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Completely Random Updates

by Kellyn Roth |
May 10, 2017

Yesterday, I went through my list of post ideas and tried to pick one that would be perfect to publish today. I considered writing about how you should write, but I just posted about naming characters. I consider rambling about my books, but I’ve done that way too much already.
Then I considered not posting. But I felt like that would be a bad way to kick of my new, two-post-a-week schedule (more on that later). So … what should I post?
“Completely random updates?” Why not. I haven’t anything lamer to do today.


Now, I’m going to try to make this post as neat and tidy as possible, but … bear with me. It’s also going to be short. Brevity, my dear, is the soul of blogging.

Update 1: The New Schedule

That’s right! From now on there will only be two posts a week at Reveries. I’m just too busy to carry on with three a week, and this way you’ll appreciate each post more.
At least, that’s my theory.
The posting days will be Wednesday and Saturday. When blog tours, contests, or other stuff comes up, there may be more posts a week or posts on random days, etc. However, generally, you can count on me for Wednesday and Saturday.

Update 2: Writing Plans

I’ve got the rest of my writing year mapped out, ladies and gents! Here’s how it goes.

June: publish IvIn and TDS
July: finish Once a Stratton and begin Interpreting Callie James
August: finish Interpreting Callie James, ask for alpha readers for At Her Fingertips
September/October: outline Beyond Her Calling
November: writing Beyond Her Calling
December: edit At Her Fingertips

I know, I know. I won’t be getting to some stuff I said I would this year, like editing Flowers and writing Caught in a Spell.
But I’m sick of being rushed and stressed and all those lovely things. Time to slooow down!

Update 3: The Typewriter Project

Mahriya over at My Bookish Life is hosting a big inspirational authory … thing of sorts called ‘The Typewriter Project.’ I’ve decided to participate. You can read more about it here. It looks like it’s going to be super fun, so be sure to join up!

Update 4: Editing Mood Swings

Lately, while editing, I’ve been going between, “I’m never going to finish this; I’d better cancel my publishing plans,” and “I can totally do this!” I suppose it depends on how much trouble I’m having getting a sentence to work or rewriting a paragraph. XD Writer’s are fickle creatures …

Update 5: I actually practiced my clarinet today!

What? ‘Tis a cause to celebrate, my sweet cuz. Although … you’re not my sweet cuz. But that’s totally beside the point.


~Kellyn Roth~

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What do you think of my new schedule? What about my writing plans? Are you entering The Typewriter Project? Do you have editing mood swings? WHY IS CLARINET SO HARD?!

Find out in the comments! *magic noises*

What do you think of my thoughts?

46 Responses

  1. Your schedule is great! And so are the writing plans! And yup, I am entering the Typewriter Project. Oh yeah, I have editing mood swings. ALL. THE. TIME. And sorry, I have no idea since I don’t play the clarinet. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome! The Typewriter Project looks like fun.
      Editing mood swings are the #1 cause of writer death. No kidding. (I just made that up, but …)

  2. I’m doing the Typewriter Project! YAAAASSS! I know what you’re talking about. Editing mood swings. The only kind I have. It’s like, “I’m going to edit my fourth draft and publish it this month!” and then the next day, “umm, maybe tomorrow. . . “

  3. Oooh schedules! I love it when other people are predictable! 🙂 EeEp, more Kell stuff! Better known as writings! And yes, I’m doing the typewriter project! it sounds…. awesome! Weird! Perfect! :p
    I have mood swings about everything. :p
    Woah, you play an instrument? I couldn’t commit to any of those… (ask my mom about my piano skills- at least I learned Mary Had a Little Lamb?) At least you DO practice.

      1. No, I’m not mapping your behavior… that would be…. super duper creepy I mean… it’s like if a super scheduled person were mapping my spontaneity… and making creepy charts and….. *shudders violently* What a scary thought, Kell! Like a weird movie or something… Come to think of it, was that a movie?

  4. Excited for the posts to come because I loved this one! I’m doing the Typewriter Project as well, bit nervous though because I haven’t written in years (I’ve only started writing songs again recently) and I’m worried my writing skills are incredibly rusty?

  5. I have mood swings about writing, period. 😛 I have no idea why clarinet is so hard, since I’ve never played it, but GOOD FOR YOU YAY YOU PRACTICED TODAY! 😉 And I dunno if I’m going to do the Typewriter Project or not… it looks fun, but…am I allowed to drop out if I want to? 😛 Nah, I should probably sign up.
    Also, it doesn’t sound like you’re slowing down at all in your writing projects! If you stay on that schedule, does that mean you’ll be done with all 4 books in the series by the end of the year? That’d be awesome. *grins* (also hahaha I already read At Her Fingertips *evil laughter*)
    My comment is randomer than usual…I think you’ll appreciate that?

    1. Mahriya allowed me an out, so I think so …? I don’t know. You might ask.
      Yes, I’d have written the first draft of the first four books! I never thought of it that way … that’d be awesome! Let me see, I started writing TDS in 2014, so … three years? No, that can’t be right … I wrote one book for each NaNo, so … it should be more like … 2013. Mmkay, this makes no sense …
      Random is always good. Random is my best friend. We hang out, Random and I.

      1. Heh, okay. I’m still undecided…
        Yep! Ooh, so like 4 years for 4 books? Although if you started it in Nov. of 2013 it’d be more like 3 years…
        I know. 😛

        1. Well, I think I wrote TDS for November 2014, IvIn for November 2015, and At Her Fingertips (AHF? For some reason it isn’t growing on me …) for 2016. So yep! 🙂

            1. *also ponders* *also draws a blank* There’s just not anything interesting to do with the title “At Her Fingertips.” I’ve considered just calling it Fingertips or something … but I don’t know.

    Well, at least it’s not once a week or once a month…. now that’d be devastating.

  7. What do you think of my new schedule?: It’s cool! When I went back to my M/W/Sa schedule, I felt slightly overwhelmed. I may go back to my W/Sa schedule too, but summer’s coming, which means more time. XD
    What about my writing plans?: MAKING WRITING PLANS IS THE MOST FUN. Like, I LOVE to do it. There’s something just so fun about making goals for writing???
    Are you entering The Typewriter Project?: Of course I am!
    Do you have editing mood swings?: I DOOOOOOO. The other day I was just like “Yeah! Let’s edit two chapters!” And then I did. And now I have edited ANYTHING and I’m just like “gugugghgug.” XD

    1. It depends on whether you want you summer to be overrun by blogging, as you said in that recent post of yours. 😉 But I’m not going to complain too much about there being lots more posts from you … 😛
      YES MAKING WRITING PLANS IS INCREDIBLY FUN! I really love it way too much … XD
      “Gugugghgug” is a good way of describing editing most of the time … except when it’s randomly awesome. XD

      1. Yeah I really want to spend less time in the blogging world and focus on other aspects of life??? But that’s proving really hard right now. 🙁 And aww, you’re too sweet! <3 I'd love to see more posts from you too, but I know you're busy…
        Right??? Editing is just very… sporadical. (90% sure I didn't use that word right.)

        1. I know what you mean. But I hate focusing on life! Life is soooo boring!
          Sporadical … I feel like … it’s not a word. But it probably is. XD Sporatic is a word, right? No, wait, sporadic … IDK.

    1. I had a concert yesterday, and I think it went really well! I was happy with it. I mean, I did squeak once or twice (I think I remember exactly where, too; I’m such a perfectionist *facepalm*), but … overall, good!

      1. i squeak every concert dont sweat it. im a perfectionist too… today i was so sharp! my reed was NOT working today. :/ theres a concecrt tomorrow *cough* the band sounds like trash right not *cough*

        1. I was flat at the beginning of the concert, but then I was not. It was probably me, but I’m just like, “Yeah … my reed wasn’t working … soooo …” XD

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