organizing (read: going through all my stuff). And a couple poems I wrote today, too.
Ready … set … picture #1!


That’s my room. It’s very pink and girly. Most people don’t like pink (I think because it’s a girl color and everyone like, “If it’s popular, it must be awful!” Which is what happened to Frozen. Because Frozen is so awesome there’s no way no one could actually hate it.), but I love it!


And that’s my, um, chest of drawers. Dresser? Dresser drawers? Something like that. Anyway, it’s the big white thing in the middle. And it has my radio and clock and a couple dolls I inherited from my grandma and sister (because she left the one on the left alone in the attic too long and I stole it) and a duckling (an Easter decoration I refuse to take down) and my jewelry box. Which is full of stuff I never use.




This is my board of thumbtacks holding things to it piece of cardboard. (I’m sorry … I literally forgot what this thing is called!) Anyway, it has lots of pictures of me with other people occasionally showing up. 😛 Then it has these …


New Year’s Goals and Dares for January …


And a calendar for January where I’m supposed to be keeping track of my word counts for each day … but aren’t. Because I’m that lame. XD


And my blogging schedule.


And that’s my nightstand … and lamp … and window … and garbage can. (What? I feel like I need to label everything!)


That’s a bed. And the Teddy Bears are both for decoration purposes only (I’m not lying, guys; they really are!).


And at the foot of my bed we have my desk … which is never actually used as a desk. I practice my clarinet and guitar at the desk, I store my pens and pencils and other random items on the desk, I have a special place for a notebook, the book I’m supposed to read next, and my Kindle on the desk … but I don’t actually write there.

It’s actually kinda a waste of space, but it’s so pretty … and I need somewhere to store all my pens and pencils! Yes, the ones in those little cups aren’t the only ones. The bottom drawer has a lot of pencils in it … but I decided not to photograph them.


Over here in the corner we have my bookshelves and guitar. Which I rarely practice. *facepalm* Yet another thing that is purely ornamental …


Down here in the basket at the bottom we have a lot of stuff. The little red container holds tools for – you’d never guess it! – making house plans! Don’t ask! 😉

On the right there are two books (one is about dinosaurs; the other’s about fashion) and a couple half-full notebooks that really don’t fit with my other identical ones. There’s also one of those big file-sheet-paper-thingys. You know … *has lost another word*

On the left, unused notebooks. Like, maybe 20. Yep …


These are the movies I own. Yep … small film-library. 😛


This basket contains quite a few half-full notebooks. Because starting a new one is always a good idea …


And this is pretty much my non-fiction section. Yeah … lots of books about animals. I literally read them for fun, guys … it’s a little sad. Reading about cow maladies makes me happy. I’m like, “VOCAL REVERBERATION UNDER SPINAL PRESSURE?!” XD Points for getting the reference!

My friends should get it … ’cause we watched the movie together … but yeah. They probably won’t remember. *glares*




Pictures of my books. <3


That’s my closet. And yes. Yes, it does always look like that …

And … I’m not going to bother to go through all that. Basically, clothes on the right, random stuff in the middle, shoes after that, and more random stuff on the left. I even have a place for stuff my friends left at my house! There’s a bracelet, chapstick, and a pair of jeans right now, I think. All Bailey’s …

There is this big pink tote on the floor.


That’s an extremely blurry picture of the insides. So yeah. Lots of papers, birthday cards (I save almost every one I get), old artwork (from when I was, like, three) … that kind of stuff.

Now, we’re about done here. But before you go, I feel like I should introduce you to all the dolls you saw in almost every. single. photo. XD




Yeah … lots of dolls! But I’m not ashamed. I’m not! *hides*  Seriously, though, I can’t put them away because I’ve watched Toy Story. HOW CAN ANYONE WATCH TOY STORY AND PUT THEIR TOYS ANYWHERE?!?!?!

I guess my imagination is a little too active. Because I can freak myself out thinking they’re watching me …

Now, let’s move past the creepiness into something more fun! Poetry! 🙂

Snow (Again)


It snowed a little just last month

A little more last week

And now the snow has piled up

I think it’s like ten feet.


I really could enjoy it

If the roads would get unstuck

But, according to the world,

The cars have run amuck


I find a drive amidst sleet an

Adventure, shall we say

But now I realize that my friends

Are millions of miles away!


So what’s our conclusion of this mess

Of sparkling, chilling white?

It’s beautiful, God’s treasure trove

But it sure ruins my life!

That poem properly portrays my feelings about the snow right now. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH … but everyone is so wimpy about driving in it! 😛

A Song of Spring

The sun is shining

The sky is blue

If brooks are laughing

Then we should be, too.


The grass is green

The earth is new

If flowers are dancing

Then we should be, too.


The meadows are waving

As meadows can do

If birds are singing

Then we should be, too.

I have no idea when I wrote this. I found it at the back of one of my old notebooks. It’s kinda cute, isn’t it?

The Fire


I watched the fire spreading down

Creeping down

To my home

To the ground


It enflames every tree in town

Sheds its green

Engulfed in red

Turning brown


The strange thing is the fire chills

Brings the frost

Whitens hills


I watched the fire spreading down

Creeping down

To my hoe

To the ground.

I admit it’s weird, but not a bad weird, right?

Of Flowers, Fairies, and the Gifting of the Former by the Latter to Mere Mortals

June 11th, 1888

Once Upon a Summer

The Fairies kisses a flower

It sprung up as a baby;

They took her to their bower.


They gave her eyes of moonbeams;

They gave her hair of silk;

They dyed it black with night sky;

They gave her skin like milk.


They made a crown of beauty;

They placed it on her head;

They gave joy for a blanket

And laughter for a bed.


On wings of moths they carried

Her straight up into the sky;

They placed her at their Maker’s feet,

And He Who made all smiled.


And then a miracle happened,

And this I can’t explain.

They brought that baby to me;

They let her take my name.


Perhaps you think this nonsense,

New father’s wild joy.

But I know of the fairies and

The means that they employ.

~Peter W. Strauss

Yeah … my character wrote that poem, actually. There’s a dedication attached, too, but I decided it was best not to give you that because of spoilers. 😉

Seriously, though, I found it buried beneath various other papers from years ago.

And that’s about it! Thanks for reading this post. No, wait! That’s wrong. You thought I was gonna let you off that easily!? Well, no. No, I’m not. Especially after Wednesday’s “post.” XD

~ Some Important Things You Need to Know ~

  • I’m re-launching The Dressmaker’s Secret this June when I publish Ivy Introspective. There will be a new cover, a giveaway, and a blog tour. I’m also going to make some changes on the book itself. I need your help! Sign up here to “beta-read” The Dressmaker’s Secret!
  • On that note, please let me know if and how you helped me while I was writing/revising/editing/publishing The Dressmaker’s Secret for the first time. Seriously, guys. I didn’t keep a list the first time around, and now I’m trying to create an acknowledgement section of sorts. It’s almost impossible!
  • And … that’s all I got.

Yeah, none of those were really important …

~Kellyn Roth

What do you think of my thoughts?

51 Responses

  1. Aye, your room is still amazing and clean. XD Incredibly surprising. 😉 (Psssyych. *tsks at Netflix* I vaguely remember you mentioning getting that Christmas or something … we currently have a pineapple … I’m random)
    *doesn’t get reference* *kinda does but … not really* *like … feels like I do but it’s not like “oh, so and so said that.”* *snods*
    What else … oh! Your calendars are nice. *snods* I never quite realized how many dolls you have … XD Poetryyy! and … that’s all. XD

  2. oh, I’m jealous of your chronicles of Narnia …mine was one big book with all of them….and it got ripped in half. To the bookstore we go! (I’ll probably come out with 20 books instead of 7…)

  3. Your room is so clean! I mean, mine is semi-clean, but it’s nowhere near that organized! Except for my closet because I spent a long time organizing that a few months ago…I just need to do that for the rest of my room now.
    Oooh, I should print off my dares/resolutions and hang them up…that’s a good idea! I also like all of your calendars in general! I like that with the writing word count one, you put down what you worked on…I would like to do that, but my spreadsheet doesn’t exactly allow for that. Also “all pretty decent”…hahaha. 😀
    I have way too many half-finished notebooks, but not nearly enough new ones. My mom always tells me have too many when I try to convince her to buy me some…even when they’re only 20 cents! I mean, how can you not take a deal like that? Wow.
    I have a couple miniature dolls in my closet, but they don’t get to see the light of day because they’re kind of creepy, especially at night… I do have plenty of stuffed animals, though, and I remember all (or at least most) of their names!
    I signed up! Also, I did some super minor editing last time with sentence structure and stuff…eheh. *takes mental note to keep track of who helps me with editing and revising with my books so this doesn’t happen* 😛

    1. I’m a perfectionist, so yeah. My friends tell me it’s scary and unnatural. 😛
      You ALWAYS need new notebooks! And you need, like, 50 when they’re only 20 cents each! 😀
      I’m glad you think so. 🙂 Well, I don’t know if there’s gonna be a Gretchen or not at this point. It’s a pretty old poem, probably written back in the Heirs of the Trunk days, so …
      Yay! I saw that. 🙂 Oh, right! *doesn’t remember* XD

      1. Well…only kind of unnatural. It’s nice to have a clean room, though, so I kind of get it.
        I know! But my mom doesn’t understand that, unfortunately…
        Noooo I insist on there being a Gretchen. Or at least a little baby girl for Peter to write that about. There’s no arguing on this point, Kell. I mean, they’re your characters, but you’re not allowed to argue.
        Hehe, that’s all right….hopefully I can do something more important with this draft that you can actually credit me for. 😛

        1. Yeah. I don’t actually like cleaning, though. Like, I go to absurd lengths to avoid vacuuming and dusting. I just like straightening and organizing and such. Which I suppose is weird enough on its own … 😉
          My mom thinks I’m crazy. “You have a thousand notebooks without stuff on them and a thousand half finished notebooks …” I’m like, “Yes, but I don’t have THESE ones.” I WON’T STOP UNTIL I OWN EVERY NOTEBOOK IN. THE. WORLD.
          We’ll see … although I don’t know. *shrugs* (Am I doing this just ’cause it might bug you? A little, yes …)
          Ah, well, I’m sure whatever you did with the original TDS was amazing and made it the book it is today. 😉 … which I am admittedly rewriting. Wait a minute … I think that wasn’t a compliment … like it was meant to be … 😛

          1. No, I like organizing when I have the time! Not necessarily my room, but I really enjoy sorting things by color and things like that. Like, a couple of years I’ve sorted all of my Halloween candy by how many I have of them, what color they are, etc. …So I guess we can be weird together! 😛
            My mom says things like that too…except not a thousand notebooks…more like a hundred. 😛 I know, I want to own all of them! And then fill them out halfway!
            Fine. Don’t have a Gretchen. Don’t have adorableness that I’ll flail over forever. 😛

            1. I sort my candy by type, and then from most delicious to least delicious. *nods* My brothers and I always disagree about what should come first/next/etc., though … XD
              *shrugs* Well, Gretchen would be more extra trimmings on the turkey (of … Alice’s life, I guess? 😛 ) than anything else … we’ll see …

              1. The question is, do you eat from the most delicious side to the least delicious, or from the least delicious to the most delicious?
                o.o That’s an odd expression that I’ve never heard before…

  4. Oh it looks good kell!!!(read: exzactly the same as it has always looked,,,,like theres no change! When u said u were deepcleaning I believed you like the blonde that I am!)
    But it has always looked good so it still looks good! 😉
    Oh yeah so I was Thinking the other day and I realized that your girlygirl as in you like pink everything but you dont like clothes shopping or doing makeup and hair and I rarly like pink but I love clothes shopping and doing makeup and hair!! We have diff types of girlygirl….yup!
    OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR POEMS!!!!!!!!!!!! your a realley good poemper!!!;)
    I helped you with tds…uhhuh! I…..did a thing!! So go ahead and put me in the aknollegements…
    😉 haha!

    1. I used to call myself a ‘girly-girl tomboy.’ Because I liked to play really hard, but I also loved dolls and stuff. I used to make up these wild adventures my brothers and I would act out. Like, I would really create crazy storylines … it wasn’t good. XD
      I think the word you’re looking for is poet. *haughty expression* Jk.
      Yeah, sure, you did … 😉

    How do I know? Because he lives at my house. Make sure he hasn’t run away recently XD

      1. You left out Shasta- the other quadruplet. And though I have no idea who the mother is- (Shasta and Gavin’s adopted mother abandoned them) I’m still their aunt!

    1. Yeah, we don’t usually get snow a whole ton of snow (some years it only snows once and just a couple inches), but we got almost three feet this year! It’s been fifteen years since our part of Oregon had this much snow … I was just five months old! 🙂

      1. Oh, wow! That’s so much! The only snow I’ve ever seen was when I was in kindergarten and during the two times I went skiing. 😀 Do you like snow much? I personally LOVE it, mostly because it’s always hot where I live. 😛

        1. I adore it! I think it’s beautiful and fun to play in (and fun to eat *bashful grin*). It does seem to cause a lot of accidents, though … but I honestly think that’s just because people aren’t careful. I’ve driven in the snow and it’s fine. 😛

          1. It really is beautiful! It’s so white and pristine… *sighs* The only bad thing would be that it can get super cold or that you can get it all over you when you’re playing in it. 😛 And yeah, you have to be careful in the snow, especially in blizzards.

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