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The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo: Blog Tour

by Kellyn Roth |
July 16, 2018

AAAAAAH THAT NEW COVER, Y’ALL! The Reluctant Godfather was amazing before, but now it’s got a gorgeous new cover and has been professionally edited. Does anyone else long for a copy of the new edition??? #soon

Okay, *takes a deep breath* I’ll stop fangirling for a moment and talk seriously about this wonderful little book and the accompanying blog tour (which I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to host!).

The Reluctant Godfather is by far the most original take on the Cinderella story which I have ever read. (You can read my full review here.) So let’s talk about it a little!

First, let’s talk about the book we’re featuring.

The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo

A humorous and magical re-telling of Cinderella from a unique perspective.

Burndee is a young and cantankerous fairy godfather who would rather bake cakes than help humans. A disgrace to the fairy order, Burndee has only two wards entrusted to his care…a cinder girl and a charming prince.

A royal ball presents Burndee with the brilliant solution of how to make his wards happy with the least amount of effort. He’ll arrange a meeting and hope the two fall in love.

The debut novella from Allison Tebo, ‘The Reluctant Godfather’ is a new addition to the charming fairy tale tradition of Cameron Dokey and K.M. Shea.

Buy on Amazon ~ Buy from the Author

Ebooks are not currently available from the author’s website – but you can purchase signed paperbacks from her website for a limited time price of only $9.00!

Now, as if the book wasn’t amazing enough, the author is honestly one of the funnest, most interesting, most encouraging people on the internet!

Alli has been my friend almost since I got on Goodreads, and she’s encouraged me both as a shiny-happy person and as a Christian sister. ? So blessed to be friends with this amazing woman!

About Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo is a Christian author in her mid-twenties who loves to write fiction in every genre. It is her goal to write fiction that appeals to many different kinds of people by writing clean, classic fun. Her desire is to provide quality stories for every age to enjoy.

When she is not writing, Allison works as a sales associate for a major transportation company or might be found singing, painting, baking, or defending her championship title as Gif Master.

Website: http://allisonteboauthor.com/

Blog: http://allisonswell.website/

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16192992.Allison_Tebo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allisonteboauthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllisonTebo

Alli barely needs to defend her title, though – she’s pretty much the best in the GIF business! 😉

The Schedule

One of the best parts about hosting a blog tour is working with so many amazing bloggers! In the next two weeks, we have quite the lineup. (Also, they all worked together to help me get the scheduled organized! ? So blessed to have such a group of team-players!)

Sunday, July 15th:

Introduction // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries

Review // Olivia R. @ Meanwhile, in Rivendell …

Monday, July 16th:

Book Spotlight // Gabriellyn @ PageTurners

Review & Author Interview // Megan @ Counting Your Blessings One by One

Tuesday, July 17th:

Review & Author Interview // Chloe @ Purely by Faith

Wednesday, July 18th:

Author Interview // Kimia Wood Blog

Thursday, July 19th:

Book Spotlight // Serethiel @ The Book Sprite

Friday, July 20th:

Book Spotlight // Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger

Saturday, July 21st:

Author Interview & Book Spotlight // Victoria Lynn @ Ruffles and Grace

Sunday, July 22nd:

Review // Kimia Wood Blog

Monday, July 23rd:

Book Spotlight // Hannah @ H.S.J. Williams

Tuesday, July 24th:

Review // Rayleigh @ Literature Approved

Wednesday, July 25th:

Author Interview // Medomfo @ Writings From a God Girl

Thursday, July 26th:

Character Interview // Angela R. Watts @ The Peculiar Messenger

Friday, July 27th:

Review // Jessica Greyson

Review // Gracelyn Buckner @ Literatura

Saturday, July 28th:

Book Spotlight // Erika Mathews @ Resting Life

Wrapup // Kellyn Roth @ Reveries

And now, one of the coolest parts of the tour …

First Prize:

  1.  Paperback copy of The Reluctant Godfather
  2.  Slipper of Glass – Fairy Tale Candle
  3.  Cinderella Necklace

Second Prize:

  1.  Ebook copy of The Relucant Godfather

ISN’T IT FANTASTIC??? The worst thing about hosting this tour is that entering is a strict no-no for me. 😉

However, you can enter! Do so now … you never know if you might win!

Enter the Giveaway!

Now, this post is coming to a close. But before you go, I’d like to encourage you to check out and follow the author’s blog! Not only is it a fun – and funny – place, but you can learn more about a great gal and her great books there.


~Kellyn Roth~


Have you ever read this book? If so, did you enjoy it? What is/are your favorite genre(s)? Would you like to win the giveaway? Are you proud of me for having a post scheduled ahead of time? (Next I’ll actually catch up with the 300 gazillion blog posts sitting in my inbox waiting to be read …) (Miracles really do happen!)

What do you think of my thoughts?

35 Responses

  1. You are such a precious and amazing young woman, Kellyn – and I am so blessed to call you my friend!

    Thank you so much for the lovely post and for taking the helm for The Reluctant Godfather’s blog tour! <3 Your friendship and support mean the world to me!

  2. How exciting! I have a question: how much has the edition been changed? Just a few punctuation corrections and altering sentences here and there, or more of a larger scale editing, like added scenes?


    1. Hey CutePolarBear!

      The changes are subtle – but definitely there! Many sentences and paragraphs have been lightly altered, sometime rearranged. There are at least two points where I added a chunk of description. A few steampunk elements have been added in – and the whole book has been professionally edited and tweaked accordingly. There’s also a new cover and new interior formatting (including chapter breaks).

      Hope that helps!

      1. Okay, thanks! So it was more of a presentation change, and not so much the content. That helps! 🙂

  3. Eeeek! So excited! I want the new edition in mah hands like right now! 😀 (also, I wouldn’t mind having that candle and necklace. ;))

    To answer the giveaway question…uuuuuh… I struggle so much to pick a favorite, but Beauty and the Beast is probably it. I think it depends on which fairytale I’m in the mood for more than anything. 😉

    1. SAME! And same about the candle and necklace, too. 😉

      Yeah, Beauty and the Beast is great! I can never decide which is my favorite. I always used to say Sleeping Beauty, but now I lean towards Snow White …

  4. Oh, so excited! 😀

    My favorite fairytale retelling is gonna have to be Loretta Marchize’s series, The Fairy Tale Chronicles, but I absolutely LOVED The Reluctant Godfather also.

  5. This looks like a lovely giveaway! I think my favorite fairytale retelling would be Cinderella. Somehow it’s a story that never gets old. ?

  6. I read The Reluctant Godfather and quite enjoyed it! My favorite fairytale retelling, though, is Entwined by Heather Dixon. (12 Dancing Princesses + vague steampunkyness + not-so-vauge creepiness + BIG family with excellent dynamics + as big a focus on family relationships as romantic ones!)

  7. Answer to the Blog Comment question.

    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!! No other fairytale compares. I plan to learn French so I can read it in it’s original language, though Villeneuve’s is rather darker than most.

What do you think of my thoughts?

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