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Five Once a Stratton Quirks

by Kellyn Roth |
May 5, 2017

Once a StrattonWhile writing my current works-in-progress, Once a Stratton, I’ve noticed a few things that just don’t add up … or are simply not supposed to be there. I decided, instead of calling them ‘errors,’ to call them ‘quirks.’
It’s my sneaky way of getting you to read about me being stupid without even knowing it.
I mean, I guess you know it now … but you wouldn’t have if I hadn’t told you. Because I’m honest. Painfully honest.
Basically, unless I outline thoroughly, my characters take over my novel and make it into something I never intended it to be.

I’ve had people pop up and subplots pop up (which I shove the resolution for into the third book ’cause what the heck? It’s not like the third book in this book is waaay too full of plot while the second has no plot to speak of …).

So let’s examine these. Now. Before I forget them.

1: Beau Harvey

I was just writing along … minding my own business ….
Introducing Beau Harvey, age twenty, a ‘Southern gentleman’ from Virginia. He’s an optimistic, somewhat imaginative guy with a deep, dark secret.
This was not supposed to happen. Who is Beau Harvey? Why is he here? Why does he suddenly get a subplot dedicated to him!?!

2: Colin & Georgiana

You’re fine, okay? You’re fine and your marriage is fine and … just shut up. I don’t want to deal with you right now. Maybe later …
Seriously, though, these two were supposed to be the perfect couple, and Chris and Lilli were supposed to be the ones who were struggling to keep it together … and yet it’s just the opposite.
I mean, don’t get me wrong. Colin and Georgiana are still a united front, but they … they’re just so sad. Because they’re not even friends. *weeps*

3: Peter is a rag doll

He’s twenty months old. He should have a personality and actions, okay? But instead he’s just passed around like a doll, from Chris to Lilli and back again. If he was two months old, I might get away with it to a certain extent … but not at twenty months.

4: Suddenly we care about Georgiana?

Whaaa?! Georgiana isn’t a character we care about. I mean, we do care about her, but she doesn’t have some tragic back story. And she doesn’t need anyone to love her. And she doesn’t love anyone.
What is wrong with me?!

Ladislas Wladislaw von Czachorski (1850-1911) Lady in a Purple Dress with Flowers:

5: And I’m starting to feel bad for Chris

The poor man wants an education, but he’s not going to get one. I feel so bad! But this wasn’t supposed to be a plot. He was just supposed to go to college to please Lilli, and he was supposed to leave if need be.

And now he won’t get that education. Not really. *sobs*

Well, those are my ‘quirks’ … or plot holes, as most people would probably call them. Thanks for reading!

Have a great weekend,

~Kellyn Roth~

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What do you think about these quirks? When you find ‘quirks’ in your novels, what do you do? Just roll with it or roll your eyes and make a note to change it?

I usually just roll with it. I figure it was meant to be. 😉

 **NOTE: most the images in the post were stolen from Google Images. Credit to the owners, NOT to me!**

What do you think of my thoughts?

24 Responses

  1. I love that you’re so aware of all these little snags, it means you really know your WIP and can fix them with a little work ? and I think your characters sound fascinating, I love a sympathetic baddie and happy couples that aren’t all that happy ?

    1. I’m actually fairly pleased with the way the book is turning out, but that doesn’t change the fact that THIS WAS NOT THE PLAN! 😉 I’m a little obsessed with my plan, but this is what comes from using bullet points instead of a summary outline. Seriously, though, I think it’s all going to work out.

    1. It actually amused me, too. XD I started thinking about all the ‘quirks’ and laughing at myself because I am such an idiot yet some of them are kinda fun! 🙂

  2. Lol, I loved this post. Yes, I find many, many little “quirks” in my WIPs…for e.g., in Firemaster, I still have to figure out how my main character got his defining scar….I know sort of how he got it, and who gave it to him, but not exactly how….you get the pic. And I also noticed that I randomly changed his eye color from blue to gold in the middle of a description….oh well. I like him better with gold eyes. It kind of fits him and his irritating but hilarious fiery personality. 🙂

    1. I had a character who started out with hazel eyes and ended up with blue eyes … or was that vice-versa? … once … so yes, that is easy to go! I think I’m going to stick with hazel eyes. Or light brownish. Kinda mouse-brown. Hmm … now I’m not sure. 😀

  3. So relatable. That happens all the time to me, and you know what? Some of my most intriguing (to me at least?) twists come from my random “quirky” moments. Most of the time I just roll with it. For example the “bully” in my story has suddenly become almost a hero… Even though him and one of my MC’s don’t get along well. Anyway. I enjoyed the post.

    1. Yes, some of the best plot twists do come from spur-of-the-moment weirdness! Those are the best. It’s exciting, too, because you, the author, are just like, “What on earth is happening?!”
      That’s a cool twist! Maybe they’ll eventually learn to get along or something.
      Thanks for reading!

  4. Spontaneous characters are the best! Also PLSSSSS HEEEEEEELP MEEEEE I LITERALLY CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING FOR MY NEW NOVEL. *cries and wails and sobs* And haha, I think that even if you DO outline thoroughly, you’ll still have those quirks. XD

    1. Yeah, they are!
      Oh, dear! I hope you’re able to come up with something.
      I don’t have the quirks when I outline … but yeah, I guess it depends on your outline.

  5. Hehe, quirks are basically how I write because I barely plan…heh. heh. 😛 For example, in Enhanced, the only reason Meryn is a character in this draft is because she was a random character in the last one. Same with Rysh (though I don’t think I’ve mentioned him anywhere) and Bennett, and– Actually, all of the characters except Kai, Will, Seth, Taira, and Brie were made up as I wrote stuff. 😉
    Yeah, maybe I should plan more…?
    Also yayyyy Once a Stratton sounds so wonderful! *grins* Except Colin and Georgiana…that just makes me feel so sad inside. 🙁

    1. That’s awesome! At least they’re good mistakes, right …? 😀
      And yes! I am so sorry for Colin and Georgiana. And they don’t even know how pitiful they are. :/

      1. Yep! Well, most of them. Some of them just need to be taken out, haha. 😛
        Well, that makes it a little bit better. If they knew how sad they were, then that would be even more sad.

        1. Yeah, I’ve taken out a couple characters here and there … always heartbreaking. There was this one amazing character in the first draft of TDS … *sobs* I may never recover.
          For me, it makes it sadder because they both just think it’s perfectly normal for them not to spend time together or talk or anything … and I’m just like, “THIS IS WRONG MMKAY!? You should be best friends, guys! Er, guy and girl!!!”

          1. Ohhh, what character? I want to know about them… or you should write a short story with them, or something…
            Awww no, now my heart is sad…. do they get better at all throughout the book?

What do you think of my thoughts?

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