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Whoa. It’s … it’s May already? But … but … I wasn’t finished with April yet! *sobs* I WANT MORE APRIL!!! I want to spend more time working on Once a Stratton. I want to have more time to work on IvIn and TDS.
I don’t want more of this weather, though. Rain, rain, rain. I love rain, but there’s a certain kind of rain that’s just not pleasant … and the kind we’ve been having is bad rain. Bad, bad rain. *glares at rain*
Really, though, April was an improvement of March, but still stressful (as some *cough, cough* earlier posts may have stated). I always feel like I haven’t accomplished much (and, according to my parents, this is true).
But maybe I have accomplished some stuff. So, before moving on to May, let’s take a peek at April and see what happened.

~An April Recap~

Read ten books. Check! I read sixteen, actually. *big grin* Yeah, but this is the only thing I actually accomplished this month, though … I read. Yay. *celebration*


Write 15,000 words of Once a Stratton. Check! Actually, I wrote 26,585. This was my main project this month. I’m pretty proud of it, and I’ll probably be posting about it some sooner or later.


Finish rewriting The Dressmaker’s Secret. Kinda. I finished certain aspects of it, but not all of it. I still need to work on it some.


Go through Ivy Introspective one last time. Failed. I’ve worked on it here and there, but I really need to focus some energy on it in this next month before I can proof-read.
Find a way to improve my graphic-making skills. Check? I know I’ve gotten better at consistently making graphics for my posts on both my blogs … but I don’t believe I’ve improved much. I think this is something I need to learn slowly over the years rather than in one month’s time.
Post a video on YouTube once a week. Failed. I posted one video and then decided that vlogging just ain’t for me. 😉
Get important things done every day. Kinda. I don’t really know. Like I said, I was really stressed this month. It’s all a blur …
Work on your plot folder. Check! I organized it. *has nothing more to say*
Spend more time focusing on life. Kinda. I honestly don’t think I did.


Other Stuff that Happened in April

  • My little brother, Thad, turned 10.
  • Lots of Bible studies and such when I got to see Bailey.
  • I got more creative on Reveries Reviews.
  • Finished up geometry! *dances*
  • My friend Aimee turned 15. Happy Birthday, Aimster!

~Onto May~


Finish up IvIn and TDS. Like, to the point where I can get proof copies. In fact, order proof copies. I just dare you – um, me. THEY CAN’T BE PERFECT, ALL RIGHT? I’ll just get as close to perfection as I can and stop.

Cook dinner for my family at least once. Because my mom thinks I stink at homemaking. Which is true … but yeah.

Set up signups for the blog tours for IvIn and TDS. More on this later, obviously!

Read. The. Bible. Reading catchup every Sunday just ain’t gonna fly. You need to start listening to the sermons …

Practice clarinet. Every. Single. Day. If you don’t do this, your … your … your dogs will die. *cocks gun*

Be a consistent, professional, and fun blogger. Because lameness just isn’t cool.

Take pictures. My camera is broken, but my mom’s camera is still working, so …

Stop talking to yourself. OH NO, YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN! IT’S WORSE THAN WE!

Stuff the Will be Happening in May

  • My mom’s birthday (on the 4th).
  • My niece Mercy’s birthday (on the 11th).
  • Soccer games with homeschool group.
  • The cover reveal for The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective (May 20th).
  • Band concert on the 21st, Sunday, for senior citizens.
  • Another band concert on the 23rd, Tuesday.

As you can see, May is going to be a busy (but hopefully productive) month.

Until Windsday,

~Kellyn Roth~

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What did you accomplish this April? What do you hope to accomplish in May? What helps you accomplish stuff? Do you suffer from too-much-stuff-too-little-time syndrome? I know I do …

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  • Rebekah

    I love reading this type of post 🙂
    In April I finished all but three goals!!
    May is not very busy but I have a lot to get done in it. Plus, finishing school!!!
    I don’t always have a lot of time but once swimming ended I find I have a lot more time now. Plus, I got over my procrastinating phase 😀

    • Kellyn Roth

      Ah, procrastination. My old friend. *glares* I’m glad you got rid of him, though! And that’s awesome! I hope you’re able to get everything you want to get done in May done! 🙂

      • Rebekah

        Thanks! I know for me, getting up at the same time helps me stay productive. If I get up late, I’m generally more lazy.

        • Kellyn Roth

          I’m the same. The problem is, I’m a horrible night owl. I’m practically useless all morning!

  • Simply Megan Joy

    What helps me accomplish things are:
    1. orange ice tea
    2. movie soundtracks
    3. patterned socks
    Put these things together and I can conquer the world! (not really)
    And yes, I too suffer from “too-much-stuff-too-little-time syndrome.”
    – Megan Joy

    • Kellyn Roth

      Whoa, now I’m wondering if any of those great things could help me accomplish stuff … 😀

  • Reply

    EEK COVER REVEALS!!! And you go girl for that 26K.
    What did you accomplish this April?: I wrote poems, read books, blogged, and… wrote 17.5K. *nods*
    What do you hope to accomplish in May?: I want to edit Chapters 1-3 of IMS AAAAAAND brainstorm a ton of ideas for my new novel AAAAND write more poems AAAAAND read some great books (FOUR FROM MY TBR ARE ON HOLD AT MY LIBRARY AND THEY’RE ALL THERE SQUEEEEEEEEE). And blog. 😉
    What helps you accomplish stuff?: I’m bad at accomplishing stuff. Let’s say nothing.
    Do you suffer from too-much-stuff-too-little-time syndrome? I WISH I DIDN’T BUT I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *wails into the void*

  • Mukta

    April went well for me. I read some really good books, did loads of art (I mean LOADS), and started working on my latest novel idea. Well, I didn’t get past the first chapter, but IT COUNTS!!
    I got this boatload of posts thwacked upon my face today. Hey, it’s the FIRST OF MAY! Happy new month, by the way.

    • Kellyn Roth

      Hey, if you think about the book, you worked on it. 😉
      Oh, right, I bet everyone’s doing a post like this. XD I AM NOT ORIGINAL!

  • Angela R. Watts

    AHH I can’t wait for the cover reveals!! 😀 Also, it’s cool how your cover releases are one day after the band Linkin Park drops their new album *smirks*. Hmmhmm. I’m in for an overload of awesome that week, huh?
    This month was great! Our curly mare had her baby! Her name is Tippy! And she is the sweetest thing ever. I wrote up to 80,000+ words in Seek’s 2nd draft this month…. we put our house up for sale…. yeah, a busy month. 🙂

  • Reply

    You make dares sound so epic and amazing.
    Wow – what an interesting opening to my comment. XD Anyway, great job, and good luck with your dares! 😀
    (And YOU READ THE SELECTION TOO??? My mom used to go to church with the author! 😀 I just finished it and thought it was pretty good – though there were a few scenes I kinda skimmed. 😛 What did you think?)

    • Kellyn Roth

      (Whoa, that’s so cool! 😀 I liked it, but, like you said, there were a few scenes I skimmed.)

      • Reply

        (I think so too! 😀 Yep. *nods solemly* I don’t plan on reading the rest of the series…how ’bout you?)

        • Kellyn Roth

          (I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. I think my friends would like me to, and I suppose it would be interesting to see how it ends up … it depends.)

  • April McLauren

    wow. girl, you slayed camp nano!

    • Kellyn Roth

      It went lots better than I thought it would! Now to keep the streak up, haha …

      • April McLauren

        yah like your stats were. through. the roof. YOU CAN DO IT!!

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