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TDS and IvIn Blog Tour: Day 9

by Kellyn Roth |
June 28, 2017


It’s Day 9! That’s right. For nine ENTIRE days I’ve been posting the EXACT. SAME. POST.* and it is sooo boring for everyone involved.
Including myself.
Like, I am so bored with blogging right now. Because it’s the EXACT. SAME. POST.™ **
So I decided to switch it up a little.

*with slight variants (I have little note things! Like May!)
**I’m also stealing various bloggers’ little ™ thing.
***I’m a filch. (And no, there wasn’t a statement that this was related to. This is totally random.

|Le Giveaway|

First we’ll talk about the giveaway. So … in case y’all didn’t know, there’s a great giveaway going on. Huzzah. You can enter here. Much celebration.
Ohhhh, by the way, there are currently 571 entries. Wowza. I am overwhelmed by how much people want free stuff.


Then I’ll talk about the schedule! Which quite frankly gets updated more than is good for it, but I like switching thing around.

|Le Schedule|

Tuesday the 20th
-Lana @ The Music of Words (book and character spotlight)
Wednesday the 21st
-Faith Blum @ Bookish Orchestrations (author interview)
Thursday the 22nd
-Leona @ Great Books for God’s Girls (review of IvIn, author interview)
Friday the 23rd
-Jordy @ Jordy Leigh (author interview)
-Tonya @ Literary Musings (reviews of TDS and IvIn)
Saturday the 24th
-May Everly @ Forever and Everly (author interview)
-Zane Jones @ Simple Impossibilities (author interview)
Sunday the 25th
-Dani Eide @ Perspective of a Writer (character interview and spotlight)
Monday the 26th
-Anika Joy @ This Journey Called Life (review of TDS and IvIn)
-Maddy @ Girls Living for God’s Glory (book spotlight)
Tuesday the 27th
-Heather @ Frozen Books Blog (guest post)
Wednesday the 28th
-Jesseca Wheaton @ Whimsical Writings for His Glory (author interview, book spotlight)
-Jaylee Morgan @ Jaylee Morgan Writes (character interview and guest post)
-Zielle @ My Homeschool Notebook (review of TDS, review of IvIn)
-J.C. Buchanan @ Beyond the Amethyst (review of TDS and IvIn)
Thursday the 29th
-Sarah Briel @ Penumbra Reviews (review of TDS and IvIn, author interview)
-Sel H. @ Hearth (author interview)
Friday the 30th
-Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger (author interview)
-Lainey @ Direct My Paths (reviews of TDS, character interview and spotlight)
-Dawn Dagger @ Dawn Dagger’s Official Blog (review of TDS, author interview)

|Today’s Posts|

Thanks, ladies!
This is our biggest post day, as you can see … and I couldn’t be happier! I love all these posts.
Jesseca published a interview that I really enjoyed. My favorite question was the one about the hymns.
Jaylee published a character interview with our very own Ivy along with a guest post about writer’s block and how to avoid it.
Zielle published a review of both TDS and IvIn. She said some nice things and then some more critical things that helped me think how I could improve.
J.C. also published a review of both TDS and IvIn! And she also said some nice things and some things that were more critical. (And J.C., I want you to know that I agree with you. I’m working on it …)

|More Stuff Which I Legit Just Copy and Paste*|

‘Cause why not. It’s not like you want original content or anything. It’s not like that’s the #1 reason people keep reading blog posts. *shrugs*

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I don’t even care anymore if I’m repeating the same thing over and over again. I’m completely fine with this complete lack of creativity.** And now I’ve repeated complete twice in the same sentence.***

*Although I didn’t this time.
**That’s an outright lie.
***Not a lie.

|Money is the Root of All Evil|

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Today I don’t have time for a discussion. So … </3 Blame my parents? XD

Thanks for reading,

~Kellyn Roth~

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Did I do better now, folks? Or am I still lame? How am I gonna narrow down what social media links to have before the p.s.? Did you enjoy today’s posts? What was the rarest animal you’ve ever petted? For me, it was a tiger cub.

What do you think of my thoughts?

17 Responses

  1. I think you did better this time at making it more interesting! I was more interested, anyway.
    Okay, before I get down to the business of answering these questions, I want to know…how do you comment on blogspot blogs? Sometimes they have the Name/URL option, which I use, but other times they don’t, and I haven’t been able to get the WordPress option to work–it just never posts. Then I made a blogger account just so I could, but I can’t figure out which option uses that account. So…how do you do it yourself?
    How am I gonna narrow down what social media links to have before the p.s.? I dunno, Kell. For me, I just don’t have any social media to put before the p.s. Not that I have a p.s., but you know… Probably whichever ones have the biggest appeal to readers…whichever ones get the most clicks or something.
    Did you enjoy today’s posts? Yep, they were interesting! I always like reading reviews…it’s interesting to see what other people thought and how they compare to what I think.
    What was the rarest animal you’ve ever petted? For me, it was a tiger cub. WHAT I’M JEALOUS. When did you get to pet a tiger cub? (I’ve pet a tiger…if you count stuffed animals!) Um…for me…probably a baby goat? Which isn’t very rare at all, but hey, I haven’t petted any rare animals before.

    1. I’m glad! Maybe I’ve finally gotten the hang out it … after nine days … 😉
      I have no clue! I struggle with it myself. Most the time I end up just using my Google+ account to comment. I’ve yet to get WordPress to function.
      Yeah, I should probably do something like that …
      I love reviews myself … well, as long as I’ve read the book or really want to read the book … if it’s a book I’m not interested in reading, I’m like, “Eh … I’ll pass ….” Although perhaps the review will convince me to read it …
      We were at a petting zoo on the Southern Coast of Oregon … and there was a baby tiger that they let us pet. I should scrounge up a picture … I was like ten …

      1. Okay, I was worried that I was the only one it happened to, because I haven’t really been able to find anything about it online.
        Yeah, I might read the review if it’s someone I know, but if not it has to be a book I’ve read/want to read.
        Lucky! And aww, little Kell petting a little tiger! That’d be cute.

              1. I agree…not that I ever actually use my reader? I like using my email instead because my reader has sites that I’m following that I’m not actually interested in…everything I want to read gets to go in my inbox. 😛

                1. Well, I like to half-read some of the blogs I don’t want to read and don’t want in my inbox in the Reader. XD Or at least pretend I’m reading them … Though honestly, I follow way too many blogs I’m not even vaguely interested in reading.

                  1. Haha…I feel like I’m only actually reading 10 blogs or something… I mean, nearly all the people writing the blogs I like to read have disappeared off the face of the Internet…where have they goneee? 🙁

  2. It was very interesting, Kellyn. XD I also really liked the interview of Ivy; it really captured her personality.
    P.S. It’s actually the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Sorry, I had to correct it. 😛

What do you think of my thoughts?

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