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TDS and IvIn Blog Tour: Day 1

by Kellyn Roth |
June 20, 2017


Hello, all! Welcome to day 1 of the blog tour of Ivy Introspective and The Dressmaker’s Secret. I can’t believe there are only four days until the book launch!

Today you can pre-order Ivy Introspective on Kindle while The Dressmaker’s Secret is available in both paperback and Kindle on Amazon (though print may take a while to update). It’s also on Goodreads.

So yep. I decided to put TDS out early. It just didn’t make sense to wait to release when you could be buying it all blog tour long. (Um … did I just say that? No, I didn’t. That was some random person who hacked my account and was mercenary …)

And Today’s Post Is …

-Lana @ The Music of Words (book and character spotlight)

I love how Lana did the book and character spotlights! Both are so beautiful and professional … they’re practically works of art! When I read them, I got excited, ran down the hall, tripped on a vacuum cleaner nozzle, and almost died. And then couldn’t figure out if ‘nozzle’ was actually a word or not. So yep.

Here’s a quote from Lana’s post (about Jordy):

Jordy is so awesome, it’s almost worth reading the book just for him. I say “almost” because he only stars in a few short scenes, to my sorrow…

Thank goodness for Beyond Her Calling and him being a main character, right? (By the way, I’m hoping to publish Beyond Her Calling towards the end of 2018. Maybe. We’ll see.)

There was going to be another post, but I’m afraid we had to move it to tomorrow.

The Vlog

Which explains some of the fun stuff coming up!


(For some reason Stupid WordPress of Stupidness is not letting me imbed this. So … I don’t know why, but you have to follow the link. Maybe next time I’ll figure out how to embed it … because it’s always just automatically embed before …)

And … after I finished creating that vlog, I realized I’d made a huge mistake. In that video, I refer to The Dressmaker’s Secret as book 2 and Ivy Introspective as book 3.

(credit to GIF to Allison @ Allison’s Well)

So … forgive my stumbling & mumbling, won’t you? I am most sorry!

The Full Schedule

Tuesday the 20th
-Lana @ The Music of Words (book and character spotlight)
Wednesday the 21st
-Faith Blum @ Bookish Orchestrations (author interview)
-Josie @ Josie on the Go (reviews of TDS and IvIn)
Thursday the 22nd
-Tonya @ Literary Musings (reviews of TDS and IvIn)
-Leona @ Great Books for God’s Girls (review of IvIn, author interview)
Friday the 23rd
-Jordy @ Jordy Leigh (author interview)
Saturday the 24th
-May Everly @ Forever and Everly (author interview)
-Zane Jones @ Simple Impossibilities (author interview)
Sunday the 25th
-Dani Eide @ Perspective of a Writer (character interview and spotlight)
Monday the 26th
-Brianna Henderson @ Orthodoxy, Hobbits, and Tea (review of TDS and IvIn)
-Anika Joy @ This Journey Called Life (review of TDS and IvIn)
-Maddy @ Girls Living for God’s Glory (book spotlight)
Tuesday the 27th
-Heather @ Frozen Books Blog (guest post)
-J.C. Buchanan @ Beyond the Amethyst (review of TDS and IvIn)
Wednesday the 28th
-Jesseca Wheaton @ Whimsical Writings for His Glory (author interview, book spotlight)
-Jaylee Morgan @ Jaylee Morgan Writes (character interview and guest post)
Thursday the 29th
-Zielle @ My Homeschool Notebook (review of TDS and IvIn)
-Sarah Briel @ Penumbra Reviews (review of TDS and IvIn, author interview)
-Sel H. @ Hearth (author interview)
Friday the 30th
-Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger (author interview)
-Lainey @ Direct My Paths (reviews of TDS, character interview and spotlight)
-Dawn Dagger @ Dawn Dagger’s Official Blog (review of TDS, author interview)



You can sign up for the giveaway here. As the graphic states, the (US) winner will receive a paperback copy of both The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective. There’s also a second prize (and for International folks) of a ebook copy of both books.
I’ll also be drawing one of the names from my newsletter list for the winner’s choice of ebooks – TDS, IvIn, or TLOTV.

Review signups & Blog Tour Notifications

The signups to receive an ebook copy of The Dressmaker’s Secret or Ivy Introspective in exchange for a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog are now open. You can sign up here.
Also, for blogger, if you’re interested in receiving notifications every time I have signups open for a new blog tour, you can sign up here.

To be or not to be … that is the question …

That’s right! I’m doing another Q&A! (Because that’s obviously the conclusion you came to … from that Hamlet quote …) Bailey won’t be helping with this one, though … because she has a life. She may be participating in one of my vlogs, though. We’ll see.
Anyways, if you have a question to ask me (even if it’s just, “Why do you keep doing boring Q&As?”), you can submit them by commenting on one of the posts. Be sure to label them as Q&A questions, though, or I’ll just answer them. ‘Cause I’m that dumb.

~Kellyn Roth~

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Are you entering the giveaway? What did you think of the vlog? Do you know how I could improve my, um, vlogging skillz? What about giveaway-prize-choosing-skillz? I have none … I just ended up going for the obvious after much brain-strain. XD

What do you think of my thoughts?

44 Responses

      1. We’re going to pick up Mama when she gets into the airport. Estimated arrival time is 11:10, and the airport that we’re picking here up from is a half hour away. So, yeah, we’re staying up late. 😉

  1. Border collies are adorable (especially purebred ones), but I honestly am not a huge fan of dogs as I used to be when I was younger…. I’d rather snuggle with a cat. Yep, I just said that. 😛

  2. Woohoo! I’m so excited for Beyond Her Calling now! (I loved Jordy, :P) Oh, and Border Collies are probably my favorite kind of dog. (I probably shouldn’t be entering this giveaway, since I’ve already read TDS and IvIn, but I can’t help myself)

    1. I’m excited for it, too! (I have GOT to stop telling people I’m excited about my own books … but I am …)
      Yay, another border collie fan! Hooray!! 😀 (And yes you should! I’m excited for whoever wins, haha!)

      1. Hey, you can’t tell people you’re not excited for your own books- that would be lying. And anyway, who’s more excited about a book than the author? 😀
        Hehe, just thank the ‘Lad: a Dog’ books. They are some of my favorites! (I can’t remember if they’re border collies or just regular collies… whatever. They’re similar)

          1. You really should read them! Not many better books about animals than those… the best part is that they’re true stories!

  3. Border collies are babes. 😛 But I have my new pup who’s an Australian shep, so I always thought Aussies and collies were similar. xD
    Excited for this tour, Kellyn! Congrats!!

    1. I think Aussies and Border collies are pretty similar, y’know? They just kinda look the same to me, lol. I mean, the coloring is often different, but other than that …

  4. I’ve known Border Collies to be one of the smartest dog breed (besides the German Shepard)! It’s amazing how Border Collies herd cattle and horses the way they do!
    Questions for Q/A:
    Could you recite a whole chapter from one of your books word for word?
    Would you rather wear a baseball cap or a sun hat?
    What would you take with you if you took a trip to the moon?
    – Megan Joy

    1. I think technically border collies are the smartest dog, haha. I think German Shepherds are the third or second smartest dog … and poodles are up there, too, believe it or not! Weird, right?
      Thanks for the questions! I never got it as organized as I would have liked because I got flustered because an element of the post wasn’t working.

  5. Oh no…the vacuum strikes again! (This is really random, but I wrote a comic about vacuums. On Mars. It came from a weird conversation on the YWP but I can’t even remember why we ended up with vacuums on Mars…)
    YAS. BEYOND HER CALLING BY END OF 2018 AT THE LATEST. (Y’know, sooner is better… *wink wink*)
    And as far as improving vlogs…I honestly think you need to be a little more weird. Like yourself. (I’m assuming you don’t take offense to being called weird…I think it’s a good thing! I’m weird, too…I mean, vacuum comics.) It was nice to have a little bit of a shorter video, but I don’t know if it had enough of you in it. It was fine, but…then I went and watched the one with 10 facts about you and ended up laughing out loud multiple times even though there were people in the room! Your fears are hilarious, I’m sorry. And it was you! So it was awesome. 😀
    As far as giveaway-prize-choosing-skillz (I like the ‘z’ there), I like the prizes! I…really can’t think of anything cool either, so you’re good. 😉 Oh, and yes, I am entering the giveaway! Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure I’m signed up for your newsletter already…are you able to check?
    I’m going to take your word for it that border collies are awesome, considering I’ve never met one in real life. AWWW I JUST LOOKED UP PICTURES ON THE INTERNET & THEY’RE ADORABLE! 😀
    Annnd the Q&A. Um…..okay, these are all from a random question generator, so you are forewarned. 😉
    What is your favorite kind of fruit?
    How would you want to die (omitting in your sleep, of old age, etc.)?
    If you had to choose one of your characters to be stuck with on a deserted island for the rest of your lives, who would it be?
    Which three of your characters would be a unicorn, a dragon, and a sloth?
    If you lost your arm and had to get a prosthetic, what would it look like/include, not worrying about the restrictions of modern technology?
    What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

    1. (You can’t explain conversations on YWP half the time, to be honest. I could get so random on there … it wasn’t even funny. Or I guess it was hilariously funny.)
      I think I’m going to try to be longer and more me/weird (nope, not at all offended there …) in future videos. I mean, not this next one because I wanted to be all simple and basic for it … but I’ll probably ramble a little more in the one after that, haha.
      And yes. Yes, my fears are hilarious. Like the one about sharks in the bathtub … that’s not a thing … yet I can’t convince myself it’s not a thing …
      Ugh … I don’t know? Newsletters are hard to keep track of, man, y’know? I hardly ever send it out … I feel like you are, though?
      THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! I need more border collies … I have two … but I need more … even though I don’t want more than two dogs … XD
      Great questions, haha. 😛

      1. Ooh, good, I love the rambling! 😀 (And no, I didn’t think you would be, haha.)
        Oh my gosh. I don’t think a shark would fit in your bathtub…and if it did, you’d be able to see it! So do you still have that problem when you shower, or just when you take a bath?
        Hehe, alrighty. I’m pretty sure I signed up, too, but I guess we’ll find out when you send something out!
        THEY ARE! That sounds like a conundrum you’re in, my dear. 😉
        Thanks! I thought they might be exciting to answer.

        1. Just when I take a bath. XD Shower sharks have yet to enter my subconscious …
          If I ever remember to, yes, haha. I’m really bad at sending out email newsletters … there’s just been so much to do!

          1. Shower sharks, ha! 😀 I should draw that….hehehe.
            Okay! And I found the email that said I’d subscribed to it, so we’re all good. 🙂

                1. Good for you. When I’m rich and famous, people will look through my notebooks and wonder what it says because no one will be able to decipher my handwriting … 😉

    1. *nods in agreement* Although I think I’m like half dog, half cat person … though now I’m irritated with my cat for being such a stinker so I’m leaning towards dogs … 😉

  6. Awesome, I cannot wait to read Ivy Introspective!
    Border Collies are adorable! I have been looking for a dog to get when I move out (many years from now) and one of them are on the list!

  7. Yay for your blog tour! I’m so happy for your publications, and I’m so excited to post your interview! I really enjoyed your answers yo my questions. 😉 I’M ON MY MOM’S PHONE RIGHT NOW SO I SHALL WATCH THE VLOG LATER. And questions…
    Favorite and least favorite parts of blogging?
    What lessons have you learned from life?
    Do you like mangoes???
    And what advice would you give to anyone about anything?

    1. Thanks for the questions, May! <3 And … haha, but maybe you shouldn't watch the vlog later. I am bad at this whole talking to a camera thing … XD

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