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25 Spoiler-Free Facts about Ivy Introspective

by Kellyn Roth |
September 6, 2017

A few months ago, I posted 25 Spoiler-Free Facts About The Dressmaker’s Secret. And if you thought I was just going to do it for one novel, you were wrong. (No surprise there, eh?) (What?! I’m kidding!) (You are a very smart person … you’re just dumb about this one thing …)
I stole this idea from Victoria Lynn @ Ruffles & Grace (and other authors who have done things like this). Thanks for the idea, friend(s)!
So, without further ado, we’ll list …

25 Spoiler-Free Facts About Ivy Introspective

  1. I never intended to write about Ivy, and for that reason, everything about her life is much more ‘up in the air’ than Alice, whose future has been set in stone since 2012 or so. So yes. You can bribe me to make changes.
  2. Ivy Introspective was rewrote as a completely different story three times. The first time, I completely trashed it, the second time I semi-trashed it, and the third time … it remained. Because I had to publish something.
  3. The first draft of the first draft took a month (NaNo ’15).
  4. The second draft of the first draft took something like three months.
  5. The third draft of the first draft took eight months (finished October 2016).
  6. The original Ivy Introspective (Ivy Inquisitive at that point) had Ivy simply observing the lives of those around her. It had no central plot. It was very boring.
  7. The more I write about Ivy, the more I like her. She’s definitely growing on me, though originally I had a, “Oh, boy, I have to write about her again” attitude.
  8. Ivy’s personality type is INFP (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving). I didn’t do this intentionally, but that is one of the personality types that goes well with Alice’s ENTJ (the disclaimer being that a certain level of tolerance must be given by Alice as they think so differently).
  9. Jordy McAllen is ESFP. At first glance, Ivy and he could never be friends, but I found this article after worriedly wracking the internet so I’m happy now.
  10. Violet is a character who just popped up. She kind of makes the story now, though.
  11. I never intended to keep the name “Violet Angel.” It was just a pretty, whimsical, ironic combination of words for a cynical girl who hates the world.
  12. Jordy has five siblings – Edith, Benjamin, Michael, Albert, and Thomas. He is the eldest. He was raised on a farm in the Highlands, and only through Dr. McCale’s help did he get “out.”
  13. I never got time to develop the other students at McCale House – except Violet, of course – which is something I wish I’d had space for.
  14. I originally played with the idea of having a governess come to take care of Ivy and somehow inspiring her to try new things, overcome her anxieties, etc. However, it was just too much like Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins.
  15. I decided on Scotland merely because I wanted to get away from civilization a little. I could have probably have done this simply by choosing someplace in the English countryside, but Scotland adds something to it, don’t you think?
  16. McCale House is titled McCale House because I didn’t want to come up with another title. #writersecrets
  17. I spent quite a lot of time on Pinterest and Google Earth looking at pictures of Scotland. I loved the Highlands, especially, although IvIn isn’t set there.
  18. I will be following Ivy’s life in two subsequent novelsBeyond Her Calling and another which I’m currently titling Only a Mother (though An Hour a Day and several others are also in the running).
  19. I listened to Evanesence’s Bring Me to Life a lot while writing this book. No judging.
  20. Also, a lot of classical music. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was a favorite.
  21. I also have a (child’s) version of Malagueña that I play on the piano which is another ‘theme song.’
  22. I did a lot of research on autism, down syndrome, social anxiety, PTSD, bipolar syndrome, and other mental disabilities and such before I decided Ivy just can’t be defined. And the era gives me that freedom.
  23. From what I can tell, making Ivy quote “simple” was a decision I made on the fly when I wrote the first draft of TDS. On the very first page of the first draft, Alice remarks that Ivy “was never so quick.” *is vague*
  24. However, I’m glad I did. It makes her special.
  25. I rewrote the ending of IvIn more than any other part, including the beginning.

Did you enjoy those facts? (Why am I asking questions before the “p.s.”? Bad Kell!)
Also, I just noticed that these “facts” were much longer and more explained than those for TDS. I hope you enjoy longer facts? I’m not changing it … I need to get this post out ….

Before you run off to enjoy your amazing life …

I have a poll for you to take! I’ve been thinking about what I really want to post on Reveries a lot lately (okay, you got me, I’m always thinking about that), and I’m trying to decide whether to continue my spotlights.
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So …

Vote, me lovelies! And be happy that I’m letting you decide instead of selfishly doing what pleases me. 😉

~Kellyn Roth~

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Did you vote? What did you vote & why? (Don’t tell me unless you feel comfortable doing so.) Did you enjoy my amazing 25 Facts about IvIn? Did you learn anything new? How many did you already know?

What do you think of my thoughts?

17 Responses

  1. Ooooh this one was so much fun! I liked it (and especially the longer quotes)! also bribes, you say? hmmm…what can I bribe you with?
    I voted continue spotlights because… *flips hair* But I also totally understand where you sometimes don’t have anything to put onto spotlights, so it’s okay if you don’t do them anyway. (I haven’t done any since I finished Iris…or whatever that’s going to be called someday.)
    Also, I think I knew most of these! I didn’t know most of the stuff leading up to the final draft, but I knew everything else. (AND JORDY. OKAY YOU MENTIONED HIM, I JUST HAVE TO MENTION HIM IN A COMMENT.)
    Anyway, this was really fun! 😀

    1. Thanks! (World domination is really the only thing I NEED right now … 😉 )
      I think I might, partially because people seem to want them to come and partially because they were fun to do and they gave me a chance to kind of have fun with sharing my work with people. *nods* (I loved Iris … or what I heard about it, anyway!)
      I guess you’re informed. *nods* (*whispers to accomplice* this girl knows too much … you’d better change the passwords again … I’ll deal with the rest … *evil laughter*) (AND YES. HE IS AWESOME.)

      1. (Dang it! I sold my world domination plans last week…sad day.)
        They are fun! 😀 And yay!
        Oh dear… o.O Evil laughter from you is never a good thing. (YESSS)

        1. (How could you!? I need one of those!)
          Oh, you never know. It could be gentle evil laughter. Like an evil witch rocking her child to sleep … *nods* *decides this is a thing* *hums Mother Knows Best*

  2. Woah! It looks like the overwhelming majority of voters want you to continue doing spotlights! I was one of them. I like the author-ish inspiration.
    Thanks for the 25 facts, too! X)

What do you think of my thoughts?

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