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Of Typewriters and Flowers

by Kellyn Roth |
August 23, 2017

Of Typewriters and Flowers
I am so dissatisfied with this graphic that it’s not even funny. But I’m running late. So.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another post on my blog (*doesn’t know what else to say*). We have a couple exciting announcements at the bottom of this post, but before we get around to that, other stuff is happening.
Which … is ridiculously vague, but there you have it.
Hopefully, by this point, you are ridiculously excited. You’re sitting there at your laptop*, screaming and jumping up and down**, and everyone is giving you weird looks, but you ignore them.
Because there’s no such thing as normal. Moving on.
*Or … holding your iPhone … or however the kids are doing it these days.
**while you’re sitting. I honestly don’t know how this works.
The title may have been kind of confusing until you spied the graphic. “Oh, she’s acquired an old electric typewriter and is now going to brag on it … how fun ….”

Well, no. Well, yes, actually. I am going to brag a little bit because IT IS SO FREAKIN’ COOL GUYS I CAN’T EVEN!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

However, the main portion of this post will consist of me talking about what I’ve been doing with that typewriter (along with some incredibly blurred photos; I still haven’t learn how to use the new camera I got for my birthday).
Now, flowers have always been something I’ve admired and liked … but I’ve never been obsessed with them. Sure, I use them on my blog (and so do many popular bloggers), but … I’m not specially attached to them. I just like them because they’re pretty and feminine and romantic.
But … I know someone who is kinda obsessed with flowers. And that is my very own Adele Collier (or Kee, depending on where she is in her life).
As some of you may remember, I wrote a sequel to The Lady of the Vineyard for Christian readers only (Flowers) and published it on my blog. And obviously it needed a lot of editing, but y’all were fairly supportive.
And … kinda just put it aside.
And it was put aside.
Until this July.
As you know, I was on an enforced hiatus throughout much of July and part of this month, and I was bored stiff.
So … I got out the typewriter.
I’d kind of known it was up in the closet, but I’d never actually been curious enough to find it and drag it down.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

But there it is! In all its typewritery glory. The sound it makes is so awesome, and it’s … it’s just fun. I feel old-fashioned (even though it’s electric; my mom kept it from when she was little or something like that?) when I type on it, which is very satisfactory for me.


So. We’ve laid out all the basics. And here’s what I did with that typewriter.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

That’s right! I typed up the entirety of Flowers! I made some revisions while doing this. I think the book ended up worse off than when I started (as you can see, my typing skills, minus backspace, are none too perfect!), but it was fun.


Now I’m working on typing it up on the computer.

What will happen to Flowers after that?

Glad you asked, Clyde! (That’s your name now. I want you to start introducing yourself as “Clyde” to everyone you meet. Because that’s your name. Don’t worry; it’ll catch on …)
After I get it all typed up, I’m going to be publishing it!
So … eventually I will need beta-readers. Stay tuned.
Keep in mind, though, that it’s good ol’ Christian fiction (unlike TLOTV), so it’s definitely not everyone’s cup o’ tea … even more so than historical fiction. (Which most people dislike for some reason? *says the girl who basically just reads hifi*)
I’ve yet to decide on an official publishing date for this novelette, but it may be sometime this winter. I won’t be doing a blog tour or anything, though. Maybe just a one-day blog party or something.


This is more important!


That’s right. Weebly didn’t end up working for me, y’know? I’m just a WordPress girl. Nothing else works the way I want it to.
Without further ado …

The Official Website of One Kellyn Roth, author

Eventually, I’ll be buying a custom domain and theme, but right now it’s just kellynrothauthor.wordpress.com, which I admit is ridiculously similar to kellynroth.wordpress.com (Reveries!).
Hopefully not too many people will get mixed up by this, though. *clears throat* Yeah, lots of people are gonna get mixed up by this …
Anyway, it’s still a work-in-progress. I’ll be making some improvements over the next couple days, though, hopefully.

On that note …

If you see links to my old Weebly website floating around, let me know! I want to get rid of that link and replace it with the new one ASAP!


An Additional (Last) Announcement

I have a Twitter account!
Okay, I don’t have a Twitter account. I’m not allowed to have a Twitter account. But I did create one, so I’m prepared for when my parents (miraculously) give me permission. Which may be sometime after 2020. *nods*
So … it’s there? I can’t use it and it’s useless, but it’s there?
I’m such a goof sometimes.



~Kellyn Roth~

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Have you ever typed on an old typewriter? Typed a story on an old typewriter? What (creative) things have you done when you’re off technology? Are you excited for Flowers? Did you notice my graphics? That I messed with HTML? (It’s all May’s fault.) On that note, am I imitating you too much, May? I feel like I am. But … I liked pink first? 😉 Yeah, I have no excuse …


What do you think of my thoughts?

56 Responses

    Phew. Okay. Jealous part done now, I hope, haha. But it’s so awesome that you have a typewriter! My cousin has one and he wrote me a couple letters with them and they’re so cool! I love the texture of the paper. Someday, when I have money, I’m gonna buy myself a typewriter…but I have used a typewriter simulator online! It is quite fun, but I am a horrible misspeller and so it’s exciting to not have a backspace button.
    Oooh, yay for Flowers! 😀 That’s exciting!

    1. *pats head* Maybe someday, dear … 😉 But seriously, typewriters are in right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a big comeback!
      That’s awesome! I have special typewriter paper (my friend gave me some), but I haven’t used it yet. I just use regular old copy paper (with all the mistakes it entails). That’s cool! I didn’t know such a thing existed.
      Thanks! 😀

  2. I love typewriters!
    They are so much fun! I mostly like the sound they make when you type…….But they look cool!
    Flowers…….depends on the kind……….

  3. I WANT A TYPEWRITER *much jealous* and oooh, twitter. my parents let me have one, but I only follow a few bloggers, the american ninja warriors, the president, and george lucas (#starwarsnerd). :/ Hope to see you sometime in 2020! XD
    Clyde (Daisy)

    1. I should follow the president … keep up on the times and all … but then I won’t be able to keep up on the times until 2020 … but I guess he’ll still be in office then, right? Kinda? Almost? XD

            1. Sorry……..I actually found it a little boring……..I prefer conversation in a book. Not detail(you conversation-haters are going to hate mine…………If I ever publish them)
              I haven’t read the Lord of the rings, and my older siblings said it had more conversation in it…..So I will probably like that better!

              1. I found it boring the first time I read it because I was very little and didn’t understand a word, but then my mom read it aloud to me and I liked it a lot better. 🙂
                But yes, I definitely prefer conversations! My books are sooo full of them. XD

                1. I’ve read Flowers! It did have quite a lot of conversation!
                  They totally ruined the Hobbit movies…….(I’ve only seen the first two…….Next Fridaaaaaay 😉 )
                  I don’t like what’s-her-name(I’m not even going to say……er….type it I don’t like her so much). The elf that Kili likes…….And I liked Kili! He was my favorite!
                  Then of course he, Fili, and THORIN have to die! *sob*………..Thorin was just getting nice…………….Bilbo is funny though. And Bard!!!! His son is awesome!

                  1. Haha, yep, definitely lots of talking. Though it might be different when I edit it … I don’t know. 🙂
                    I think I’ve watched one version of The Hobbit – an animated one. I didn’t like it. It was extremely cut-down.

                    1. The animated ones are cute!
                      My older brother said that the dark riders are scarier than the real movie………The little kids aren’t aloud to watch that any more. 😉

                1. OOH! Yes, let’s do that. It would be huuuuge. I mean, people do books on what all the presidents did during their terms and some presidents get life-long biographies, but never an “all the presidents after the White House” book. *nods*
                  And then we can study their lives and campaigns so we know how to go about it ourselves. *nods*

                  1. Start writing…………I’ll get you interviews with some people……I have some contacts. *winks*
                    *grabs phone* “Let’s do this”
                    😉 LOL

                    1. Yes! Especially New Zealand!!!!!! (I’m half dutch……Don’t have the awesome, cool, accent though…..Sob….I have never been out of the country…….SO sad.(I am part Russian to, so lets go to Russia as well, you know……Book tours;) )

                    2. A big hurricane! To the places that can’t get hurricanes, tornado’s, volcano’s, you stuff like that.
                      We will make sure not to hurt people though…….That would be bad.

                    3. OOH! Ireland! Yay! Irish is sooo cool! I love the red hair!
                      Kellyn……………..Although your hair is straight. I’ve heard most Irish are really curly.
                      But did you know that a red hair blue eyes are only 1% of the worlds population? Do you have blue eyes??????
                      We have a friend that does. It was so funny when we asked her!

                    4. Actually, that’s a myth. XD https://www.quora.com/Why-do-Irish-People-have-curly-hair Some Irish people do have curly hair, though.
                      Uh … well, I have blue/gray/green eyes. It really depends on the light/what I’m wearing, to be honest. Most of the time they kinda look gray and blue with green … slices. XD Like: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=104310970068605&set=pb.100014691064548.-2207520000.1504551304.&type=3&theater or: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=177523446080690&set=pb.100014691064548.-2207520000.1504551301.&type=3&theater (I don’t know if those links will work or not …)

                    5. Yeah. The green eyes are natural … looking at it, though, I think there must have been some filter work on the blue eyes. They’re a little too dark blue. When my eyes are blue, they’re lighter. 🙂

      1. It’s a pretty! My eyes are really light blue. Everybody in my family has blue except for my dad and older sister(Who have brown). So I like brown a lot! And of course most everyone has blonde and only like three people have darker hair. So I like that to………… 😉

        1. I love brown eyes! My mom and (I think) two of my siblings have brown eyes. Then my little brothers have kinda caramel-colored eyes and my other sister has blue eyes … I think? My dad has blue eyes and my mom has brown eyes. 🙂
          *just told you all that for no apparent reason*

  4. I LOOOOOOVE typewriters!! I have two: a Remington Rand noiseless (which is super cute and squatty and just EEEK!!!), and also a super adorable and short blue-ish colored typewriter that I have no clue what kind it is, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I’m…really into things like that.. Typewriters, quills, calligraphy pens… I love them all. Sadly, I don’t USE them very much, because they’re not exactly the most practical of writer’s tools??? (No backspacing is hard for me, haha! XD ) But when I get the urge to teleport back in time, I can always whip them out and disconnect from the internet! (Which I LOVE doing, as the internet is frightening…?)
    But anyway!! Typewriter rant over! OH MY WORD, I need to check out this new site!!! I’ve heard amazing things about your books, and I cannot wait to tackle my TBR enough to get to them!! Also, Twitter is amazing, but also a pit full of procrastination, which is not very good for us writerly types. *distant sobbing* XD

    1. That’s awesome! I’m the same about typewriters and quill pens and such, but they’re definitely not practical. Still, if I actually get launched back in time (which I really kinda want? It would be tougher for me to be an author, though), I’m prepared!
      Thank you! Tackling my TBR would be quite a task … I’m kinda side-stepping my way around it at the moment. 😉 YES. I need somewhere to waste what time I have left after Pinterest, staring off into the distance, and life. 😛

  5. My grandma has a typewriter. Unfortunately, a few grandchildren, (a cough, cough,) used all the ink up a long time ago writing nothing.
    It was difficult to use! It took so long just to write a sentence.
    And I thought writing on a Dell laptop from the 2000s was hard! (Sorry Dell users-Didn’t mean to offend you in any way!)
    Have a great day Kellyn!

  6. You have a typewriter??!! 😮 I’ve always wanted one. #imsojealous Oh my goodness that is so cool! And that’s so exciting that you’re publishing Flowers! I’d love to review it if you’d like!

    1. Maybe someday? *coughs* I didn’t realize so many people would be jealous. I wouldn’t have posted … 😛
      Well, at the moment I’m still editing, but when it’s all finished, I’d love for you to review it! 🙂

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