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Update #2: In Which I Am Good at Something for Once

by Kellyn Roth |
November 8, 2017

Update 2 NaNo17

Okay, you’re right, that was a silly title. I’ve done awesome things before. In fact, I’m pretty much the master of awesome things.
But really, I’m super pleased with one thing I did these last couple days, and so I have to share it with you … and yep. That’s about it. (I don’t really have low self-esteem, at least not in the writing area of my life. #conceited #terribleperson)
So far, NaNoWriMo is going swimmingly for me. According to my best friend, I write too slow, but really, am I to blame for her impatience? Nope. I think not.

I’m reasonably pleased with my writing. It’s nothing flashy like a girl I know who got 50,000 in the first couple days or other friends who are 25K+ each, but … I’m happy with it. That’s all that matters in such a self-motivated challenge.
So, I have 16,859 words! I haven’t begun writing today yet (#school, #work, #AWANAs), but hopefully I’ll get to 17K and maybe even 18K sometime this afternoon/evening. Probably not, though … my life has been #hectic. (Puppies take time! So does school and band and work and … mostly school. *glares at school*)
I need to stop using hashtags! It’s not even like I’m on Twitter that much … *sigh* I don’t know what’s wrong with me.


What I’m Proud Of

Beyond Her Calling WIP

I couldn’t think of an easy simple way to put this into words, but basically …

  1. Characters

    • Jordy
      • Bailey is an ESFP (same as Jordy), and she’s been reading my book (because I spoil her … and because it makes me happy … okay, truthfully, she’s not spoiled at all; I force her to read my books, haha).
      • Her comments are mostly like, “OMW THIS IS SO ME!” and “GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU’RE BEING CREEPY.”
      • It’s not my fault that I know her very well and essentially just made her personality male.
      • Anyway, suffice to say I’m immensely proud of having made a believable male protagonist with a personality and all (at least in the eyes of The Very Prejudiced Author and The Very Prejudiced Best Friend of the Author).
    • Ivy
      • I was super nervous about writing Ivy.
      • It was fairly easy to write her as a child – just because it was totally natural for her to be this innocent sweet little girl.
      • But now she’s all grown up (*weeps*), and so it’s a little different.
      • BUT … it turned out all right! I’m really loving her voice. She’s an adult, yes, and she has adult thoughts. But she’s still IVY.
    • Violet
      • I can’t resist mentioning this lil’ bundle of joy.
      • (I’m being completely sarcastic, of course … she’s a little hellion.)
      • Violet is just … way too much fun. She is such a jerk! Yes, she went through some changes in IvIn, but …
      • She still basically just insults everyone and pretends they don’t matter. (It’s to protect herself because she thinks everyone will eventually betray her, but still …)

And yes, I do realize that was in outline format. I have outlines on the mind. Don’t judge.
I’m just really pleased with my characters and how they’re turning out.
And that was what I did right for a change.
And I shared it with you. (So much for exciting blog posts …)


So, I wrote this scene on day 1, but I decided you should read it. It’s just such a pivotal scene … it really defines Ivy’s story.
(Which reminds me that I need to do the same for Jordy … oh, well. I can add it in later …)

|Very Much A First Draft|

“Ivy, I can’t say what God wants for your life. I know it’s just between you and Him. But … sometimes we can serve God best through the little things. Loving our family, being a help to them as best we can … that sort of thing.”
Ivy waited, but Alice didn’t continue. She just sipped her lemonade and looked out towards Pearlbelle.
“Is that all I can do?” Ivy asked at last. “Do you think … do you think I don’t have a calling?”
“No, darling, no. Of course not! It’s just … some people are equipped to go out into the world and be … I don’t know, missionaries. To help people. To do great things. And some of us … darling, it says in the Bible, ‘whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.’ No matter what you do in your life, you must do it to the glory of God.”
Ivy nodded slowly. “But … what is it I’m supposed to do?”
Alice sighed. “It’s not for me to say. But … be content in what you have. God has given you more than enough. He loves you. He treasures you. He’ll give you what you need and more!”
What Alice was saying, Ivy realized, was that Ivy shouldn’t want more than she had. That what she had now … was all she’d ever get. All God planned to give her. Bowing her head, Ivy understood the truth. She was not enough of a person to be worthy of a calling … not in the same way Alice was. Her calling was a simple little thing. Something in her wanted more … but she would not get it.
Ivy wasn’t worthy of a calling.

*info-dumps all the plot* *shrugs*
It’s so sad, though, isn’t it? Like … no one gets Ivy. Or at least not enough people. *hugs Ivy until she suffocates* I feel so sorry for her. I would never hurt her … 😛


And … I think that’s it.
As you know from previous years, I’m not really capable of posting full-blown blog posts during November. I need to concentrate on writing. For that reason, I’m going to limit posts to Wednesday until December. I’ll pick the regular schedule back up on December 2nd.

Until next week,

~Kellyn Roth~

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How’s your NaNoWriMo (or just November) going? Are you writing? If so, what and how much have you written? Did you enjoy the update? What’s one thing that’s pleasantly surprised you as you write (either recently or throughout you writing career)?

ALSO: I just thought I’d let you know that there’s an awesome giveaway going on here. It’s for the release of Victoria Lynn‘s new novel, Bound!

What do you think of my thoughts?

27 Responses

  1. I read the scene about Ivy and just thought…WOAH. That’s totally where I’m at right now. My life hasn’t really been going how I hoped it would in the past year and it’s been really hard and I want more but I feel like that makes me greedy or selfish and I’m not sure what He wants me to be doing with my life right now.

    (and yes this is going to be one of those comments that’s in all caps)
    AND YESSS I have been pleasantly surprised as I write…I’ve been frustrated with some of the snowflake stuff and all of that, but yesterday I basically wrote a 2 page synopsis of the novel AND I’M SO EXCITED BECAUSE IT’S ALL COMING TOGETHER YAYYYYY 😀
    My progress: I’ve done 5 hours of work so far so yay! I’m actually not on track for my 30 hour goal, but at least I’m working on it which is good because I’m busy. With school. And applying for colleges (ughhh). And I’m auditioning for this music thing so I have to PRACTICEEEE. Okay yeah, you can tell I’m a bit tired & stressed, hmmm?
    AND OOH PUPPIES. What are you doing with puppies?

    1. YES I’M SO EXCITED! I mean, it’s not AFOP, definitely, but it’s all starting to make sense, and that’s exciting!
      THAT’S AWESOME! I honestly want to try the snowflake method someday … though not for this book, of course, haha. Just someday … *waves hand at the distant future* I hope you’re able to work it all out!
      Well, life in itself is an accomplishment in my way of thinking. 😉 And that’s lots of stuff! Yay for college applications. I am sooo glad I’m never gonna have to do that. 😛
      I actually have a new puppy. Her name is Aubrey. (We’re gonna have to put Gidget down within the next few weeks and someone sent us a link to an advertisement and she was perfect … so we got her!)

        You should! Maybe. If your regular outlining method isn’t working for you.
        Haha…college applications were awful but I finally finished my longest/hardest one! And why are you never going to have to do college applications? I feel like one day, you’re going to have to and then I’ll remind you of this…

        1. Yes, if my regular outlining method doesn’t work for me sometime, I should try it … though I’m reasonably sure I will end up doing it someday just because it looks neat.
          Yeah, you’re right, I might end up going to college, but at the moment I’m not planning to. I just want to be a writer … no career planned at all. 😉 (Yeah, this won’t work for me …)

          1. I just want to be a writer as well, but…I dunno, college has always been the plan. Hopefully I’ll have cool experiences I can write about, right? And it’ll help me be more social and not stay in my room all day, heh heh…

            1. Yes, that’s one of the reasons I’d like to go to college besides just having something to do. For me, it’s not worth the money – especially since I’m the kind of person who would be more likely to walk to and from classes and then spend the rest of my time reading and writing and watching Netflix, not socializing; I’d seriously be like, “Eh, I don’t need more friends … I have friends … and no one could possibly be as awesome as me, anyway …” 😛 – but it depends on the person, I think. 🙂

              1. Hehe, I’m hoping that I can get a scholarship as well so that I don’t have to pay as much money because college is expensive.
                No one can be as awesome as you. Except for me. #humble #KellYou’veCorruptedMeWithHashtags

  3. AHHHHH KELL. THAT SNIPPET. GAH. ;-; Very relatable.
    AND YOU’RE DOING AWESOME! *high five* Nice word count. And the characters… isn’t it awesome when someone says you’re doin’ it just right. ;D 😛

              1. Me too! Christmas is awesome! And we are going somewhere snowy this winter so we get a White Christmas this year! 😀

                1. Yay, that’s awesome! I’m hoping it will snow this year – it snowed a lot last year (almost too much – it was December to almost March), and I’m hoping for a least a partial repeat. 😉

  4. Hi Kellyn!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. 🙂 I wanted to let you know I replied to your comment. 🙂
    I wish I could have done Nano. I just didn’t have a story at the beginning, but I think I do now. 🙂 (Coming up with a plot/story line is so hard for me!)

What do you think of my thoughts?

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