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Happy 2017th Birthday, Jesus!

by Kellyn Roth |
December 25, 2017


This is going to be short. It’s my last post for the 12 Days of Christmas party; after that, we will TRULY be back to regular posts*.
Right now, I’m going to talk about the most important birthday ever!
I’ve decided to add some brief authory updates at the end of this post just ’cause I can’t resist talking about myself. *is super egotistical* *as y’all know*
*I mean it this time! Really! Regular posts! (I bet I’m going to randomly decide to do a hiatus or something … hopefully not though …)

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Well, this year marks our Lord and Savior’s 2017th birthday. God sent His Son into the world to save us from our sins. Because of Him, we can have eternal life.
There’s not much else to say. That’s just about all there is to it.
I could talk a long time about the significance of traditions, about being models of Christ, about ways to make Christmas truly meaningful … But I won’t. Everyone has already said everything I’d want to say somewhere in this party.
We have so much to be thankful for. So much to celebrate. So much to talk about. So many reasons to be happy.
Remember that Christ died for you, you are loved and safe and pure.
And enjoy this Christmas!!!

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The Promised Author Updates

I finished the first round of edits of At Her Fingertips! I still have to input every single edit (all 900+ …) from my Kindle onto the computer, but … it’s gonna happen! Slowly but surely!
I’m going to try to skim my way through this second round of edits as fast as I possibly can, but I don’t know how fast I’ll be able to go. Hopefully I’ll get a lot of work done in the next couple weeks.
I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to write next. Here are a few ideas …

That One Story About the Civil War Which is Kind Of a Romance and Has Philip Knight in it Only Not as a Main Character But as the Hero’s Best Friend

(What? I don’t have a title yet …)
Right now I’m calling it Heaven Can Wait, which is essentially a random combination of words which has nothing to do with the actual story?

Southern belle Lynn McCullough only married Yankee shipbuilder’s son Clarence Hilton because of her parents’ threat of disinheritance. Exactly why she remained married to him when a simple way out was offered to her is something even she can’t fathom.

There are many other things Lynn can’t understand… like how kind Clarence is to her after being humiliated, insulted, and having personal items defenestrated. However, when Clarence goes off to war, Lynn finds herself missing her husband, and it doesn’t help to be living with a surprisingly non-irritating mother-in-law who keeps pushing her towards a faith she never dreamed of taking as her own.

God Love a Yankee

Another WIP title.
This is sort of a sequel to the other story, again linked to The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy as Philip Knight as well as Hazel Bailey are main characters.

Hazel Bailey has just buried her mother, received word of her father’s death, and has no idea where her brother is. She is more than ready to be done with this war. She doesn’t want play nurse to wounded soldier, even if he is particularly handsome.

Philip Knight has now been unlucky in war and unlucky in love and is about easy to give up. He’s a Yankee dressed in Confederate clothing under the care of an annoyingly optimistic Southern Belle.

As Philip and Hazel form an unlikely friendship, they do something which I have t decided on yet. But can their relationship survive the secrets in Philip’s past?

Alice Unanswered

This is the fifth book in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. I’m not gonna give a summary just yet … 😉

Sail Away

This is the story of Alice’s best friend Cassie. Essemtially, she’s thrown into a wild adventure after a peasant uprising near her home and ends up in Italy meeting handsome Americans and singing in an opera.
Don’t ask.

100 Facts About an Angel

This is a story involving little Ned Knight. He doesn’t know a lot about his mother … until mysterious notes start arriving telling him one fact about her at a time.

Once a Stratton

Y’all know this one. It’s just be picking it up again, basically.

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One more thing before you go …
Christmas Discount!
There’s a discount at Reveries Designs through tomorrow! Be sure to check out my design services here and my pre-made covers here!

Au revoir,

~Kellyn Roth~

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Merry Christmas! I know this was a pretty short post (well, the supposed post, anyway), but I hope you enjoyed it … at least a little! How did your Christmas go/how is it going?

Which story would you like to see me writing next? I honestly will go off what you say because I can’t decide …

What do you think of my thoughts?

16 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas! I’m having fun so far (even though I haven’t actually done anything yet…just waiting to go upstairs.)
    And you should totally write God Love a Yankee! Or Alice Unanswered…but I think it would be so fun to read about Hazel and Philip…
    Anyway, I hope you have an awesome Christmas!

    1. We just finished with stockings which was … A lot of candy. 😉 (My parents know me well …) Hope you have a good time!
      I’m kinda leaning that way at the moment just ’cause I think Hazel would be fun to write … Though I need to figure out how Philip manages to keep all these secrets and is a relatable jerk. xD

      1. Hehe, candy is always great! I got a lot of it as well! 🙂
        See…it would be so fun to figure out and see how all the characters interact with each other!

  2. EEEP! Merry Christmas!!! I’m coming to the party a tad bit late but WHATEVS. Christmas can happen on the first of the new year. Obviously.
    And might I just add how much I loved those story descriptions??? THEY ARE PERFECTION, SIR!!! XD Mostly because they sound a lot like how //I// write out my synopsises (synopsis’? synopsi???). I’m really in love with Sail Away (because that one just sounds absolutely lovely and fun) and also 100 Facts About An Angel, because AWWWWWWWW!!! That is far too adorable for words!!!!
    I hope you had the absolute Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Years!!!!

    1. Well, some people celebrate Christmas until the 5th of January, I think, sooo … you’re not late someplace! 😛
      Awww, thank you, Smudge! 😛 Synopses, I think? Is it plural already? Synopsises? I have no clue, frankly. XD But thank you!
      You, too! HAPPY 2018!!! (I can’t believe it’s another year!)

      1. That’s true!! Which means that I AM FINALLY ON TOP OF THINGS THIS YEAR!!! WHOO! XD
        Yessss! I think it’s probably Synopses…. That sounds about right… XD Let’s just go with it and ignore the fact that we’re probably wrong. XD
        EEEP! I CAN’T EITHER!!! This year has been fantastic, though, so I’m pretty pleasantly surprised with how 2018 is going… XD

        1. YAY AWESOME!!!!
          Yeah, synopses. That works. It doesn’t have a wiggly red line under it, so it must be right … 😛
          Haha, well, let’s hope it continues that way!

What do you think of my thoughts?

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