Alice Unanswered? What’s that all about?

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Alice Unanswered_ What's That All About_

What? I have a sudden and inexplicable desire to tell you about this book! I mean, people have been asking (oh, shush, they have *pretends I have fans* *doesn’t have fans*) about Alice Unanswered, and so here goes!
I actually do have a reason for posting this right now. I hit 25K with Alice Unanswered! Now, granted, I haven’t typed it all up yet … but knowing that I have 25K is very comforting. Even if I’m not sure of the exact number.
And so … yes, I am completing turning over my plans for this yearΒ in which I wasn’t going to start writing AlUn until April. Right now, this book is begging to be written … and who am I to refuse?

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The (terribly terrible) Blurb

Alice Unanswered, WIP coverAlice [Last Name] struggles with her new life in [place where she lives once she’s married]. Though she loves her husband – and, as she gets to know them, his family – she still has many worries as to her new lifestyle as a married woman in a new [place].

Even as the excitement eases and Alice finds it easier to imagine her days continuing this way for the rest of her life, she still has one last prayer. But it seems God is just ignoring her.

To Alice, contentment lies within boundaries she has already set in her life. How can she be happy if God doesn’t give her what she wants?

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Why am I being so mysterious?

Well, because this book takes place during Alice’s married life, I have to be very careful not to reveal who her husband is! (I know some of you have a pretty good guesses, but it would still be a major spoiler.)
And … until y’all read At Her FingertipsΒ (in which Alice becomes engaged to said husband), I don’t want to risk y’all finding out!
Hence, the mystery.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  1. Alice always gives in to the men in her life.
    • Her father, various men during At Her Fingertips, and now her husband.
    • I just now had this revelation, so I’m super excited!
  2. At the same time, Alice has issues with needing to be in control.
    • She needs her plans to work or she can’t function.
    • Her past is so messed-up, poor baby.
  3. I’m getting to write about various things I’ve researched and thought about in the past!
    • But I can’t say what, ’cause spoilers! πŸ˜›
  4. This book is going to break your heart, hopefully.
    • My best friend moaned aloud when I was reading a certain section to her.
    • (Granted, she has a mild phobia of the subject matter, but STILL.) (So proud of myself …)

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And … that is all! Sometimes we need a very brief post, you see. It gives texture and flavor to the blog! (Okay, that makes no sense, but you know what I mean!)

Until Saturday,

~Kellyn Roth~

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So … are you excited for this novel? Or are you groaning because I’m dragging this stupid series on for too long? Are you excited to get back to actual posts?

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  • CutePolarBear

    Oh! Don’t tell me Alice lives in [place] with [husband] and his family, especially his cousin?? I’m already anticipating it. πŸ˜€

    • Kellyn Roth

      Whaaaa? Nooooo … I don’t know anything about that … xD
      (Cousins are awesome, though …)

  • Angela R. Watts

    Ooh, yes, of course I’m excited for this book! ;D And *gasp* no way… Alice and [husband]?! xD And yo it better not break my heart… very fragile heart here… lol!

    • Kellyn Roth

      Aw, I’m glad! YES, Alice and Husband! Or, as I like to call them, Halice. Or Ausband. Or Husice. I’m not sure which yet …
      We’ll see … *evil laughter*

  • Lana

    *realizes I have probably commented at least a hundred spoilers about who Alice’s husband is in the comments* Oops… heh.
    ANYWAY, I’M EXCITED! πŸ˜€ Not for my heart to be broken. Well, maybe a little bit, since feeling emotion in books is awesome. πŸ˜› But I can’t wait because AFOPPPPPPPP. πŸ˜‰
    Also, you have fans! At least one fan. *bows*

    • Kellyn Roth

      That’s okay … I don’t think anyone noticed … πŸ˜› (And if they did, it’s not too big a deal!)
      Yes, feeling emotions in books is definitely awesome, although who wants their heart broken? *loves drama* *but also hates having her heart broken* *ponders*
      Awww … *bursts into sobs* πŸ˜‰

      • Lana

        Haha. πŸ˜›
        If you hate having your heart broken, why are you writing something heartbreaking in the book?

        • Kellyn Roth

          Because I like torturing people, I guess? And myself? I don’t know … XD

  • Zielle

    EXCITED!!!! Will you do another book about Ivy??

    • Kellyn Roth

      I’m glad!!! Yes, I will! Though I’m not 100% sure on the plot yet. πŸ™‚

  • Liberty

    Ooh! Yay! More about [husband]! He was the best part in At her Fingerprints! *screams* Sorry.

    • Kellyn Roth

      LOL, I’m glad you’re excited about [husband]! He’s a favorite mine, too! πŸ˜›

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