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How 2018 Will (Hopefully) Go

by Kellyn Roth |
December 30, 2017

how 2018 will hopefully go
Hello Ladies and Gents! It’s finally time to list my goals for the New Year (as well as my January 2018 Dares). Are you as pumped for 2018 as I am?!
However, before we begin, I’d like to invite you to beta-read At Her Fingertips! I talked about this at the end of the last post and gave more details. You can sign up using this form. The signups will be open until mid-January though beta-reading will begin as soon as I rewrite one last scene! (So pretty soon!)
Also, sorry for this post being a little late! I’m sick, and I just haven’t been able to pull myself away from editing At Her Fingertips, to be honest. And I have a couple other projects I want to finish before the New Year, sooo … yep.

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January 2018 Dares

January 2018 Dares


  • Read a classic.
  • Finish all those random books in your closet.
    • Seriously. There are still like two. And there will be more because I just ordered seven books* from Amazon.
  • Read a book on writing.
    • I want to read more writing-craft books.
    • Because I honestly need some improvement.
    • And anyway, it is something I enjoy. #notusuallyanonfictionperson

*I’m not ashamed. I’m just pleased that I got them all with a $40 giftcard. #usedbooks
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  • Publish Flowers.
    • ON THE 13TH!
    • (Also, I’m thinking about putting together some sort of party? Any ideas?)
  • Start working with beta-readers for At Her Fingertips.
    • (You can sign up to beta-read here.)
  • Work on that other project that shall go unnamed.
    • I’ll talk about it later.
    • But there is a hint about the novel in the Life section. *whistles innocently*

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  • Stick to the schedule.
    • I CAN DO IT.
    • (Not I can’t.)
  • Get 520 Followers.
    • Why not?
    • (and yes, that is a random number … but it’s attainable? I think?)
    • (attainable is good)

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  • Practice my clarinet and saxophone.
    • I feel like this will always and forever be a life goal???
    • But I’m going to be in two really good bands now, so I need to crack down on myself.
  • Work with Aubrey.
    • This is very important.
    • Because she is so intelligent, and she just needs fine-tuning to be a great, obedient dog.
  • Visit my grandparents – at least a couple times.
    • I know, same Dare as last time again!
    • But when I don’t do something one month, I have to do it the next month.
    • ALSO, I have a lot of questions about what my town was like in 1942 (#motivation). For reasons. *wiggles eyebrows*
    • (They weren’t alive during this time, but their parents were, and they probably remember a bit about Celilo Falls.)

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My New Year’s Goals

(and yes, there are purposefully eighteen … because it’s 2018 …) (and I’m not willing to do 2,018 *nods*) (that would be ridiculous)

  1. Publish At Her Fingertips.

    • On April 22nd, more specifically.
    • *is over the moon excited about this*
  2. Rewrite Beyond Her Calling.

    • It’s terrible, guys. I honestly have no idea whatsoever how I’m going to fix it. It’s just … sickening. *sighs*
  3. Publish Beyond Her Calling.

    • I don’t know if this will happen or not, but … dream big?
  4. Write and begin editing Alice Unanswered.

    • *is mysteriously holding back many details about this book* *grins*
  5. Finish writing Once a Stratton.

    • It’s at 42K now, which, based on all the stuff I have to cram into it before the end (not even exaggerating) will lead it to be about 70K finished.
    • Which is feasible.
  6. Write two other full-length novels.

    • *mysteriously keeping this back*
    • *because I’m not sure what they will be*
    • (But one will be a NaNoWriMo novel, and I’m thinking I’ll write the other in the summer whatever it ends up being.)
  7. Participate in Camp NaNo and NaNoWriMo.

    • I mean write at least 50K both times.
    • Oh, yeah!
  8. Cut down on procrastination while writing, editing, etc.

    • I’m not sure how I’ll go about this, but I will. Somehow.
    • Perhaps just by not chasing every plot bunny in sight.
    • Let the plot bunnies plot bunny on.
  9. Make a plan for your next couple years in writing.

    • Plans are good! Though lacking in my life at the moment.
  10. Practice the clarinet and saxophone.

    • Hahahahahahaha.
  11. Graduate from high school.

    • My mom will not let me not accomplish this one. 😛
  12. Make a budget and stick to it.

    • DON’T.
    • SPEND.
    • MONEY.
    • ON.
    • RANDOM.
    • STUFF.
    • (Which is actually not a huge problem I have unless if I just randomly buy something? I have no use for money, to be honest. *shrugs*)
  13. Read less – but read quality.

    • Because reading 50 bad or just mediocre books does me no good.
    • But reading 1 good or amazing book does me great!
    • *makes sense*
  14. Get 818 followers on Reveries.

    • I know, I’m a little crazy, but I’m gonna go for it!
  15. Blog more regularly on Reveries Reviews.

    • Hahahaha … yep.
  16. Enjoy this summer – but be semi-productive.

    • Because summer belongs to you. *subtle Phineas and Ferb reference*
  17. Start a Bible study.

    • I’ve always wanted to do this, and I think the time is ripe!
  18. Have a little more of life.

    • Because right now I’m not actually living.
    • I’m an undead zombie.
    • True story.

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Now, you may have noticed that this post is rather brief. Well, that is true. As I mentioned earlier, I am rather sick, and I have several deadlines looming over me.
So. I shall leave you now and hope you enjoyed this brief post. 😛

And now, until we meet again,

~Kellyn Roth~

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What are your goals for 2018? For January 2018 specifically? What are some things you are looking forward to in 2018? In January?

Also, I’ll hopefully be posting a video on my YouTube channel soon-ish in which I talk about my favorite 2017 books. So … look out for that!

What do you think of my thoughts?

37 Responses

      1. Of course, with this being me we’re talking about, I couldn’t find it…? 😂 Can you please tell me where it is? 😛

  1. Okay, so I want to beta-read At Her Fingertips (I’ve never beta-read anything………..Unless it was that random thing someone sent me to read……….)
    But I have no idea what it is about, so I kinda need info….. 😀
    GOALS???????? WHAT ARE THOSE??????? *screams* *cries*
    I don’t really blame you for getting seven books off of Amazon…………….I would do the same thing if I had money……….. 😛

    1. Well, basically you just read it and let me know what you think. It doesn’t have to be complicated or anything. Just “I liked this part, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about this part, and this part needed some work …” Or however you want to phrase it. : )
      Haha, I get you sometimes … I don’t always keep my goals. Okay most the time I don’t. 😋
      It was an Amazon gift card from a relative, haha … I wouldn’t usually have money. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, I just love reading your posts so much. XDD Your goals sound awesome! I hope you’re able to complete them all!
    And squeeee, I’ve always wanted to beta-read one of your novels. I just signed up to beta-read At Her Fingertips! I’m so excited.

    1. Awwwww, thank you! I hope so, too, although I don’t expect to complete every single one. 😉 But I’ll try!
      Yay!!!!! I’m so excited to work with you, and everyone else … I’ll be sending it out to the first batch of sign-up-ers after the New Year. 😊

      1. You know what they say: shoot for the moon, ’cause even if you miss, you’ll land on a star. 😉
        Well, actually, I don’t really know what they say, I’m just guessing that’s how the quote goes.
        YAY! Ooh, awesome! I can’t wait!

  3. Ah, I’m so excited to see your YouTube video!! I probably will forget about it (I already forgot about your channel) if you don’t remind me, so remind me. 😉
    And KELLLLL. “I have no use for money, to be honest. *shrugs*” IF YOU HAVE NO USE FOR MONEY, WILL YOU GIVE IT TO ME??? I could buy so many good books with that money… *stares off into the distance*
    And hmm why is it exactly 818 followers, Kellyn?? Did you look into the future and see that this was how many followers you’d have?? And aaahh, wishing you all the luck on publishing At Her Fingertips!! It’s going to be amazing, I know it. <3

    1. The video will probably be out in a couple hours … assuming it ever uploads … *growls*
      Oh, that’s right, I could buy books! But I don’t think my mom will let me … so yeah, it still is useless for me … xD Maybe I should send it to you … or save it for college/a car/a house/etc. etc. etc. … either way. 😛
      Well, it as a totally random number, honestly? I have no doubt that I’ll fail miserably – my estimation would be about 600 followers by 2019 – but it’s a fun goal. 🙂 And thank you!

  4. I just finished catching up with your posts – reading over a few of the more recent ones that I’ve missed out on. This comment is kind of a comment on all of those. 😉
    I noticed you tagged me in that one 12 Days of Christmas post. Ahaha. Ha. Oops. Too late. Though my mind did start scheming about posting in randomly in June or July. I’ll probably forget, but I at least titled a draft. I didn’t feel particularly sentimental about Christmas-y things this year, anyway. Well, thanks for thinking of me.
    Looking at your review of 2017 and your goals for 2018, you seem to be doing a LOT of publishing! Wow! And you seem to be doing a lot of writing. I say that with a bit of a sigh wishing that I was fulfilling more of a writer’s life… but with the commitments I’ve taken on, I’m finding that I’m not… The struggle is knowing how to go about life in the way that most honors the Lord. Push to write more? Finish well with my other commitments and hold on until then (though not just hold on, but own that maybe God wants to use me there?)? Ah well. Life is an adventure and more about knowing Him than doing it all right. Enjoy the writing/editing/working-with-betas and such. I wish I had the time to beta read for you. Have you had many people take you up on it?

    1. Well, I didn’t expect everyone who got tagged to do it. 🙂
      Personally, I felt like I don’t do enough, but I think I unfairly compare myself oftentimes … and as far as writing, I guess I’m okay. I just worry that I don’t spend enough time marketing, but oh well, who cares! 😛 Yes, it’s a difficult balance. I hope you’re able to come to peace about it!
      Yes, I’ve had loads and loads of people, so no worries there! I was actually surprised with how many signed up. I’m sending it out to the first batch today. 🙂

      1. Hehe, well with regards to the amount of time you spend writing, you just compare yourself to me and you’ll have an immediate confidence boost. Haha. Just kidding. Don’t compare yourself to others either way. God’s will (or as much of it as you understand) is always a better standard for you to live by than others’ lives.
        Oh yay! Congratulations on so much positive response to your call for Beta readers! X)

  5. IS THIS A WWII NOVEL?? *feels so smart for finding the clue and everything* 😛
    Anyway, I like your goals! (And that there’s 18 of them.) I hope that you will be able to accomplish all of them…especially all of the writing! I’m very excited to read Beyond Her Calling at some point!! (Unless you did something to Jorvy in which case…maybe I’d just rather dream.)
    And Alice Unanswered! What is this book, Kell? Why are you so mysterious? 😛 I’m going to throw out a wild guess and assume that the title is a reference to an unanswered prayer…we’ll see, though. But I’m very excited for this one because PETERRRRRRRRRRR. 😀
    And ooh, a bible study sounds interesting. Do you have any specific books/parts that you’re planning on studying?
    OH and get well soon!! *hands virtual chicken noodle soup*

    1. Yes, this is a WW2 novel! Although no more details. *mysterious* Okay, seriously, though, I’ll probably be talking about it sooner or later? In the next couple weeks? Because I honestly need to test it on people and see if it’s crazy. *is fighting a plot bunny* *is losing* 😛
      I’m glad! I’m honestly thinking about helping Jorvy along a little … *coughs* I’m thinking I didn’t give them half a chance this last November. But we’ll see. I’m gonna be asking some people their opinion in the next couple months and figuring this out. *nods*
      Um. *coughs* Noooo … not about a prayer at all … *coughs louder* Okay, maybe it is, but you didn’t hear it from me. 😉 I’m also super excited about Peter! He’s amazing!
      The truth is, I haven’t gone very far in the plans for the Bible study. I’m thinking 1 Thessalonians because that’s a favorite of mine, but I’m still working on it.
      *sips chicken noodle soup* Thank you. I’m starting to feel better now. 🙂

      1. Yayyyy! Is it “That Plot Bunny”??
        YES. HELP THEM. (And you can always ask my opinion, haha…but of course I think you know what my answer will be.)
        Oooh, interesting.

        1. Yes, it’s “That Plot Bunny.” XD It’s more of a semi-formed story idea now, though? Like, I don’t have most of the plot details pinned down. *knows more about characters than plots* *hides*
          (Maybe I will! Though yeah, I know what your answer will be … 😛 )

            1. Umm … the guy is a middle child with self-esteem issues … and the girl is super proper and strict … honestly, her personality/arc needs work. Not sure where I’m gonna go with her. But the guy has an older sister and a younger sister and a weird name. For the ’40s, anyway. And … I’d better stop. 😉

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