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A Princess At Heart by Loretta MZ (Book Spotlight)

by Kellyn Roth |
August 8, 2018

Today we’ve got a book spotlight for A Princess at Heart by Loretta MZ! It looks like a cute little book! I’ve read part of book 1, and it looks like it’s a sweet fairytale for middle grade readers. ?

And, of course, we’ve got our Reveries Reader Group info at the end of this post. Let’s see how both of us did. ?

Before ya read on, a brief announcement: I won’t be posting this coming Saturday! Yes, that’s right: Reveries shall be silenced. The 12th is my birthday, my sister’s driving up, and I just want to not think about one more thing. ?

About the book …

A Princess At Heart by Loretta MZ


Cilla Starling has been a servant her whole life, at Queen Villn’s mercy. But after Queen Villn falls and she is released to live her own life, she moves in with her half-brother and their friend, Celeste. Then one day she gets an important invitation- an invitation to the annual royal White Kingdom balls that celebrate the peace between the Kappaka Kingdom and the White Kingdom. Cilla agrees, but once there she runs into trouble with dashing Prince Jay. Will she ever convince him that she could never become a queen? And then- just when her troubles are finally being resolved, terrible news arrives at the palace.

Oria has attacked. 

And they’re not about to give up, so Cilla is stuck at the White Kingdom palace.

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About the author …

Loretta MZ

Teen author Loretta has written three novellas, all self-published and part of a series. She loves to run (cross-country), read, and write. She’s always cold- you can usually find her wrapped up in a blanket on the couch with a book and a laptop. Her favorite color bounces back and forth between blue, green, and purple. She loves chocolate- preferably dark with a hint of sea salt.

You can usually find her on Goodreads, Wattpad, or on her website, lorettamz.com

About the blog tour …


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Reveries Reader Group

Reveries Reader Group

We’re back for another fantastic round of Reveries Reader Group!

My Update for This Week (August the 6th)

Already Read/To-Be-Reviewed: 12 (+1 – finished a book!)

Already Read/To-Be-Mini-Reviewed: 0

Need-to-Read/To-Be-Reviewed: 13 (-2 – finished a book + DNFed one!)

Stuffed-in-Closet/To-Be-Read: 20

On-the-Kindle/To-Be-Read: 65

Goodreads To-Be-Read: 894 (+ like 20)

I read The Memory Tree by John A. Heldt. It was a great book! ?


Last Week’s Goals

Finish two books. Check!

I finished both the books I was in the middle of!

Prepare three reviews. Nope!


This Week’s Goals

Prepare three reviews.

Let’s try this again.

This Week’s Challenge

  1. Make a list of the books you’d like to read before the end of this summer.
  2. Post that list someplace where you can look at it every day and feel guilty.

I didn’t except for the before-mentioned review list. ? So … failed!

Next Week’s Challenge

  1. Read a book.

Am I the only one who has not been reading lately? So this week, I challenge you to read a book all the way through.


~Kellyn Roth~

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