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Bound by Victoria Lynn

by Kellyn Roth |
March 26, 2018

Title: Bound
Author: Victoria Lynn
Genre: Christian Contemporary (MG/YA)
Setting: United States
Publisher: Victoria Lynn
Source: from author (in exchange for honest review)
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Bound by Victoria Lynn


Levi thought he was making this journey alone. But when he meets an eight-year-old girl at the train station, that plan is turned on its head.

Casey is running away and finds out that Levi is too. They decide to journey together and their lives are suddenly bound together in a journey they will not soon forget.

Both children come from abusive situations and are running from the dangers of their previous life. Levi is confident he can handle this on his own, but when Casey is injured on the journey, he must seek help from the first person that comes into his path, or rather people.

Mr. and Mrs. Bellworth are simple farm folk with a heart for kids and a passion for serving God. When their unconditional love and gentle care surrounds Levi and Casey, the troubles of their previous lives melt away and they start to flourish. But when Casey is dragged back into the abusive world she came from, the emotional trauma, pain and distrust resurfaces. Will they be forever bound by their past? Or will God answer their prayers?

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If I had known the book was going to be this good, I would have read it a long time ago. Going into it … I just didn’t think it was my thing. I’m not really a contemporary fiction kinda girl.

But … the author is my friend, so I eventually decided I’d better read it. Boy, am I glad! It was nothing short of God-inspired.

PLOT: 5/5

Excellent! Kept me on edge and longing to know what would happen next all the way through. It’s a shorter novella, so I wasn’t expecting too much in lieu of complexity, but it was very well-done.
The plot made me sad. Sad for all those poor kids, abused by their parents or guardians. Sad for all the kids struggling through the foster system. Yet … it also left me hopeful. We can make a difference, we can bring God into these children’s lives.


AAAAAH THESE GUYS! Okay, I’m gonna talk about some of my favorites, but it’s not necessarily going to be coherent. THEY WERE REALLY GREAT CHARACTERS, THOUGH!
Levi is an amazing guy! Especially considering his background. I mean, yes, he’s got his problems, definitely … but he’s also a really nice boy! He takes care of Casey, and he’s generally pretty kind. Definitely an impressive character.
Casey, our other star, was so adorable. I really liked her, and she seemed like a realistic, well-done character.
Miz Mariah and Mr. Abel were awesome. I love their faith in God and dedication to their calling. Micayla was a hilarious but amazing character. Loved her clothes! I could just see them in my mind …


The writing was overall pretty good, but I felt that there were places where it could have been improved. And I’m probably being nit-picky, but that’s how I felt. 😉


Language: n/a
Violence: talk about abuse, characters have bruises, a couple instances of Casey being hit by her father and fearing being hit by her parents.
Sexual: n/a
Other: Casey is forced to smuggle drugs for her parents. Levi and Casey’s parents are drunk at times.
About 10+ with parental guidance. 12+ for solo readers.

OVERALL: 4.5/5

THAT WAS SOOO GOOD! The emotions were incredible. It was a great story, and I’d definitely recommend it. Both eye-opening and eye-keeping. 😛

Review by Kellyn Roth of Reveries Reviews

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