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Interview with H.G. Reilly

by Kellyn Roth |
February 13, 2017


Hi guys! Now, normally I don’t do this kind of post on Reveries anymore (this is more of a Reveries Reviews thing), but I decided to post this interview here because I’m the owner of this blog, and I can do whatever I want on it. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to read about other authors than me. I know you don’t believe it, but it is. Seriously.
Okay, I know, I know … you read about other authors … and I find that intensely disloyal of you … but we’ll move on from that distasteful revelation (*glares at disloyal readers for a solid minute*) and talk about H.G. Reilly of Wilted Rose.
My questions will be like this, her answers will be like this (don’t worry; you’re not blind … there’s nothing to see), and my comments will be like this.

The VIWs and VIAs (Very Important Questions and Very Important Answers)

Would you care to introduce yourself to the readers? 

Sure thing Kellyn! Hi guys, my name is Hannah. (Bam, secret out …) I am a Christian striving to serve the Lord. I am also a homeschooler who loves homeschooling! I love tea and hot-chocolate (hot cocoa). I have a knack of rambling on about random and insignificant things, because that is who God made me to be.
Ooh, hot chocolate … *licks lips*

What’s your current writing project and what’s it about?

My current writing project is titled ‘Her Faith’.
Her Faith is about a fifteen year old girl, Melisa Cartridge, whose father was part of a fatal car accident leaving him in hospital with very major injuries. Melisa’s mother sends her and her sister away to live with relatives, and while Melisa is with her cousins she realizes that the faith in God she forgot when the accedent happened has come back to her, and she has to make some decisions about her life she never thought she’d have too.
That sounds great! And I love the name Melisa … it’s such a great way of spelling Mellissa. I love alternative spellings. Like, I’m thinking about naming one of my children Milli. You know, instead of Milly/Millie. Or Elli. Although that would just be short for Eleanor. Or Ellinor. Elinor? Elnora. XD Nope … not that spelling …

Do you have a favorite character from your work-in-progress? What’s he/she like?

I particularly like Seth, who is a boarder in Melisa’s relatives home (and he may… just may… have a crush or something like that for Melisa, but that’s another story…). I also like Leslie, who is Melisa’s girl cousin. She’s got a super sarcastic and sassy personality which reminds me of myself a bit.
Ooh, I like the sound of Leslie!

Could you introduce us to your blog?

Sure! So my blog is called Wilted Rose. It is mainly for me to post updates of my writing, tips for writing, books I recommend reading, and random things like poetry, photos, inspiration, and ramblings. I started blogging on the 1st of January this year and have enjoyed it quite a bit.
I’m so excited to see more of your posts with all that stuff!

Do you have a favorite genre for both reading and writing?

Without a doubt, YA Dystopian Fiction. I love reading YADF, but I haven’t exactly tried writing it yet. My main genre for writing would be Christian fiction set in modern times.
We should make up an acronym for that. How about ContempChrifi? Okay, I admit that’s … awful …

What are your writing goals? What about blogging goals?

*takes a deep breath* Goals…
For writing, I would love to self-publish a novel. For blogging, it would be getting over ten followers. 😛 On a more serious note, the point of my blog is that I want to inspire and encourage people in their faith, their writing, and their daily lives.
Ah, your goals for blogging are much nobler than mine! I’m just like, “Entrap more people so I can brainwash them later … did I just say that out loud?”

Would you be more likely to traditionally publish or self-publish your books? Or do you not plan on publishing at all?

I am planning on self-publishing. It seems so much easier and less worry and stress with your novel not being accepted.
I recommend it, personally. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are, though. There is a lot of work involved in self-publishing … but I feel like it’s got to be rewarding … eventually …

What authors inspire you? Why?

Wow. *makes a worried face* Well … just let me get my folder. *reaches behind computer* *brings out a pink folder full of pages* *brings out first sheet* *laughs* Heather Vogel Frederick is very inspiring; so is Veronica Roth, Deborah Abela, K… the author of this blog right here (you are very inspiring Kellyn; you have no idea!). Yeah that’s my list, see ya! *comes back* Oh, there are more questions. *laughs*
Ah, that’s sweet … but y’all have got to stop saying that. Seriously. I know you’re just making it up, so it’s time to quit your unholy lies and find someone else to call awesome … someone with, you know, a heart. Because I haven’t one. *evil laughter*

For you, which is harder to write: plot, characters, or setting?

All of it.
When I get a plot I like, it’s not too hard to write out. It’s more getting through the plot while writing.
Characters take so much time to write… and most of the time I just wing it.
Setting… *laughs* Setting… *makes a face* *starts crying*
To answer your question, I think for me characters are the hardest to write.
Hey, we’re the exact opposite! I struggle most with setting and plot (in that order) and characters are the easiest! We should combine our skills. (How? Well, I don’t know … you’re the smart one … you can figure it out …)

What’s your favorite thing to blog about?

I quite enjoy blogging about random things that don’t really have anything to do with writing (I actually don’t do that). It’s fun to write about my projects and updates for my books.
Yeah, I like blogging about random stuff, too … but I always feel like my readers are like, “*eyeroll* Kell, seriously? This has nothing to do with anything … except cats. This is definitely about cats … so you succeeded as a cat-blogger. So yeah. *raises eyebrows in amused disgust*”

Other than writing and blogging, to you have any other hobbies?

I love reading (don’t all writers thought…?), playing the piano, and singing when no one is around (because I cannot sing… well I can…).
I can’t sing either! Only I sing when everyone is around and make them listen to me! #evilsinger

Are you fond of chocolate? If so: milk, white, or dark?

Chocolate is my life, my pure being! (over-exaggeration) I love all types of chocolate! My favourite would be white though.
Mine is milk! Although I accidently told someone it was dark one time … and got caught up into this conversation about dark chocolate … it was really awkward … and I felt like I needed to be honest, but … how could I be like, “Yeah … I actually like milk chocolate better … so …” XD I get myself into these kind of situations all the time … I think God is teasing me or something. Because I have a big fetish with the truth.

Do you outline before your start writing?

It really depends on my mood at the current time. When I’m too excited to wait and outline, I will jump straight in, while other times I’ll take my time and outline.
Same here! But one time (last October, to be exact), I forced myself to outline really thoroughly for a project I was super excited for, and it turned out well, so I need to train myself to use restraint in the future … I’m just outline-edly minded, I guess.

Do you have a schedule or a list of posts that need to be written or something like that for your blog?

I wish! I keep meaning to make one but schoolwork has started back, and my life is just way too busy! I might do it today though… thanks for the reminder, Kellyn!
You’re welcome. *bows*

Is there anything you learned from writing (or blogging) that you’d like to pass on to future generations? 😉

*Granny comes in* “Ahhhhh in my day, there was no such thing as blogging… we would tell them in person or not at all!”
*chokes back laughter*
I know, Granny, but we aren’t in your day anymore.
“Answer the question.”
*sighs* Here comes the revolutionary quote from H. G. Reilly. (The pressure is actually killing me; I feel like I need to create a revolutionary quote not) Thanks, Granny!
“No problem.”
*rolls eyes* *reminds herself not to roll eyes at her granny* Writing isn’t easy – many authors say that. I wholeheartedly agree. There is so much these writers do to teach you something you may not know, to teach you something worthwhile. It may take a few times reading through the book to find out the meaning, but when you do, I hope it encourages you and teaches you.
Also, I found out that when you are writing and have had a break for a few days, it’s so refreshing to read back over it all.
I know! I so need to do this. But … *projects pile up* Maybe after June … (Seriously, though, you people need to tie me up away from all writing materials sometimes …)

Well, what did y’all think of Hannah’s answers? You liked them? *acts offended* Wait minute there … what about my questions? And my comments! They were great questions and comments. How come you’re not complimenting my questions and comments? Eesh. The ingratitude of these peoples …
Seriously, though, what do you think? Ready to subscribe to Wilted Rose? Ready to read Her Faith? I am. It sounds so interesting! 🙂
~Kellyn Roth

What should I name my children? I’m thinking Gwendolyn, Ruby, Colin, Evan, Riley, Milli, and maybe ten or so others. (Yeah, I want a huge family …) Would a little Milli suffer from repeated misspellings or is it just neat? Do you like the name Eleanor? How many children would you like to have when you grow up? What are your writing goals? Do you have a cat? (I do. Her name is Sparrow.) Would you like me to post pictures of my cat on here someday? What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? How can I force myself to take a break from writing without my brain exploding? Does scotch tape work to fix ‘sploded brains? All this and more in the comment section!

What do you think of my thoughts?

20 Responses

  1. Thanks Kellyn! I like the name Milli. Don’t tell me too not call you inspiring,
    I do really mean it! For someone only two (I think) years older than me you are an amazing writer and I am stunned at how you’ve already published two books! I will call you inspiring as long as I want too! We can be evil together! *evil laugh*

    1. Well, lots of other people have published books! I know tons. *nods* Like … oh, J.C. Buchanan is my age. A year older, actually, but she was younger when she published … maybe even younger than I was. Jesseca Wheaton was … probably sixteen when she published her first story? And Ivy Rose was seventeen? Or maybe she had just turned eighteen. So nothin’ inspiring going on together …
      *evil laugh* Then I get to call you … *searches for insult* HANNAH! (wait … that’s not an insult … that’s just your name … man, my insults need improvement …)

      1. Haha yeah but I don’t know them like you… *notices how creepy that sounds* OH NO!!! The secret is out…! Hahaha wait that was me… ? Call me Hannah Banana that my friend is a huge insult! ?

  2. Fun interview, girls! 😀 I love chocolate- might be a lil’ obsessed, but hey…. oh well. ;D
    Milli is cute! I like the name Eleanor, but as far as different spellings go, they’re all sweet.

  3. Okay Kellyn…I need some help:
    I finished my NaNo novel and am just now beginning to tackle revising it. The problem is, I don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to do first. I’m starting by reading through my novel, but I’m not sure where to go from there. What do I start with? My plot is kinda all over the place, and I need to wrangle it back in, add some filler scenes, and just figure things out, if that makes sense.
    So anyway, how do you begin your revising? What do you start with? And how do you rescue your plots?
    Thanks SO much, Kellyn! 😀
    ~Grace <3

    1. *replies to comment even though I am not Kellyn* Ahem. I would say to read through it, take a few notes here and there about major (and/or minor) issues that you want to fix. I think it’s important to read through everything first, so you get a feel of what needs to be revised. After you take your notes and finish reading through the draft, perhaps just go back and re-outline the whole plot, using those notes (unless you didn’t outline before…). Once you’ve got an updated outline (or a plain ol’ chapter-by-chapter synopsis), start rewriting! Of course, I’ve never done this, and of course, I haven’t even FINISHED a novel, but that’s something that I think I would do. Hope this helps! 🙂

    2. That’s kinda tough. Revising is hard! So, usually I begin revising by making a list of things I need to fix with the plot, not focusing on anything else. Sometimes I even outline the novel from start to finish as it is and work on the outline instead of the actual story, then apply the changes. Another way is to print the entire manuscript and do it all on paper. It usually involves a lot of crossing out for me, but it might not for you. 😉 So … those are some of my methods. I’ll try to remember more if my ramblings made no sense. 🙂

    1. (Ah, someone actually liked my questions and comments …) Hey, I’ve read … one Heather Vogel Frederick book! Although … an obscure one. The Education of Patience Godspeed. 😛

What do you think of my thoughts?

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