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Welcome to Reveries (Giveaway + Blog Tour)!

by Kellyn Roth |
June 29, 2018

Reveries content

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happened! Reveries has moved to a self-hosted blog, and here we are! Whether you’re an old follower or a new one, I’m so excited to have you here.

Some things are changing … but don’t worry! It’ll be the same old posts from the same old me (no, I haven’t been kissed by a frog and turned into a gorgeous amphibian … yet). And we’ll be getting back into the swing of things this very next week (kinda – I’ll explain). So yay for blog posts!

JUST IN CASE YOU’RE ABOUT TO WANDER OFF … there are lots of big announcements in this post! So y’all stick around or you’re going to be quite confused. *threatening look* (Also, giveaway!)

Okay, let’s get right to it.



First, we’re having a small celebration for the launch of this new blog (!!!) which includes a giveaway! Annnnddd … you stand to win six historical romance novels by six historical romance authors!

Giveaway Graphic for Blog Launch

DOESN’T THIS LOOK AMAZING!? I am soooo tempted to enter myself, but uh … it’s my giveaway. And I already own most of those anyway in paperback, so I need to stop whining. 😉


BUT … I will tell you that these are some of my absolute favorite books.

If you’ve heard me talk about books, I’ve mentioned my love of Sarah Sundin, and her new novel (The Sea Before Us) is one of my absolute favorites. (An English redhead named Gwen who has freckles? A Texan named Wyatt who is so very Texan? Was this book written for me specifically???)

Tamera Alexander is another FANTASTIC author. Her attention to historical detail and the fabulous era/setting of late 1860s/early 1870s Nashville (in the books I’ve read) is just delicious. A Lasting Impression in particular is a great novel! You gotta love Adelicia …

Then there’s Karen Witemeyer, a new author to me but definitely a new favorite as well! The first novel I read by her, No Other Will Do, is definitely a fun one … and just this week I read More Than Meets the Eye, and wow. Funny, great characters, exciting plot, cool setting … this book has it all! Also, I want to be Eva. 😉

Then there’s Faith Blum’s Lily of the Valley, a Western romance that was quite sweet. The focus on romance wasn’t quite so strong, which was quite refreshing. It’s part of a series, but in my experience, it can be read as a standalone.

The last book (other than my own) is Her Blue-Eyed Sergeant by Linda Ellen. This is the only book I haven’t read yet, but it looks fun! I’m a huge fan of WW2 romances, and this one is original as it’s a home-front story.

And of course y’all know about my At Her Fingertips. So I won’t go on about that again. 😉


Blog Tour Schedule

Friday, June 29th

Interview // Madeleine Owens @ The Introverted Raconteur

Guest Post // Kaylee @ Kaylee’s Kind Of Writes

Blog Launch // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries (you are here!)

Saturday, June 30th

Blog Spotlight // Marli Scarborough @ The King and His Kingdom

Sunday, July 1st

Blog Spotlight // Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

Monday, July 2nd

Announcement of Winners // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries

So that’s about it! There are also several folks giving a social media shoutout over this weekend. If y’all could take a moment to share this post or the giveaway, that would be appreciated.


Combining with Reveries Reviews

You may have read about it on social media or on the old Reveries Reviews blog, but I’m combining RR and Reveries!

What does this mean for the schedule and content of Reveries?

Well, there will be reviews, author interviews, and other bookish posts here, obviously. This means we’ll be going from two posts a week to three. However, you will still be getting the same content as the additional post will be the bookish one!

So, if you’re extremely opposed to reading the occasional review, interview, etc., then you are welcome to ignore those posts. However, there’s not a thing wrong with Reveries Reviews, and I hope y’all will come to see that! 😉

Which brings us to the schedule!


New Posting Schedule

Starting after this tour (obviously not today, haha), we’ll be having posts Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Wednesday and Saturday will continue as always under normal circumstances and Monday will become my review day.

But wait, you may be thinking. What is “abnormal circumstances”?

I was just about to get to that, my dear Watson.


New Business

The “abnormal circumstances” would mostly be caused by my new business … Reveries Blog Tour Hosting!

But Kell, you may be thinking. You’ve had that business up on Reveries Reviews for ages.


Yes, I’ve had it up on RR for ages, but I’m just now relaunching it! You should check out the page … it’s all neat and organized!

And here’s how that effects my scheduling …

When I have a blog tour running, I will often post on a different day than my normal ones to announce the beginning of the blog tour or post something else related to it.

Other than that, scheduling will proceed as scheduled. 😉


Oh, one more thing about le business!

I’ve actually got a blog post running next week for Angela R. Watt’s The Thief, the Damsel, and the Dragon. It’ll start Tuesday (meaning no Monday post from moi).

Another blog tour will be hosted for two weeks towards the end of July for Allison Tebo’s The Reluctant Godfather relaunch. I’m SUPER excited for this one. You can sign up for it here (and all the info is contained in the link). We’d love to have some more participants!

(I’m booked for a third blog tour in September, but shhh, nothing about that yet! 😉 )

ALSO … just because some of you may be wondering … there will NOT be a post every day of every blog tour. I will be posting at the beginning and the end with an occasional post in the middle (of the review or author interview variety).

So just two/three posts per tour. Not overwhelming at all!


Guest Posters/Guest Posting

I’m hoping to get more into guest posting and having others guest post on Reveries in the near future. This means we’ll get some variety to our posts … which I think is super fun and super important!

Also, it’s gonna help generate some buzz here, which we need after such a drastic change, y’know?

Let me know if you’d like to guest post on Reveries or have me guest post on your blog!


Are you still there?

I totally forgot to mention this on Old Reveries (uh … oops?), but though my old subscribers are still subscribed, they are not getting email updates.

WHUT??? BUT I WANTS THE EMAIL UPDATES!!! How else will I know when you post??? I can hear you screaming.

That’s okay. You can do that pretty easily. Just go to your WordPress.com account >> Reader >> Followed Sites >> Manage >> Reveries (kellynroth.blog) and change your settings so you’re receiving email updates!

Simple enough, eh?


What’s gonna be posted on Reveries?

From the spiel I gave bloggers:

“About my life as a writer and in general, ramblings about my books and characters, thoughts on Christianity, writing (and other authoring) advice, book & movie reviews, author interviews, blog tours, and occasional blogging tips.”

Basically, it’s a jumble of fun stuff! With the new launch, I’ve changed up a bit to include the following categories … (and this is in third person, haha, bear with me!)


This is basically Kell’s excuse to talk about her writing. She tries not to do this too often, but that’s tough when her plot and characters are so large in her mind!


This is Reveries’s “everything and anything” category. Oftentimes it will end up being announcements or some such, but occasionally it also includes posts like Kell’s “Review of California.”

Because making fun of Cali is our #1 priority at Reveries (not) (said the liar) (whhhaaaat?).


Ah, bookworms unite! Here there will be reviews and interviews, talks about reading, and other fangirling. Beware the crazy girlish squealing!


The “noveling advice” category includes not only advice about, well, noveling, but tips for blogging, publishing, and all those fun writer-related things.


Excerpts, short stories, poems, and the like! “A Bit of Story” is a place to find Kell’s writings in all shapes and sizes—but mostly excerpts. Because excerpts are fun.


A more recent category, this is a place for Kell to talk about what is central to her very being—her faith!


And that’s about it! Thanks so much for reading … and don’t worry! We’ll be back in the swing of things in a week or so!

Also, y’all are the best! <3 I don’t know what I’d do without my blogger friends!


~Kellyn Roth~

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Excited for the giveaway? DID YOU MISS ME!? What are your favorite types of posts on Reveries? Do the new categories look fun? Do you like the new look? (Header and fonts by Charis Rae, colors by Mukta, rest by moi!)

What do you think of my thoughts?

36 Responses

  1. That giveaway is amazing! If anything was tempting me to make a Twitter account … 😛 I love your blog background color; it’s so pretty!


      1. Oh, and I like the picture you changed your thingy too. Oh, man. What’s the word for the picture of you? Oh, your gravitar!

  2. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think that I’ve had a chance to read your blog until now, but I’m excited to subscribe and read your new posts! I don’t know what your old posts looked like, but this format is gorgeous! I love these colors and fonts! Congrats on your reboot!

  3. Kellyn!!! This blog is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations on getting your own self-hosted (or whatever the proper terminology is XD ) website!!! It looks SO cool!!! The colors….the graphics….the fact that it doesn’t have to say .wordpress.com….. I am in love.

    And ACK! Those categories sound absolutely amazing. I NEED. Especially those Noveling Advice posts because aha…#help… XD

    1. THANK YOU!!! I’m super excited about it! And yup, self-hosted is the correct terminology. 😉

      THANK YOU! 😀 I know what ya mean about needing help … 😮

      1. AHA! For once I actually got a term right. ???

        It is a problem. ? But seriously, your writing advice posts are top notch. They always inspire me, no matter how bad I’m feeling towards my writing…

  4. This is my first time checking our your blog–it’s beautiful! And the books in this post all look awesome. (A couple I know for sure are awesome because I’ve already read them.)

    1. Thank you! 😀 Oh, cool, which ones? Those are some of my absolute favorites. <3 (How many times am I gonna say that? Well, I guess it needs re-re-restating.)

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