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March 2017 Spotlight: Sun Shadow ~ the Reveal

by Kellyn Roth |
March 13, 2017

I have a Pinterest board that was for a while secret but has been public for several months now. It’s called “Sun Shadow,” which is presumably the title of a novel. Well, yes, it is. That board contains all sorts of stuff for a novel that I’m eventually going to write, Sun Shadow.
You can find the Pinterest board here. It is mostly a random assortment of quotes with pictures of airplanes and movie stars from the ’40s (to the point where you might thing I’m stalking Lauren Bacall … who is dead … which makes it even weirder). For the most part, you can’t tell a ton about the book from the board, except that maybe it’s set during WW2 and involves a blonde and a brunette who are best friends, one of whom is an INFJ.
However, this writing will not happen for years and years. Why then do I mention it? Because that’s what spotlights are for. Well, that and the ramblings and contests and prizes.

This is going to be a relatively brief post, but that’s okay. Brevity is next to … more brevity. Okay, I have no idea what brevity is next to, but I’m sure it’s something important.

The Characters

Millie Lark

Millie is the main character. You may remember her from The Lady of the Vineyard and Flowers.Β I’m still deciding on the details, but I might write it in first person. Anyway, she’s an INFJ. She’s intensely loyal to those she loves, oftentimes to the point of being overly altruistic.
[Unnamed Dude]
Millie’s love interest. Unnamed. All I know is that he’s an American and very extraverted.
Adele Collier
We all know Adele. *nods* She’s a pretty important character. Her and Millie’s relationship goes through some serious changes.
There are other characters, but I’m not going to bother with them now.

The Plot

This is my rough blurb. All the details aren’t worked out yet, but this is my basic idea. It’s more a plot bunny now, but I’m slowly developing it.

Millie Lark has always taken second place to her best friend, Adele Collier, in everything. She’s not as smart, she’s not as beautiful, and her personality is by no means as flashy. However, with a job at the War Office [undetermined], she hopes to pull herself out from underneath Adele’s long shadow and find her own place in the world.

But, Adele still seems to have a hold on her. Millie hasΒ never had a boyfriend, never gone on a date that wasn’t just to help her friends juggle men, never done anything exciting or daring, and never fallen in love.

All that’s about to change.

Exciting, right? Basically, when Millie meets this American pilot, he pulls her out of her comfort zone and offers her a no-commitment relationship that helps her lose her nervousness and come out of her shell. At the same time, she finds her true worth and all that jazz.

I know it’s rough, but, as I said, it’s only a plot bunny at this point.

I have no clue when I’m going to write this novel. Like I said, it’s still in the plotting stages … and it could be years. When I do write it, it will be for my own enjoymentΒ at first.

Eventually, though, I’m considering trying traditional publishing, but that all depends. Perhaps it won’t end up as great as I imagine, and if I ever try submitting, I want to do it with something great, even though I doubt I’ll ever be accepted.

The Contest

To win the prize, you must do one simple thing … go to Allison’s blog and follow her! Why? Because she promised to try celery and peanut butter if she got a certain number of subscribers.

Call this my little joke on her.

Don’t worry … Allison will be fine with it!

The Prize

Everyone who returns to this blog post and comments that they signed up for Allison’s newsletter (we’re working on the honor system, ladies and gents; don’t fail me!) will be sent a link to the completed Flowers. This will have to be done over email, Facebook, Goodreads, or Adult NaNoWriMo, but don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading,
~Kellyn Roth

What do you think about Sun Shadow? Is that a good title? Do you like the Pinterest board? Are you sick about hearing me talk about my novels? (I am … don’t worry, fresh stuff coming soon!) Are you going to try to snag the prize? If not, are you going to follow Allison anyway? Please do … she needs some more celery and peanut butter in her life! πŸ˜›

What do you think of my thoughts?

38 Responses

  1. I signed up for it . . . but that was a couple days ago. xD Does it still count?
    Also, YES THIS STORY! WWII + a pilot + Millie = OH MY GOODNESS KELLYN I WANT TO READ IT NOW!!! It sounds AMAZING! πŸ˜€ So write it, ‘kay? Because I’m running out of Christian WWII fiction to read and that’s just sad.

    1. Of course that counts! If you’d like to read Flowers, I’ll send it your way … if not, just ignore it. πŸ™‚
      Thank you! I’ll need to do a lot of research (most of my WW2 knowledge comes from the movies – and we know those aren’t all too reliable! – Sarah Sundin, and a friend of mine who also writes WW2 fiction and shares books and historical details with me sometimes). I don’t really know when I’ll have the knowledge to actually write it!

    1. Dang it I forgot to answer the questions. XD
      What do you think about Sun Shadow?: It sounds really awesome!
      Is that a good title?: Yes, I love it!
      Do you like the Pinterest board?: No, I can’t see it because ME NO HAVE PINTEREST ACCOUNT. :'( (I asked my mom just now and she said no. :'( )
      Are you sick about hearing me talk about my novels? (I am … don’t worry, fresh stuff coming soon!): Not really! It’s super interesting to hear about what you’re writing. πŸ˜‰
      Are you going to try to snag the prize? If not, are you going to follow Allison anyway?: Yup! I have done so already. πŸ™‚

      1. *claps* Good job, Mango Queen! You have answered the questions! *passes over mangoes* *realizes you already have all the mangoes* *shivers in a mangoless world*
        Ah, that’s too bad! Pinterest is fun … okay, it’s actually pretty awful … you get semi-addicted … but yeah. Maybe someday!

  2. Okay, that sounds really, really cool. YOU STALKER xD Much plane-ness. *nods*
    I followed her! I haven’t been following you long enough to know what Flowers is… do I need to read Lady of the Vineyard first?

    1. Well, I think Flowers improves after you’ve read The Lady of the Vineyard … and it might be kinda hard to understand, too. If you want, I could give you TLOTV instead should you subscribe to Alli’s newsletter. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’ve signed up for Allison’s blog. I love her website! The drawing on the top of her page is so cute!
    Sun Shadow sound so interesting! I’m glad that there’s someone else besides me who has like a thousand books to write before they die!
    – Megan Joy

  4. SUN SHADDOOOOWWW. FINALLY, CHILD. *coughs* I have been waiting for what feels like forever for you to reveal what this is, man. And … *wipes away tear* ahhh … this is so beautiful. Honestly it’s better than anything I was thinking it could be. *snods*
    (k. weird story. for some reason my brain was telling me it was like … a horse book like Midnight and Twilight or like a fantasy or something?? Like what’s up with that? And the pinterest board really doesn’t shout “Horses or fantasy!” so like … idk, man.)
    Okay questions …
    Is that a good title?: It’s beautiful.
    Do you like the Pinterest board?: I haven’t seen it recently … *sneaks away for a second* *slides back* Okay yeah, that’s cool. It’s like … planningy stagey novely and has like this oldy feel. Let’s see … *grabs clipboard* *puts on fedora* The visual appeal isn’t amazing, but the general feel is pretty nice. I’d give it overall a … 26. Out of … who even knows man. Anyway, it’s a nice Pinterest board. πŸ˜›
    Are you sick about hearing me talk about my novels? (I am … don’t worry, fresh stuff coming soon!): Never. Never, child. Continue talking.
    Are you going to try to snag the prize?: I don’t … need to … but still.
    If not, are you going to follow Allison anyway?: Yes, yes. You had me at prize and … idk. I’d follow her anyway.
    *nonchalantly waltzes away after this extremely long comment&

    1. Long comments! *celebrates* Yeah, I’m gonna write it someday before you die. Unless you’re going to die soon. *glances sideways* Um … when are you planning on dying …?

  5. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I checked out your pinterest and why do you have such amazing story boards??? Like it’s not fair???? I’m currently trying to make one for my novel for camp nano and it is not working at all. Also your story sounds so interesting??? I’m crying, how have you not tried traditional publishing yet, you are such an amazing writer like???? And before I answer the questions I am following Allison’s blog (which has such a pretty design???? This isn’t fair at all????)
    What do you think about Sun Shadow?: UM how dare you tell me about such an amazing sounding book and then not have anything written for it??? I’m crying??? This is not okay.
    Is that a good title?: YES!!! Oh my god I love that title, it’s like prose-y but still beautiful and AGHHH I love it!!!
    Do you like the Pinterest board? Yes it is amazing and beautiful and what I want my story boars to look like someday. It’s just so nice and aesthetically pleasing????
    Are you sick about hearing me talk about my novels? (I am … don’t worry, fresh stuff coming soon!): NOOO!!! I love all of your novels and characters and I just love your writing!!! You are such writing goals like????

    1. Well, traditional publishing is hard. Impossible, even. I doubt I could do it. But yep, I want to try someday.
      And … Pinterest boards are mainly a matter of finding pictures of your novel. For me, that’s a lot of quotes and historical details and stuff. I find some of them by searching ‘inspirational quotes’ or whatever. Also, some people choose themes for their Pinterest boards. I don’t, really, but I just so happened to have a vintage WW2 thing going on. Mostly because I was using movie stars and actual photographs and stuff. But thank you! πŸ™‚

  6. I subscribed. πŸ˜‰ Now…. *grabby hands* my precious Flowers, please! ;D And email or Facebook is fine with me. πŸ˜‰
    If you publish through a publisher, they’d be silly not to accept your books!

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