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Five Fall Favorites, Day 4: Humor

by Kellyn Roth |
October 5, 2017


Hello ladies and gents!
Welcome to my blog … and to my fourth post in Five Fall Favorites 2017! I’m sure you remember the amazing blog party we did last year, and if you don’t, this invitation will give you the highlights:

To find out more, check out today’s post by Rebekah A. Morris. Through this post, you will also find the other blogs participating, etc. Which is all stuff you need to find the “book room” for the day. (More on that later!)
Basically, we’re sharing our favorite books in six categories, handing out free ebooks, and giving away a grand prize including several paperbacks! (The winners will be announced this Saturday.) (And if we get enough entries, we will add a second … and then a third … prize!)
We’re going to have so much fun! I can’t wait to share my favorites in each category with you. This, especially, was a fun category for me … but you’ll see!
And now, our feature presentation …


NOW, “Humor” was supposed to be “Missionary,” but I don’t think I’ve read a single book about a missionary. I just … haven’t. They don’t interest me. So yep …

Here are my top five books in the “Humor” category.

The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo


The Reluctant Godfather is one of my favorites books ever! It’s quite hilarious, and it’s also really clever. Here’s my review.

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The Tintin series by Herge

This is the best series ever! Seriously. Anyone who hasn’t read it needs to! It’s so hilarious and adventurous and just … awesome!

Add on Goodreads


Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth, JR.


This is one of the most hilarious books ever. It’s even funnier because it’s all true! 😀

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Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare


This is my all-time favorites Shakespeare play. It’s quite funny – I especially love Bennedict – and of course the language is so cool. I just really love Much Ado About Nothing. #shakespearelovers

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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg


This one’s absolutely hilarious … besides being a fun and exciting story. I desperately want to live in a museum for a time. 😀

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The grand prize consists of a basket filled with …
• Signed copy of Dylan’s Story by Rebekah A. Morris
• Signed copy of Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts
• Signed copy of Kate’s Innocence by Sarah Holman
• Signed copy of The Twin Arrows by Kate Willis
• Signed copy of Journey to Love by Amanda Tero
• Coffee Nut M & M’s
• Packets of Apple Cider
• Cute Fall Mug
We have reached 75 people, and therefore there will be a second prize! It will consist of …

  • The winners choice of three kindle books (chose from the books in the basket).
  • Maybe an Amazon gift card. If we have a US winner for the Grand Prize, there will be an Amazon gift card. If it’s an International winner, there won’t be.

If we reach 100 people, there will be a third prize!

Click to Enter!


“Book Rooms?”

Now, here’s another way (besides the giveaway) to get your hands on some free books!
Every day, one blog in the party with host the ‘book room.’ The ‘book room’ will have a free ebook – probably a short story or novella – for everyone!
THOU SHALT GET EBOOKS. (You can track down the book room through Rebekah’s blog.)
My room for today is …

FFF - backpacks

*slings backpack over my shoulder* I feel like we should go hiking or something … see some beautiful fall leaves. Though I’m sure where I’d go … probably to see the waterfalls.

Until tomorrow,

~Kellyn Roth~

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What is the funniest book you’ve ever read? Do you enjoy reading books about missionaries? What are your thoughts on backpacks?

What do you think of my thoughts?

26 Responses

  1. You must be the only person participating in this Fall Favorites in which I have read, want to read, or will read almost every book you list. I want to read “The Reluctant Godfather”. (I’m waiting to win one of the many giveaways she’s listing :P) I’ve read and loved all the Tintin books, except for the first two. They weren’t in our library, and I suppose I’m a racist or something, but I do really want to read them. I’ve read (and don’t remember at all) “Cheaper by the Dozen”. I don’t think I’ll ever read “Much Ado About Nothing”, but I loved “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler”. So, 4 out of 5 isn’t bad. 😉

    1. It’s racist not to read the first two Tintins? *goes to see which ones those are* Oh! I don’t think I’ve read those either, lol.
      Four out of five is indeed very good! You’re quite the partier. 😉

    1. Well, some of them are pretty obscure, another is self-published and you probably wouldn’t know it unless you’re in the Indie circles. So I can see why. 😉 But expanding your book knowledge is always a good idea! 😛

  2. “From the Mixed-up Files” still makes me smile. 🙂
    But seriously, Kellyn, you should read a few missionary books. Try some of the YWAM books. They are easy, but interesting at the same time. You may be surprised by it. 🙂

  3. TINTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tintin is amazing! I did not know they were books!!!! We watched the tv shows until they took them off Netflix(evil netflix), but there is BOOKS?????????????????
    Cheaper by the Dozen! I need to read that too!
    All these wonderful(hilarious) books!!!!

  4. First, I <3 books about missionaries, and second, I <3 backpacks! Haha! I have a whole set of missionary books I found at a yard sale so I'm looking forward to reading those! The best missionary book ever is "Kisses from Katie" by Katie Davis! I'm actually reading the sequel that release 2 days ago called "Daring to Hope", I definitely recommend them! I actually feel called to be a missionary to Uganda in the future so I trust God to take me there! Plus, that's where the two books I mentioned are based so… 😉

    1. I just have never read a missionary book … so I guess I can’t technically say I don’t like missionary books? Well, I read one called Left to Die; it was a fiction story, though. I liked it okay.
      I just … I don’t know. The idea of being a missionary doesn’t appeal to me, and I’ve never felt a calling to do so, and … yep. That’s about it. XD

  5. Oh, I’ve seen the movie for “Cheaper by the Dozen”, and I loved it! But I’ve never read the book! 😉

What do you think of my thoughts?

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