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At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 4

by Kellyn Roth |
April 25, 2018


[[Well. She shouldn’t have made her password so obvious.]]

[[Shhhhh, we don’t want them to know!]]

[[I’m not telling them! I’m introducing us. Hello, all! I’m Alice Knight, the main character of Kellyn’s latest book, At Her Fingertips. I wanted her to rewrite it slightly with *coughs* less complications, but it appears that isn’t going to happen.

[[Now, here’s how this will work! There are six of us who could come here today.

[[And steal Miss Roth’s blog.]]

[[Shush, Peter. Guilt will get us nowhere. I’m sure she doesn’t mind. *hesitation* Wait, Kirk, did we check and see if she didn’t mind?]]

[[Uh … let’s just say … we weren’t a thorough as we could have been. *clears throat* I’m sure she doesn’t care.]]

[[All right, then. Let’s go on. We’re putting on this post today. Each of us will be in a different color of colored brackets. And oh my goodness, am I using American spelling?]]


[[Neighbor. Theater. Center. Apologize. That’s it. I’m leaving.]]

[[Oh, come on, it’s not so bad!]]

[[You would say that! Alice, we just have to bear it. Go on.]]

[[*sigh* Very well. Now, here’s are the colors for each of us.]]

[[Alice Knight]] [[Kirk Manning]] [[Ivy Knight]] [[Peter Strauss]] [[Cassie O’Connell][[Gibson Ashfield]]

[[Is that in order of importance?]]

[[Shush, you. And … I believe that’s it! Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy our post!]]

[[You’d better. *waggles eyebrows*]]



Today’s Posts

Character Interview/Series Review by Libby May @ GeoTurtle

[[In this post, there’s an interview with me! I got to talk about the woes of being a fictional character as well as my plans for the future to a certain extent. No spoilers, though – I’ve been thoroughly warned about spoilers.]]

[[One of those questions made me choke on my coffee …]]

[[I know! *silently glares at the interviewer*]]

Author Interview by Medomfo @ Writings from a God Girl

[[Author interviews. *tsks*]]

[[As an author, I’ll say thank you to Medomfo for hosting Miss Roth on your blog! I’m sure she appreciated it very much!]]

[[I don’t appreciate it. She could have interviewed me instead!]]

[[It’s her blog, after all …]]

[[Yes, she should get to decide subjects for her own blog!]]

[[Even if it’s not a good subject. *coughs*]]

Series Review and Author Interview by Charis Rae

[[Huh. Didn’t care for the ending.]]

[[We knew this was going to happen. *smug grin*]]

[[*slaps Kirk* Shhh!]]

[[Awww, she said nice things about Ivy Introspective!]]

[[And she was rather kind about At Her Fingertips, you must admit. I admit I wasn’t convinced that the ending was right for a long time myself …]]

[[Wait. What?]]

[[Er, nothing.]]

Author Interview by Sarah Addison Fox


[[Well-executed, Miss Roth and Mrs. Addison Fox!]]

[[Peter, you’ve got to stop siding with the authors.]]

[[I can’t help it!]]

The Schedule

April 23rd

Author Interview by Julia @ Julia’s Creative Corner
Review by Abigail @ Novels, Dragons, and Wardrobe Doors
Author & Book Spotlight by Rebekah Devall @ Hunting for Truth
Guest Post from a Character by Kiki @ K.E. Stanton
Book Spotlight by Gentle @ Gentle Words

April 24th

Review/Character Interview by Heather @ Frozen Book Blog
Character Interview by Sel Young @ Hearth
Author Interview by Gabriellyn @ PageTurners
Author Interview/Review by Caitlyn @ Salt and Light
Book & Author Spotlight by Brian W.

April 25th

Character Interview/Series Review by Libby May @ GeoTurtle
Author Interview by Medomfo @ Writings from a God Girl
Series Review and Author Interview by Charis Rae
Author Interview by Sarah Addison Fox

April 26th

Book and Author Spotlight by Grace Matlyn Buckner @ Literatura
Book Spotlight by Kaylee @ Kaylee’s Kind Of Writes
Character and Author Interview by Amie @ Crazy A
Author Interview by Jessica Grayson
Author Interview by Rachel @ Rachel Rossano’s Words
Character/Book Spotlight by Erika Mathews @ Resting Life
Series Review & Character Interview by Victoria Lynn @ Ruffles and Grace

April 27th

Author Interview by Loretta Marchize @ Just Writing
Series Review/Author Interview by Lisa @ Inkwell
Guest Post from Character by Kelsey Bryant @ Kelsey’s Notebook
Book Spotlight by Angela @ The Peculiar Messenger


The Giveaway

3rd Prize Graphic
3rd Prize: the complete (published) series in ebook and a $10 Amazon gift card.
2nd Prize Graphic
2nd Prize: a copy of At Her Fingertips, a set of watercolors and brushes.

[[Oh, they’re themed. About me!]]

[[Don’t let it go to your head!]]
1st Prize Graphic
Grand Prize: the complete (published) series in paperback, a journal and pen set, and special features!

How do you enter this giveaway? Well, follow the link, of course!

[[I’m just going to leave all her copy-and-paste info because I don’t want to rewrite it. If that’s fine with the rest of you, that is?]]

[[Right, who has time for that?]]

Click Here!


Facebook Parties

[[Today we’ll be answering questions and chatting on our Facebook event pageIt’s going to be wonderful!]]

[[Also be sure to follow our pages!]]

[[Here are the links. *is the only one who would think of something practical like that because the rest of you are either butterfly-chasers or Gibson Ashfield.

Link to Gibson’sLink to Mine Link to Peter’sLink to Kirk’s]]

[[I resent that! Butterflies indeed …]]

[[I don’t … *has accepted his butterfly mind*]]

[[My page looks wondrous. The others’ … well. *eyeroll*]]

[[I just happen to like my horse pictures!]]

[[I’m not on Facebook, unfortunately, but I’ll be there in spirit!]]

[[Me, neither, but you’re in my thoughts!]]

[[Just to give you an idea of what we’re capable of:]]
[[What can I say? The faces are amazing!]]

[[I’m just a teensy bit jealous!]]

[[Those faces are amazing …]]

[[Don’t worry, Ivy … you’ll have a book release in October. Surely Miss Roth will let you have a page then!]]

[[What about me?]]

[[Sail Away, remember?]]

[[That’s just a pipe dream of Miss Roth’s …]]

[[She is a will-o’-the-story-idea, like any author.]]

[[I … no, that’s actually quite accurate …]]

Theme Days

  • Day 1 (22nd): Introductions

    • What the blog tour will entail.
  • Day 2 (23rd): Historical Day

    • Talking about the history behind the novel.
  • Day 3 (24th): Theme Day

    • Talking about the meaning behind the novel.
    • [[The meaning is simply uncomfortable …]]
    • [[Oh, Alice …]]
  • Day 4 (25th): Character Takeover Day (you are here!)

    • Oh, no! The characters have taken over the blog!
    • [[MUHAHAHAHA.]] [[Behave yourself.]]
  • Day 5 (26th): Process Day

    • What Kell’s writing process looks like.
    • [[It looks like majorly changing my life, personality, and habits multiple times!]]
    • [[YES. EXACTLY.]]
    • [[You two are actually agreeing on something??]]
    • [[I think we’ve both had our lives altered multiple times …]]
    • [[I’m just grateful I don’t have to spend the rest of my life in shame and agony and heartbreak … even if it took a while to figure out …]]
    • [[KIRK. SPOILERS!!!]]
    • [[Sorry!]]
  • Day 6 (27th): Future Day

    • Talking about what novels Kell will be working on in the future.
    • [[Alice Unanswered. *read the synopsis once and is dying of suspense*]]
    • [[Even the title is foreboding …]]
    • [[I’m actually looking forward to Beyond Her Calling, though. I think it will be interesting!]]
    • [[At least your synopsis isn’t vaguely threatening …]]
  • Day 7 (28th): Wrapup

    • Giveaway winners announced, etc.
    • [[I want that journal.]]
    • [[You can’t have the journal, Peter … we’ve talked about this …]]
    • [[Uggggghhhhh … it’s even nautical-themed! I love sailing!]]
    • [[I thought you get seasick …]]
    • [[I do, but I still love sailing!]]

[[And … that’s it!]]

[[Thanks so much for reading our post! I hope you enjoyed it. It was fun to write – though I still don’t know about stealing Miss Roth’s blog …]]

[[It’s all right, Ivy. I think she rather wanted us to.]]

[[Oh? Well, that was kind of her.]]


~Alice Knight~

~Kirk Manning~

~Gibson Ashfield~

~Cassie O’Connell~

~Ivy Knight~

~Peter Strauss~

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40 Responses

  1. Haha this is so cool! Nice job! Which one of you found the passwords?
    I love you all guys. 😀 *group hug*

    1. It was a combination of me slyly asking Peter for facts about the author – he remembers everything – and staying up all night trying different passwords. ~Alice
      Thanks! ~Everyone except Gibson who doesn’t want to be hugged

  2. Haha I loved their reactions to mine! Tell Peter I did enjoy the ending, but it was surprising for a very devoted Kirk+Alice shipper. 😉
    Thanks so much for letting me participate in this blog tour read all of your books! 😀

  3. Characters, you had me cracking up the whole post! And I thought the Facebook pages were likewise hilarious. (Too bad I don’t have an account, or I’d totally follow you and ask questions)
    Ivy, maybe your author will let you have a Facebook page soon. Although you might not want your personal information read by the powers that be. So just be content that you don’t have one. 😉
    Gibson, why are you so … so … bad and amazing at the same time??
    Peter, it’s kind of you to appreciate the author interviews. I suppose you’ve never had one, have you?
    Kirk, I love you. <3 Be happy for me, will you?
    Alice, you're such a … planner. Your contrast is amazing with all of your suitors. It's just great, and I could read what you say all day.
    And Cassie, you didn't say much, but I'm glad you're worried about the spoilers. 😀
    P.S. Now that you have Kellyn's passwords, you should be able to take over her blog more often!

    1. Thank you! *smiles* We who have Facebook pages worked on them for several days to get them just right. ~Alice
      Yes, that’s true. I don’t know if I want bad people to know about me. *furrows brow* But maybe because I’m fictional it won’t matter. *smiles* ~Ivy
      Can’t help it. It’s ingrained into me, just like my jawline. ~Gibson
      No, not yet! Someday, perhaps. I’ve interviewed several authors, though. ~Peter
      Of course I’ll be happy for you! *grins* ~Kirk
      Thank you! I do like having things nice and orderly … Also, we’re definitely taking over Miss Roth’s blog again sometime! ~Alice
      Silence is golden. 😉 ~Cassie

  4. This was so fun! 🙂 Peter, I feel you! When I first got to use emojis I went all out! 😀 It was quite fun. And I love that you guys get to have facebook pages and comment on each other’s posts.
    And…here are some questions for you:
    Ivy, what book are you reading right now? Are you excited for Beyond Her Calling?
    Peter, Kirk, and Gibson–what is your favorite thing about Alice?
    Cassie, tell me more about yourself!
    Peter, if not in an nautical themed journal, what do you normally write in/on?
    Gibson, do you know if Kell is planning on writing a novel or short story about you? I think that would be interesting…
    Alice, if you had one superpower, what would it be?
    (By the way, Kell, this post was really awesome! I love your characters. You should let them steal your password again. 🙂 )

    1. Yes, it’s so much fun! The faces and the Facebook pages, of course! ~Peter
      //Ivy, what book are you reading right now? Are you excited for Beyond Her Calling?//
      Right now I’m reading a book Peter brought me – Elsie Dinsmore. He says he needs to talk to someone who thinks it’s as ridiculous as he does, because his sisters both adore it, and he’s so very alone. But I like it so far, so I don’t know how that’s going to go. Yes, I’m looking forward to Beyond Her Calling! I can’t wait to do something. Although that is a little scary … ~Ivy
      //Peter, Kirk, and Gibson–what is your favorite thing about Alice?//
      Probably how easily we talk. We can have a conversation that lasts for hours over nothing. It’s wonderful. There’s just a sort of easy comradeship between us … ~Kirk
      Again, how well we talk, but on another level. I think we’re compatible – we think the same – and though we may arrive at different conclusions occasionally, in the end we are similar. And I like that about her. Also, she is just so matter-of-fact. The world needs more honesty … ~Gibson
      That she is Alice. ~Peter
      //Cassie, tell me more about yourself!//
      Oh, there’s not much to say about me! I’d rather just keep to myself. 🙂 ~Cassie
      //Peter, if not in an nautical themed journal, what do you normally write in/on?//
      You don’t want to know how many journals and notebooks I have … I’ve been known to carry several different ones around with me at a time as well. That’s why I like coats and trousers with deep pockets! ~Peter
      //Gibson, do you know if Kell is planning on writing a novel or short story about you?://
      Yes, she’s definitely planning on one, though I’m going to fight her every step of the way! “Before a Fall” indeed. There will be no falling! ~Gibson
      //Alice, if you had one superpower, what would it be?://
      The ability to control every aspect of my life and the lives of everyone around me? If that’s not available, perhaps the ability to play the piano. Or the ability to read minds so I won’t continually be in the dark about others’ thoughts and feelings.

      1. Haha, Kell, I love your characters so much! 😀 And yes, a story about Gibson! That excites me, actually. (But you’re still my favorite, Peter, not to worry.)
        Oooh, I just thought of another question. Peter, have you heard that this novel is nicknamed AFOP (a.k.a. All Fangirling Over Peter)? What are your thoughts about that? 😉

        1. Er, yes, I’ve heard it thrown around a bit. *coughs* It’s … interesting? Honestly, I am the last person in the world who deserves that. I don’t know where people came up with such things! ~Peter

          1. Haha, you’re the best, Peter. If you really want to know, I was the one who came up with that term (along with Kell). So I’m to blame (or to credit, haha). Now that’s how you’ll always remember me, as the one who came up with AFOP.

            1. *coughs* Yes, I suppose a little bit! *a bit red in the face* I suppose if you want to call the book that I won’t complain. I mean, as a reader you get to dictate to a certain extent – and so does Miss Roth. Still, I don’t quite understand it! ~Peter

    1. Alice: *curtsies* Thank you! Credit where it’s due … it was us, not Miss Roth. *slight condescending smile*
      Peter: Well, technically …
      Alice: Shush.

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