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25 Spoiler-Free Facts About At Her Fingertips

by Kellyn Roth |
May 19, 2018

25 SPoiler-Free Facts About At Her Fingertips.png

Last year, I posted 25 Spoiler-Free Facts About The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective.

Now it’s time for 25 Spoiler-Free Facts about my most recent novel, At Her Fingertips. *super excited* *jumps up and down* *spins in a circle* Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Towards the end of this post there’s also a signup form for people who would like to alpha/beta read Once a Stratton. I’m only looking for a few and the timeline is pretty tight, but if you can, and I’d love to have you!


And now, without further ado …

The Facts

  1. AFOP was really the first book in what would become “The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy” that I wrote. Back then it was called The Sapphire of the Seine, and yes, it was set in Paris. 😉
  2. In The Sapphire of the Seine, Alice (then Alise Bandeau) was sixteen and involved with 30-something man. I don’t understand my twelve-year-old brain at all. Jane Eyre-inspired, I guess???
  3. I’ve been looking forward to writing this book since I was twelve. So four years, at least.
  4. Therefore, I was more prepared to write this book, emotionally and outlinerly, than any before it.
  5. It was also the first novel I thoroughly outline, and the novel I enjoyed writing most. Because I WAS SO PUMPED Y’ALL.
  6. This was the first novel I had an official playlist for which I listened to while writing it. Top songs included I Need You by Sanctus Real, Counting Stars by OneRepublic, Born to Fly by Sara Evans, and Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence.
  7. AFOP was the first novel in which the final draft was shorter than the original draft (from 65,587 to 63,909 words). Probably because in the first draft there was soooo much dialogue and a ridiculously long prologue for absolutely no reason.
  8. I feel like AFOP is probably my best work so far. So if you want to see Kell at her best, well, this novel is a prime example. 😛
  9. Still, there were a lot fewer revisions than there had to be for TDS or IvIn. Mostly it was just messing with Gibson and adding action beats.
  10. I think I also talked about this novel on my blog more than any other because I was just soooo pumped about it! I mean, seriously, I am still super excited! I can’t wait for y’all to read it!
  11. Peter is one of my all-time favorite characters. If not simply my all-time favorite character. Because honestly, I love him so much!
  12. I came to almost like Gibson more than Alice as the story went on? Like, Alice was a little brat sometimes – or at least she doesn’t always do what she should do – but Gibson is just … just … *sobs*
  13. I also cried about this book a ridiculous amount. Like, seriously, you’d think I’d be prepared …
  14. #Kalice is a matter of great debate among my friends. Most of them are huge  fans, but a few of them are not.
  15. No, I never thought twice about the ending. Never have, never will.
  16. I can actually relate more with Alice in this book than ever before. It’s hard to wait when you’d rather just force things to happen.
  17. I changed Gibson’s personality and motivations around several times before landing on the final. He was really a bad guy during the first several drafts …
  18. Cassie is an unspoken heroine because she is the sweetest most supportive best friend.
  19. Ivy is also an unspoken heroine because she genuinely cares about her sister and despite Alice underestimating her, Ivy loves her twin to death. <3
  20. Originally Mr. and Mrs. Knight weren’t that involved in the story … but I soon realized that had to change. After all, Alice adores her mother, and she’d definitely want her advice. Besides, ignoring parents is #notcool
  21. I worked hard on the theme throughout the entire process from outlining to the final draft. Hopefully it showed up clearly!
  22. This is the first full-length novel I’ve had a professional editor for.
  23. The cover Willowy Whisper made for this novel needed practically no changes from the original draft she sent me. I was in love at first sight!
  24. I was actually pleased with the blog tour when it was finished. I know, miracles do happen! Due, of course, to the amazing bloggers who participated.
  25. Not giving spoilers for this book has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Because … argggg! *dies*

And that’s about it! Thanks for much for hanging out with me and talking about my favorite child. 😉 (*whispers* I may act like I’m joking but it’s true.) (Don’t tell my other books!)


As promised, here’s the info about Once a Stratton alphas/betas! Here’s some info you might want to know …

Once a Stratton

Once a Stratton is a 60,000-word Christian historical novel set in 1850s Philadelphia and Virginia with themes of sisterhood, family vs. morals, and trusting God to get you through the rough times. Read a blurb on my works-in-progress page.

You can sign up here!

I’ll be sending out the manuscripts in the next couple days. Beta-reading will be finishing up on June 16th. I do realize that that’s a rather tight schedule, with less than a month for you to get through, but as explained in this post, it will need to be a tight schedule!


~Kellyn Roth~

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Did you enjoy those facts? Were there any that surprised you? How many did you know? Are you interested in beta-reading Once a Stratton? Let me know if you have any questions about that in the comments! 🙂


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13 Responses

  1. Those were fun facts Kellyn! I’m really glad you worked on Gibson. I agree that he didn’t need to be such a bad guy, and clearing that all up was one of the best things you could have done.
    I never shipped #Kalice. And I never ever will. I just can’t seem to find a liking for Kirk…. he’s too big mouthed and stubborn headed. And then when he [removed spoilers] I just couldn’t like him the way he reacted.
    I did sympathize about his back story though, but I really distasted Alice for the way she treated him “as a friend” when she shouldn’t have been acting that way towards him if she didn’t feel the way he felt for her.
    Anyway. It was a pretty great book. XD

    1. YES, definitely! It wasn’t really something I’d experimented with before betas (like you) put it in my head, but I’m sooo glad I changed him because he is … is … he just needed to be different! 😉
      YES, same! I actually didn’t even think about it until I published The Dressmaker’s Secret and then everyone was like, “Awww, they’re cute!” And I’m like, “No, they’re kids, sooo?” But yes, definitely big-mouthed and stubborn! *glares silently at Kirk* But he’ll come back and be better someday. I can fix anyone. 😛 Just kidding, but sorta …

  2. “Outlinerly”. I’m definitely going to use that one. 😉
    I thoroughly understand crying over one’s own novels. <3 It's such an emotional ride, from the conception to the outlining to the writing, to finally unleashing our babies on the world. It's only logical to cry at least once during the process.
    And the theme is so beautiful in "At Her Fingertips"! It's beautiful, and really something pertinent to our lives NOW, not just in historical fiction. It was a huge encouragement to me.
    One last comment. How on EARTH did you manage to not give any spoilers? I'm lucky to write three sentences of a blog post without giving spoilers.

    1. LOL, feel welcome to it! 😛
      Yes, true! At one point or another you’ve got to cry! It’s a rollercoaster all right … especially when you’re torturing your babies. 🙁
      Thank you, Rebekah! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. <3 I worked super hard on it, so I'm glad it came off right.
      I don't know! It was magic, I guess? I mostly talked about writing process and such, haha.

  3. I love these posts! Also, I’m curious, why was it originally called “The Sapphire of the Seine”? Also, how did you find most of the songs for your playlist? Were they songs you already knew and added to the list or songs that you happened to hear during the time you were writing/thinking about the novel and thought should be added to the list?
    Oooooh beta-ing for Once a Stratton… Well, if I finish Beyond Her Calling in time, then yes, definitely. I should have time because SCHOOL IS OUT!! 😀

    1. I … don’t know? 😛 “Sapphire” I think was just like a random gemstone that had nothing to do with anything? Like, maybe preciousness? Or were Alice’s eyes blue back then and …? I don’t know. And then the “of the Seine” part was just because it took place around the Seine in France. #socreative #dontwriteat12 😉
      I think they were mostly songs I already knew. A couple I might have heard of the radio or something and had to add because they were perfect. 😛
      Yay for school being out! 😀 I think I’ve just got one more week! 🙂 Well, if not, no worries – it’s a super tight deadline and all.

      1. Hehe, I think it’s a great name. 😛
        Ahhh, right. I want to start making soundtracks for my books but I feel like songs just never come into my mind. (Or maybe I just listen to too many songs that don’t have lyrics, and that’s the problem.)
        Yay for being graduating buddies! 😀 *high fives* And also, YES I want to read Once a Stratton. Now that I’ve finished Beyond Her Calling…I just need more books by you!

        1. Some books are like that, I think! For At Her Fingertips I’d been thinking about a playlist for so long that it was easy … and then Beyond Her Calling was just like, a lot of piano music and then some random songs … and Tangled. ‘Cause why not. 😛
          *highfives you back* Awwwww!!!! That’s so sweet, Lana!!! And I just saw all your comments – can’t thank you enough! I’ve got some revisions ahead of me. *straps on my editing shoes* *wait do I have editing shoes?* *oh well*

          1. Cause…. #BACKTOTANGLED 😀 Why do we always end up referencing Tangled? 😛 Also, which songs did you use from Tangled?
            You’re welcome! I had a lot of fun reading it! 🙂 Yesss, you definitely have editing shoes. 😛

            1. Are we #BacktoHashtags again? Specifically the #BacktoTangled hashtag WHICH I AM ASHAMED TO SAY I HAVE NOT BEING USING. “At Last I See the Light” and “Kingdom Dance,” which is basically the soundtrack from when they’re … running around the kingdom … dancing … 😛

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