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A Quick Update from a Flustered Writer

by Kellyn Roth |
September 27, 2017

a quick update from a flustered writer

I can see your skepticism when you read the title. You’re giving me the ol’ skeptical eye again.
Flustered? you say. Girl. You are sixteen. You need to clillax. The world will take care of itself …
NO IT WON’T. THE WORLD NEEDS ME TO MANAGE IT. The world is practically helpless without my guidance. I’m just surprised it survived 6,000 years without me. Thankfully, I’m here, and the world can chillax. However, the Keeper of the World cannot rest.

I’m writing this kind of last minute, determined not to let it be even a second late. And so it’s rather thrown together. But I think you’ll forgive me if you’re any sort of friend – well, assuming you are my friend – at all.
And if you’re not my friend, I don’t give a dead moose about your opinions. So there.



That’s right, I’m a career girl! 😉
Really, though, I just work a couple hours a week – about six to eight on average so far, from 3:30 to 6:30 at the most – in the office of a gymnastics academy. I’m still training. So far I’ve been answering the phone, doing a lot of filing, collecting fees, and looking up names and other information on the computer.
Basically, I’m a mix of front desk and office assistance person. But it pays well (minimum wage is a fortune, y’all! 😛 ), and I really enjoy it. The lady I work for told my mother (they’re friends … #loophole) that I’m doing well. So … yep. It’s nice. Just three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), which is nice for a first job.



So far, I’ve written 6,048 words of Adae. So far, it’s … a little rambly and all over the place. I feel like it’s going to pick up now that I’ve gotten to the point where I meet my “dwarves.”
Here’s the last couple paragraphs I wrote because I’m not used to hiding my projects from you. I am such a good person.

The three led her off through the woods. Adae didn’t know where they got their sense of direction from as she saw no path, but they seemed sure of where they were going.
Finally, the trees parted to reveal a tiny clearing with a miniscule little cabin that was more reminiscent of a shack. As the three children and Adae approached, a small boy streaked out of the door towards them.
“Ciss, Corry, Emmy! Why oo eeeve ‘Dan? Why oo not ‘ake ‘Dan with oo?”
“You’re too little,” said Cris scornfully.
“‘Dan not oo ‘ittle!” said the child scornfully.
“Oh, be quiet. Ay-duh, that’s Adan. He’s three and TOO LITTLE TO PLAY WITH US.”
“Adae,” said Adae. “Ad-ay.”
“Whatever,” said Cris. Cornelio shrugged.
“Oo dat?” Adan asked.
“I’m Adae,” Adae said before Cris could mispronounce her name again.

What do you think? It’s a super random excerpt, but I like it. Just ’cause the ‘dwarves’ are so adorable.



As you know, I’m publishing this short story in December of this year (probably will some sort of little party or something). At the moment, it comes out to 9,679 words.
I haven’t done a lot of work on it recently, but then I haven’t gotten any beta-reader feedback, so I’m sort of waiting for that.


At Her Fingertips

Most of my alpha readers have gotten back to me now, and those who haven’t are going to in the next couple days.
After I input their changes (looks like it’s going to be a minor rewrite, but nothing drastic; mostly, it needs more description and action to balance out the witty dialogue … 😉 ), I’m going to let it rest over NaNo, make whatever tweaks I still have left, and then it will be on to Draft 3 and the beta-readers!



As you no-doubt know, my blogging has been … less-than-amazing. I’ve basically abandoned Reveries Reviews, and my posts here have suffered somewhat. But it shall be better in the future, once I’m settled.



I haven’t had much time for anything lately, mostly because I’m preparing for a blog party (more on that after the next bouquet). However, I’ve been thinking about starting a teen Bible study, I’ve been helping out at a local church with AWANAs, and I’m going to start horse-riding lessons up again soon.
Also … my mom’s been forcing me to exercise and practice my instrument every single school day. #rockingit #eventhoughidontwantto #stillrockingit
So … life is actually going reasonably well? I haven’t seen my friends a lot, though. I miss them. *weeps*


Five Fall Favorites

Guess what? You’re invited!
That’s right! We’re having a blog party next week! So stick around my blog (and those of the other partyers), and we’ll have a grand old time.
It’s going to be very similar to last year’s Five Fall Favorites, so there will be lots of free books and an amazing giveaway, and it’s going to be fantabulous.


And … that’s about it! We can talk in the comments if you need more of me (I’m sorry; I can’t help my ego), and … see you Saturday! Assuming I find time to write a post this Saturday.

au revoir

~Kellyn Roth~

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Did you enjoy my updates? Are you looking forward to Adae, Flowers, or At Her Fingertips? (What? I need motivation sometimes …) If you’re a writer, how are your WIPs going? Excited for Five Fall Favorites? Do you like the color green?

What do you think of my thoughts?

13 Responses

  1. Well……………..Five Fall Favorites looks like so much fun, and I visit most of the blogs on it regularly.
    My WIP’s are going terribly…………..Like horrible. 😉 But I shall work on them more, and maybe they will not be so horrible.

    1. I hope you’re able to join the fun! 🙂
      You can do it! Writing is all about perseverance (and that tricky muse, but oh well! Hopefully it’ll come to you soon with God’s help!).

        1. I have a quote from a novel I wrote that might help … 😉
          “Writing an entire novel requires a great deal of patience, perseverance, and prayer,” Mr. Strauss replied laughingly. “I had a great deal of patience and prayer to begin with; perseverance comes if you’re truly passionate about something, which I am. So you might say you need patience, perseverance, prayer, and passion. You definitely need to love your work. It’s the only way.” ~Mr. Peter Strauss, At Her Fingertips by Kellyn Roth (copyright now! 😛 )

            1. I know, so conceited of me. 😉 Well, no one has read that particular book except a couple alpha readers, sooo? If it wasn’t so specific, no one would get it, either! 😀

  2. Ooh, congrats on getting a job!! I want to start working somewhere (or maybe like,, tutor someone) so I can get me some MONEEEEEY but at the same time, I’m already pretty busy?? Adae sounds SO cool (love the snippet btw!) and I’m excited to hear more of it!! Also YAY for exercise and playing your instrument each day! I NEED to practice piano daily, agh. ? Five Fall Favorites sounds interesting — I’ll definitely be around when it’s time for that. Good luck on all your writing endeavors!!

    1. Well, this is only three days a week for a couple hours, and I’m homeschooled, so it’s easy for me to find the time! I really don’t know how public schoolers do … stuff. 😛 But good luck finding a job when you are less busy!
      Thanks, May! Right now it’s kind of boring … I don’t think I know how to do fantasy. 😉
      Thanks for commenting. <3

What do you think of my thoughts?

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