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Pub Prep

by Kellyn Roth |
June 14, 2017

Well, that was a dumb title, wasn’t it?
Oh, be quiet. I can title my posts whatever I want to title my posts. It’s blogger’s prerogative. Assuming I used that word correctly. *glares at everyone who questions my vocabulary*

Pub Prep

Pub Prep is short for “Publishing Preparation,” which is what I’m doing right now. (And you thought it was something to do with preparing for a beer-drinking contest … well, think again …) I’m preparing to publish. *squeals*
Okay, yes, I’ve done this before, but it’s more exciting this time because I’ve told myself I’m actually serious about it (hahaha, right). And serious makes things more exciting. #inconsistencies #nothingmakessense

Stolen Borrowed from Pinterest

Anyways, I thought you might want to know what I’m doing in an attempt to actually prepare for publishing (and the blog tour and all the lovely stuff), so … here I am. Rambling about my Pub Prep and hoping y’all are still reading.
You probably aren’t.
I’m so hurt.
Really, though, I’m not very offended when people don’t read my blog posts, ’cause, to be honest, I probably forgot to read yours (if you’re a blogger). And I probably didn’t comment even if I did read it. (And if you’re not a blogger, then … you owe me nothing. Au revoir.)
You’re still here? Good.
Where there’s not farm, there’s desert, and where there’s not desert, there’s rivers, and where there’s not rivers, there’s mountains, and in the rest of Oregon there are forests. *nods*

My Prep Progress was delayed briefly by a camping trip my family dragged me on. (and dragged is literal …) We drove through an area where there were many farms and ranches. And horses. And cows. And sheep. If I had wanted to be there, I would have been in heaven. Because that’s my kind of land.
However, I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to be home, doing Pub Prep. Besides, it was pretty boring. I read through two pretty long books, half of IvIn, and about a quarter of TDS. I also took 200 selfies.
I’m not joking.
You think I’m joking? Well, what do you say to this:


Whoa, she wasn’t joking …
The president is naming my Selfie Queen as of next Saturday. At the Selfie Queen Ceremony. *nods*
However, now I’m home (as of yesterday), and I can actually do stuff. Pub Prep stuff.

Prep al la Actualle Novelles

I have to proofread both TDS and IvIn. How fun. (Seriously, though, proofing is sooo boring! It was fun at first, but I just don’t want to read these books again. Like, ever. But I have to. Or there will be typos. *sobs*)
But there have been bright points. I mean, The Dressmaker’s Secret is gorgeous.

How can I not be inspired to share this beauty with the world? #justkidding #not #conceitedauthors
(I honestly don’t know what’s up with me and hashtags recently … help? I need a Twitter account? Mom? Whaddaya say? #coaxingparentstoletyoudostuff)
I’m using that proof copy to proof. *nods* #obvious #hashtagsareevil I also just finished (as in five minutes ago) pre-proofing IvIn on Kindle and entering those little edits in. (Reading your book on Kindle is a beautiful way to make sure your book’s not terrible without ordering a whole proof copy. #hasnocash And it feels like reading an actual book. It’s a win-win situation.)
So yeah, now I’ve got my pre-proof ARCs in PDF ready to hand out to my blog tour peeps. After I finishing proof-reading TDS and submit the changes to Createspace and KDP, I am done. I still have to format and order a paperback proof copy of IvIn.
Moving on.

Le Blogge Toure Stuffe


As I said, I’m ready to send ARCs out (thank goodness; I’m running waaaay behind!), and we’re finalizing schedule details now. Thanks so much to everyone who was willing to fill in on empty dates and such to help me make the schedule a little more balanced.
On that note, the signups are now closed.
So, now that I’ve got the ARCs out, I’ve got to make sure I get all the interview questions (both authors and characters), that everyone has the information they need, etc. It’s a lot of work, but it’s not complicated work so much as hard work.


And then I’ve got to prepare a lot of posts … *shivers* I don’t want to talk about it.

Le Random

I’ve got some loose ends to tie up. The biggest is social media. HOW DO YOU SOCIAL MEDIA?! I frankly have no idea. But I’ve got to figure it out. So I can be an amazing social media person and make people want to read my books. *shrugs*

And … that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to be in a huge rush for the next couple weeks, and I have no idea how I’m going to get all this stuff done, but … *shrugs* I’m going to try. Here’s hoping I won’t fail and have to ‘try, try again.’
Whoever thought up that little ditty must have never failed. He/she plainly had no idea what it’s like to be in a circumstance when you really only get one ‘try’ …

~Kellyn Roth~

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What do you think of my Pub Prep? Should I ever do a post like this again? What are your thoughts of ARCs (advanced review copies)? I find them somewhat annoying. Their imperfections drive me wild. Are you excited for the blog tour? What about the giveaway? (Yes, there’s a giveaway …)

Do you like chocolate? What’s your personality type? I think I’m an ISTP or an INTJ. Which do you think I am?

What do you think of my thoughts?

48 Responses

    What do you think of my Pub Prep? Should I ever do a post like this again?: It’s cool! I like learning about your process.
    What are your thoughts of ARCs (advanced review copies)? I find them somewhat annoying. Their imperfections drive me wild.: ARCs are cool! Well, I’m talking about ARCs in the traditional publishing world BECAUSE I CAN READ BOOKS BEFORE THEY’RE PUBLISHED!!! Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten an ARC. :'( I want to sign up on NetGalley or email a publisher though!
    Are you excited for the blog tour? What about the giveaway? (Yes, there’s a giveaway…): Yeah, I’m excited! I’ll get you the questions by the end of the week. 😉 And ooh, a giveaway!
    Do you like chocolate?: WHOEVER DOESN’T IS A CRIMINAL.
    What’s your personality type?: INFP!
    I think I’m an ISTP or an INTJ. Which do you think I am?: ISTP just SOUNDS right! For some reason. XD Or maybe ISTJ.

    1. HOW INTELLIGENT YOU ARE MAY. I never would have guessed that a fifteen-year-old wasn’t preparing for an intoxicated beverage-drinking contest … 😉 (What? Sarcasm lightens up the day … *cowers because I might have insulted the Mango Queen*)
      I’m on NetGalley! But I’ve never actually gotten a book from them … well, okay, I did once, but that was because the author contacted me for review and asked me to download her book on NetGalley with her special permission link or whatever … IDK.
      Hey, you have the same personality as one of my characters! 😀
      Noooo way am I ISTJ. My sister’s ISTJ, and we are quite different. I think. Are we? I don’t know … maybe I’m my sister’s clone …

      1. Exactly. See. I am all-wise. (And no you did not offend me because why in the world would that be sarcastic??? Tsk tsk.)
        Apparently you’re supposed to be 18 on NetGalley… But I know people who aren’t. XD And I just have to get permission from my parents! But before that I have to pretend to ask permission for a GR account, because I was bad and got one without their permission… *cowers*
        I think you commented on that once haha! (Which character?)
        YOU HAVE A SISTER???

        1. (Oh, right, of course … it wasn’t sarcastic … *nods*)
          Yeah … I’m like 92 on quite a few social media sites … just ’cause … XD I don’t know why I do that kind of thing …
          Both Ivy from Ivy Introspective and Peter, who shows up in my novel At Her Fingertips.
          Yes, I have two sisters … the ISTJ (whose name I will not say because I don’t know if she’d like be spreading it all around the internet) and then Heidi, who is an author, too. H.L. Burke. https://www.goodreads.com/hlgstrider They’re 14 and 16 years older than me, so I don’t talk about them much, I guess … they’re all grown up and out of my sight. 😛 JK.

  2. *brings out flame thrower* Girl you better start commentin’ on blogs or… or… or I’ll come and burn cookies in your house! 😛
    CONGRATS ON PUBLISHING!!!! And I’m pumped for the tour. And giveaway. ;D

  3. Hi Kell! I’m a bit confused. Am I on your blog tour list? I know you sent out a proofreading email awhile ago, but I’m unsure if this means I’m on your list for the blog tour or if you were just going through the old email list.

    1. No, you didn’t sign up. I was trying not to assume that everyone who participated before would have time to do for this tour, so I didn’t contact anyone just because they were in the last tour or they were my friends … didn’t want to guilt-trip people into signing up. I’ll try to get better about that if I ever do this again.
      Sorry if I didn’t let you know about all that … if you do want to participate, you still can. 🙂

      1. If you have room for me, I’d love to hop in! I missed the sign-up link somewhere, I guess :/ Always let me know if you’re doing something! I love to help, even if it’s small(er) things like promoting a post.

  4. I liked this post! And yeah, I’m a little apprehensive about eventually getting into ARCs. I think I would rather read the whole finished book then read an unfinished version that might end up being really different than the actual book. Plus, my TBR of older books would glare at me for not reading them instead. 😛
    Yes I am SO excited for the blog tour! I’m a very new blogger and I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m excited your my first! 😀
    And DUH I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Who doesn’t? 😀 😀 😀
    And I am an INFJ emphasis on the I. Lol. 🙂

    1. As far as I can see, people just make little changes such as typos or punctuation with ARCs, but I’m the same as you … what if the author makes a last-minute change and I miss out on it? That would be awful!
      Well, I’m very glad to have you! 🙂
      Haha, well, I sometimes think I’m an emphasis on the I, too. Though sometimes I can enjoy people, so …I don’t know. How does this introverted thing work again?! 😀

    1. Haha, yeah, professional and I are like, the sun and the moon … we respect each other, but we’ve never actually met …. (which is untrue because I’ve seen the moon at daytime sometimes … but whatever. Tomayto, tomahto …)

  5. I love the Mr. Bean photo! And the TDS cover is even more beautiful than before! It looks so professional! *gets a glare* *scrambles to cover up mistake* I mean. . . it IS professional! It’s not like you’re not a professional or anything like that. . . because you are one. *slowly backs away before offending anyone anymore*

    1. Haha, no, I’m not offended! That’s a great compliment, in fact. And it might look even more professional because Willowy Whisper, my designer, made a few little changes … I don’t know if she changed something other than text position or what, but it just looks better this way!

  6. That is so awesome! I am so happy for you…
    I get dragged out bush walking (because my family is too big to stay in a tent for a few days, either we run out of food or the smell… of three teenagers and a heap of kids gets too much) It’s fun at the same time though, being out with family.
    H. G. Reilly

    1. I’m the kind of person who would rather be in my room than with my family. But yeah, that’s my super-introverted self. Other people love their families … Just kidding … 😉
      Really, though, we weren’t really ‘camping’ camping according to most folks. I mean, I consider it camping, but we had a trailer (camper/thing that the truck pulls that you can sleep in and stuff), so most people say you can’t actually call it camping if you take a mini-house with you. 😛

  7. OOO TDS IS GORGEOUS!!! The whole book just looks amazing and I LOVE the cover! Do you recommend getting a cover done by Willowy Whisper? I am looking for a simple design for my cover and have a certain idea in mind. Does she let you give your feedback on her cover drafts and revise to your need?

    1. I do recommend Willowy Whisper. She’s very good. And, yes, she does let you give feedback and revise … I know ’cause I made her redo the cover COMPLETELY twice. XD I was really a pickle, but she was incredibly patient with me.

      1. Ok, I’ll look into having her help me with my cover! I was gonna design it myself, but the way she did yours looks so professional and I would LOVE for mine to look this beautiful!

            1. Oh, yeah, the struggles to find the perfect, non-copyrighted image! I can never find them. I use pixabay.com, but they oftentimes don’t have what I want. :/

              1. Yeah, I found a PERFECT one and even made a temporary cover for fun but sadly I can’t use it. I hope I find the perfect one.

                  1. Like a dark forest with a trail and misty background. I’m gonna make a post with some of my covers I made for fun before I made an official one.

                    1. Yeah, I’ve been looking at different websites with free images, but I haven’t found the perfect one.

                    2. Ok so I just changed the size to 6″ by 9″ since that’s what you did for your book. I feel like it looks better this way so far. Sorry for all the questions! XD

                    3. I actually sort of wish I’d done 8×5. To me, that seems more novelish, and it would have made the book thicker! But 6×9 isn’t bad, either. 🙂

                    4. ok, then I might change it to that! I mean, who doesn’t like thick books! XD I keep changing the formatting…

    1. I really don’t have any idea. My knowledge of Twitter is seriously limited … so I guess this discussion is kinda-sorta null and void until I do some research …

What do you think of my thoughts?

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