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Let’s Catch Up A Little

by Kellyn Roth |
July 11, 2018

Let's Catch Up A Little

First of all … I am so proud of my photo-shopping skills. Like, seriously, y’all. Me and my jeep commander and my chocolate Dairy Queen milkshake can go ANYWHERE*.

Also, to those of you who are concerned that I’ll drive off the road because I’m not looking + driving one-handed (who needs two hands to drive a car?? Seriously!?!) + I was going 70 when this picture was taken … y’all can not be my friend anymore.

I’m a daredevil. And I already have a Mommy who’s doing a perfectly good job, thank you very much. So let’s start the post and stop mothering me!

*If you didn’t notice (like my dumb friends), look in the background of the graphic.**

**No, I didn’t go to England. Y’all will hear about that if it ever happens!


So obviously in the two months* since I’ve been gone, some things have happened in my life (off and on the internet). So really quickly I’m going to just talk about what those are and whatnot. (A lot of other things were brought up in this post if you haven’t seen already.)

So without further ado, I present … Kell in the last two months!

*WHAT?!? It’s been that long?!?!


Emotional Breakdowns??? Okay, not that extreme, but …

I’ve been having some difficult times with my emotions and whatnot. And especially with my relationship with God. It’s been a bit of a tough year.

My grandpa, who I love very much, will die soon, which is hard to wrap my head around. (He’s “Toastie” from the IvIn dedication for people who saw that.) I’m also stressed about my dad’s job situation/health and other family issues.

I’m having a tough time seeing my friends, AWANAs is over so I don’t have that great “serving kids” thing that I adore, and of course school gives me more time. #timeisbad #exceptineedmore #help We might not have band next year – which would not be good. #identitycrisis

There are other things, but this blog is public. So let’s stop.

So yeahhhh … I’ve been hating myself and feeling sorry for myself and annoyed at myself and hating others and feeling sorry for others and annoyed at others. None of these six moods have helped a ton. 😉

I’m not asking you to pray exactly, but … if you happen to think of me when you’re praying sometime, I could use it.


On a lighter note …

Esther Ashton’s New Dress is FREE!

That’s right … you can get EAND (???) free on Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, and other major ebook sales channels! Get yourself a copy, read it, and leave me a quick review! It will take you less than an hour to do all three. 😉

Christmas in July, right?


Wait … why should I sign up for your newsletter then?

You’re right … Esther Ashton’s New Dress was my incentive for folks to join! Since it’s no longer exclusive to the newsletter, there’s no longer a reason to want it.

Well, I’m coming up with something fantastic! If you’ve already joined, you’ll receive it before anyone else – so be sure to subscribe now for a first peek! 😉

Hint: It will include an exclusive novella (that I haven’t even written yet … oops!) and a quick guide to something (not revealing yet!) for writers!


I’ve got some fan clubs!

Okay, not exactly. More accurately, I went through Facebook and Goodreads and created a street team/fan club/meeting place for people who’d like to read my books!

You’re welcome to join either or both! By joining, you are by no means obligated to promote me in any way. All you’re obligated to do is have fun!

Join on Facebook | Join on Goodreads

I’m still trying to come up with a fantastical witty name. But don’t worry – it’ll come to me! We’ll be voting in the groups shortly – even though I have next to no ideas!


I’m graduated!

That’s exciting, right?! Right!?!?!!!! It means I’m done with high school for good. *does a little jig* And y’all know how much I hate school. (Answer: greatly.)


Camp NaNoWriMo Snuck Up On Me!

… like it does every year!

This month I’m working on a combination of Once a Stratton (editing), Before a Fall (first draft), a short story I’m not talking about yet that I wrote while I was away (shhh, revisions), Alice Unanswered (first draft), and Beyond Her Calling (revisions).

I’m busy. But fine. Really.


I’ve been messing around with design a lot.

Made these two covers:

Copy of Before a Fall

Alone in Berlin

I’m actually kinda proud???

Also, messed around with my friends …

photoshop 1

photoshop 3

photoshop 4

Sent those three to my friends with the caption “Road trip!!!” and one of my friends was like, “Oh fun! Where’d ya go?” *facepalm*

Also, this one, in which I pull back the heavens to reveal the stars …

photoshop 2.png


Senior Photos!

They were professionally done by Kathy Pothier Photography. Definitely recommended for those in the northern Oregon area. 😉


Another New Business


I already talked about my blog tour hosting venture (you can help me by signing up for Allison Tebo’s blog tour for The Reluctant Godfather, by the way!), but now I’m starting a Mentorship Program!

Now here’s the rub … right now this isn’t a “business,” exactly, though I’ve called it that.

It’s 100% free of charge. Three beginning writers or bloggers (absolutely no one who knows what they’re doing *coughs*) will receive a one-month one-on-one mentoring by me!

Having blogged since 2015 and written since I was seven (more seriously for the last six years), I have some wisdom to impart to young writers and bloggers. *strikes a pose* 😉

You can read more about it on this page. There’s a survey you can fill out there which will give you a chance at being one of the new writers/bloggers for August. Every month, three more writers will selected. You will be notified as to whether or not you were selected for that month.


And … I think that’s it!

I obviously did a lot of work in the writing area – completed a 9,000-word short story, went through Once a Stratton five times and majorly rewrote the middle section (don’t ask), added a bit to Before a Fall, outlined Water Against the Rocksbut nothing major has happened.

To end on a happy note … I’ve got a new kitten! His name is Sinatra, and he’s an absolute angel. <3


He’s even cuter in person.  😛


~Kellyn Roth~

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What’s going on in your life? Do you think you’ll be relieved to graduate/were you relieved to graduate? Do you have a cat or a dog or a horse or a frog? I love frogs. Have you ever been to Dairy Queen? (It’s my second home.) (Suddenly my health problems make sense.) Did you like the book covers I made?

What do you think of my thoughts?

50 Responses

    1. Thank you, Hope!! I’m so glad you enjoy them! <3 I certainly enjoy writing them, haha! 😉 That'd be great - it'd be fun to have you! 😀 Yes, the photographer was a true pro, and she let me get some shots with my book! 🙂

  1. Hi Kellyn. Glad to hear from you! I’ll be praying for you for sure. Awesome job with the photoshop! Looks pretty cool. XD. I noticed it right away. Imagine all the places you can go.
    Atlantis, Mars, you have to do a series like that now. XD
    I got a copy, thanks! I’m excited to read it.
    Your kitten is so cute! I got a lionhead bunny named Scooter. 😀
    Hope to hear more from you soon. 😀

    1. LOL, most people SHOULD notice right away – which is why it was so funny that a couple friends didn’t … 😉 😛 Oh well, we can’t all notice details … though it’s pretty obvious …

      Ooh, fun! I’ve always wanted to visit Mars or Atlantis. Well, maybe Atlantis more so. 😛

      Awww, sounds adorable! Bunnies are the cutest things.

      1. They are! I had a bunny before but we didn’t have a hutch so I had to give him away because of the winter. But I’ve got a hitch for Scooter. 😀

  2. Thanks for the free book!!! I LOVE Christmas and Christmas books!

    I will be praying for you and your family. Isn’t cool that even though we have never even met we can still pray for each other!!!

  3. Aw I hope you feel better soon, Kell!! I’ll definitely remember you in my prayers <3
    Those book covers are gorgeous!! :O I love that second one!! And I love the cover of At Her Fingertips as well. Those pictures of your are beautiful! xx

  4. YOUR KITTEN IS SO CUTE! <3 Anyway…

    What’s going on in your life? You know, living the dream…working full-time. Preparing for college. Procrastinating writing. 😛

    Do you think you’ll be relieved to graduate/were you relieved to graduate? Yes, I was relieved to graduate. But I'm also excited for college!

    Do you have a cat or a dog or a horse or a frog? I have a cat.

    Have you ever been to Dairy Queen? (It’s my second home.) (Suddenly my health problems make sense.) Actually…I don't think I have.

    Did you like the book covers I made? Yep! I like Before a Fall…I really like the background pic of the couple…and the dark color. 🙂

    Also, your photoshopping pictures are great. 🙂

    The mentoring thing sounds really interesting! I'm curious, what made you decide to do that?

    I hope things get better for you soon! I'll be praying for you. <3

    1. Sounds like you’re busy! Though … yeah, I already knew you were busy. *nods* Nothing like recapping … 😉

      Oh, I didn’t know you had a cat!!

      You need to go to Dairy Queen some time!! Really!! XD

      Thank you! 🙂 Haha, yeah, my photoshopping is … interesting.

      Uh, I don’t know! I just want to start working with new writers and bloggers … and eventually I want it to be a business/something I run.

      1. Yep, I have a cat! She was a stray and then we took her in, so I have no idea what kind of cat she is. 😛

        I suppose I should…if we ever meet each other in person, we should go to Dairy Queen together then!

        That’s cool! It seems like you already have quite a few people doing blog tours with you, which is awesome! Has it been generally easy or hard?

        1. Oh, cool! Sinatra (my kitten) was also a stray. Kinda. More like a wildcat … 😉

          YES!!!! Let’s do that!!

          A lot of work, but easier than hosting my own. Less stress/less personal, I guess.

  5. That all sounds so exciting! I can’t wait for the novella, amazing senior photos, yay graduation, and beautiful covers! (I forced myself to combine that all into one sentence so I wouldn’t go on and on and keep using five million exclamation points in a row. XD)
    I’ll definitely pray for you and your family. My dad has job and health problems as well, so I understand how stressful that part can be. ?

    1. Haha! Always good to be concise! 😉 Thank you on all counts! #alsoconcise 😛

      Aw, thank you! Sorry about your dad – I hope he’ll feel better soon and his job situation will solidify!

  6. Yay, a post! I’ve missed you. 🙂

    “I’m not asking you to pray exactly, but … if you happen to think of me when you’re praying sometime, I could use it.”–Kellyn, the way you worded that was funny. But I understand what you meant, and of course I’ll pray for you! (I would have worded it in a very similar manner, I’m sure)

    Before a Fall–is that Kirk’s story? Maybe??? (Whatever, even if it isn’t, I still want to read it. :P)

    I’m glad you’re happy to graduate. When I graduate, I think I’ll be frightened … scared … actually, who am I kidding? I’m frightened now. I’ll probably be less so when it actually happens, though. 😛 I’m planning to go to college, though, so my situation will be a little different from yours.

    I didn’t immediately see the background in your photoshops, but in my defense, I wasn’t sure what you had photoshopped. (If it were me, you would have to photoshop the milkshake into my hand) But I figured it out before you revealed it. 😉 Okay, I’ll refrain from being your second mother, but really? Driving and not looking? Typical millennial. (Even though you’re not a millennial …) Anyway, I probably already answered this indirectly: no, I have never been to a Dairy Queen.

    Glad to have you back!!


    1. I’ve missed you, too! <3 As people are commenting on my blog now, I'm just like, "OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT HOW MUCH I MISSED TALKING TO YOU GUYS!!!" 😀

      I think I'm incapable of turning a normal phrase. 😉

      Before a Fall is Gibson's story - which reminds me that I need to do an update on what all these random titles mean. 😉 Kirk's book will be All Made New. <3 I haven't started it yet because it's going to be longer and I haven't the mental powers right now. 😉

      Ooh, cool! What are you going to college for? I can see how it'd be worrying to be going off somewhere away from family - and eighteen is soooo young! *dies* I mean, I'm not seventeen yet, so maybe I'll feel super mature by the time I'm eighteen (haha), but I don't know - I feel like not??

      *tsks* 😉 Aw, too bad! DQ is pretty awesome. There aren't any in the east, unfortunately, I believe!

      The truth is it's because I'm not a typical millennial that I'm able to drive one-handed with my eyes off the road! A typical millennial would have died by now. 😉 I drive well, so I don't need both hands - or eyes. 😛

      THANKS! <3

      1. Ah, Gibson! Nothing like turning an antagonist into a protagonist. 😉 I definitely want to read that.

        I’m looking into a Linguistics major. I believe my mom agrees with you; going to college for a degree like Creative Writing, or English, probably won’t teach you much that you can’t learn on your own on the internet. And college costs a lot more money than the internet. 😛

        I can’t see myself being mature, just like that, when I turn 18. It is kind of nerve wracking, thinking of leaving home for a long period of time. Probably the only thing that keeps me from hiding in a hole is the fact the four out of my five siblings have done so. (In fact, two of my sisters started college when they were 17) So it can’t be too deadly, right? If I know you, you’ll be acting like you’re mature when you’re eighteen–the question is, can you act like your acting mature, and yet not act mature? Figure that one out. XD

        There used to be a DQ nearby, I think, that went out of business. So I think they are in the east. (Except we live in the midwest. Kind of. Sort of. Depends on how you look at it :P)

        You’re probably right, a typical millennial would have died by now. So you’re saying that your generation are better drivers?

        1. Haha, yep, it’s been interesting to write so far! I’m not sure what to think of him.

          Honestly, I’m just not interested in college myself – I don’t want to be a doctor or lawyer or anything, haha, and taking more school is just BLECH – but I get that lots of people like it, haha.

          Haha, yes, I will most decidedly be ACTING mature, but inside? Eh … 😉 Who knows, though? It’s a whole year and a month off! Much can be learned!

          Huh, that’s interesting! I have no idea where they all are … *shrugs*

          No, my generation are EVEN WORSE drivers! Like, so terrible I tremble for them. But I was trained by my dad who drives for a business. 😉

          1. I can see that Gibson might be a curious person to write. 😛

            I definitely don’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer, either (those two options you chose are exactly the least things I’d want to do with my life–as in, completely impossible :D) but there are different skills one could learn in college. Plus, though school usually isn’t very fun, there’s a sort of routine that’s comforting. Like, I don’t have to go and find a job somewhere. 😛 (But, I agree–college definitely isn’t for everyone)

            I think sometimes people act like once they turn 18, they’re adults now, and they act like they’re automatically mature. When in reality, there’s actually like 7 more years of learning and growing?? I don’t ever expect to stop learning … I hope it never comes to that. 😀

            I have no doubt! (I have never driven yet, so I don’t have first-hand experience :P) Ah, but can you drive a manual? Everyone in our family learns how to drive on a manual. And then we joke about how no one could steal one of our cars if they tried.

            1. Yeah, I love having a job – well, I love money, haha, and I like having some place to go. So it works out for me.

              I think you’ll be learning forever! At least, that’s my plan. ? There’s no way I’ll ever know everything …

              I can’t drive manual! Well, not super well. We don’t have one, so my experience is extremely limited. I’ve been bugging my head about it since I turned 15, but he’s just like, “I’m not buying a fourth car so you can learn manual.” ? I guess he has a point …

              1. Well, I’m not so fond of money, and I don’t particularly like going places. So you can have your job. 😛

                If I stop learning at some point … well, I’m doing it wrong. 😀 I like learning, anyway.

                Well, that is a good point. 😀

                1. Haha, well, I guess to each their own! I like money because I can buy books and covers and whatever and not think about it anymore. 😉 I used to have to worry about it, but now I don’t!

                  1. Yeah, well, the only time I buy things is online, with Amazon gift cards. That’s literally the only time I buy things. XD (And it’s not like I earn the gift cards) Any real money I earn is saved up.

  7. Definitely filling out the survey! I’ll definitely be relieved to graduate. We have a cat, a dog, and a gecko! I also love froggies so much. Dairy Queen is amazing!!
    Also!! I love the book covers! I cannot wait for Alone in Berlin simply because that book cover is superb!

    1. Hi Dawn! 😀 <3 Ooh, cool! It'd be so much fun to get to talk to you more and whatnot. 🙂

      THANK YOU! I worked super hard on them! I'm also excited for Alone in Berlin. <3 It's going to be different from my normal books, but that makes it all the more exciting!

  8. I love your covers! Quick question, what program do you use? Also, I didn’t know you did AWANA! (Not that I would. I mean, it’s not like it went back and read your whole blog or anything​.) What do you do? (In AWANA)

    1. I use Canva, but I also added fonts to those ones via Ribbet.com as well as deleted the background of some images before adding them to Canva with an app I have on my Kindle.

      I do! I teach a class of Sparkies. 😉

      1. Cool! I used to do cubbies, and hopefully I’m going to do cubbies or T&T this year.
        What app do you use? Currently I’ve been doing it by hand, but that takes forever and it’s messy.

        1. Fun! 😀 I’ll be doing Sparkies again next year … they’re just the perfect age group for me, haha.

          It’s called “Background Eraser” or something like that.

  9. Kell, you’re so cute! I love your grad photos – and it’s so fun getting a little peek at your life. I’ll be praying for you whenever I think of it. <3

  10. Hey!
    I will totally be praying for you. ❤️ I can’t say that I can exactly relate, but I have dealt with a couple of the things that you are going through. Those six emotions though! Are so relatable. Kinda just all mixed up and contradiction yourself and your feelings. Just know we all go through stuff like that, and I’m here to support you. As a Christian and as a Friend and as another person just figuring life out. ? God loves you and I love you too! Xxx

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